12.17.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad (news) bloc called the white members of the House of Representatives for the Iraqi List to re-attend the meetings of the Council giving precedence to the interests of the Iraqi people, who expected their representatives to legislate, taking into consideration the historical juncture Iraq is going through now, and of the withdrawal of U.S. forces. and said mass in a statement today: in the midst of circumstances taking place in Iraq today, and concurrent with the U.S. withdrawal is final and restore Iraq's full sovereignty, we find ourselves in front of a national responsibility and morality make us we call brotherhood to the representatives of the Iraqi List to re- attend meetings of the House of Representatives giving precedence to the interests of the Iraqi people which is in dire need of today to the legislation of laws that relate to his life daily, directly, with the need to the oversight role of Parliament, which ensures that the executive implementation of its obligations to the citizens as best as possible. She said the bloc: the suspension of the Vice-Iraqiya attending the meetings of the House of Representatives will add wound new to the wounds of the Iraqis who have sinned for them in disputes and political disputes, all the expectations of the citizen representatives in the parliament and the government is to provide the requirements of daily life from the services and job opportunities, and legislation of laws that allow it to live in his homeland in freedom and dignity like the rest of the people. The mass in her statement: that this painful decision has aborted the joy of the Iraqis the departure of foreign troops to return and restoration of Iraq's full sovereignty, as though these people wounded had written him that Aihzy joy only if the joy of incomplete marred by pain and grief. and revealed: "We Ntosm all the best the brothers members of the Iraqi reverse this hasty decision, on the basis of their patriotism high and the keen interest of their people and their quest to draw a smile on the face of all the widows and orphans in this country who tasted the horrors in former times and burned by the fire, terrorism, blind, and invite them to not to involve the people in the disputes and rivalries political to which he has sinned, and expect them to stand nationally and morally reflected in the return to parliament as soon as possible.

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