Republican political blocs call to renounce the problems and differences and put the interests of
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Secret / Baghdad
Assembly called the Iraqi Republican political blocs to renounce the problems and differences and putting the interest of the citizen and paying attention to its problems, whether security or service in addition to the rejection of any outside interference in the Iraqi issue, construction and employment of good relations with neighboring countries.

He said in a press statement on the occasion of meeting "that Iraq is the Secretariat of responsibility and requires evoke the history and turn the past and we are building now, because that gives us the ability to foresee the future and employ all efforts and energies to provide the legitimate rights of citizens without prejudice to the unity of Iraq and the power of central government."
He pointed to the need to be the next stage after the departure of the U.S. occupation factor unity and harmony and coexistence among the Iraqi people of all groups and factions, and its components and the issue of human rights, tolerance and national reconciliation of the priorities of work as the key to stability and new construction."