Samarrai: We call to expedite the completion of the readiness of the Iraqi Air Force
Since 7 hours 17 minutes
Secret / Baghdad

The MP said the coalition of the center Mutashar Samurai "The post-American withdrawal from Iraq put us all in front of huge challenges, important and require us to make more efforts to overcome and control," warning that "reports today talk about non-completion of the readiness of the Iraqi air force," calling to "intensify efforts to avoid it."
He called in a press statement today to the "complete readiness of the Iraqi air force and to utilize them to control the security file because it is one of the most important themes that should have been taken care of before this time."
"In past years, Iraq relied on United States aircraft to ensure the protection of its skies, something that can not stay long because the Iraqi Air is part of our country and protect national responsibility is very important."