3:50 PM [RogerDan] Some help here guys. How can I make the links that are posted in here live for me. When I click on any link my cursor turns into the hand with the pointing finger like it is supposed to with any link but after I click nothing happens. I assume that the page would be launched when I click on it but no. Is there a setting that I am supposed to enable?

3:51 PM [hurricane] RogerDan - which browser do you use?

3:51 PM [RogerDan] firefox

3:52 PM [hurricane] look in the address bar when you click on the links and see if there is some indication of a pop-up blocker at work. I use Chrome and was having the same issues ... I had to allow all pop-ups for this site

3:55 PM [RogerDan] This is what I have in the browser.... https://www.dinarupdates.com/addonchat.php?do=popup&

3:56 PM [hurricane] hmmm ... maybe check your settings in Firefox and see if you can make exceptions to the pop-up blocker

3:56 PM [humminbird] RogerDan--Do you have the orange rectangle firefox box in the upper left corner of your screen?

4:00 PM [mona lisa] RogerDan ... I tried that in FireFox .. it takes me to this chatroom. where are you trying to go?

4:01 PM [RogerDan] @ hummingbird. Yes I do have it followed by the words - Chat Room _ Moxilla Firefoxs Forum

4:02 PM [RogerDan] @ mona lisa. Any link that I click on that is posted in here I cannot access yet I can see other people successfully getting through

4:02 PM [humminbird] RogerDan Click on the orange box--find options--click---find content--click---top selection will be pop ups--uncheck it

4:03 PM [mona lisa] humminbird ty ... bc I don't have an orange box* *

4:03 PM [RogerDan] me neither

4:04 PM [wennbarb] mona lisa RogerDan me neither....* *

4:04 PM [mona lisa] RogerDan look in FF ... click the Tools menu and choose Options then Content tab and uncheck Block pop-up windows

4:06 PM [mona lisa] RogerDan ... my pop-up windows are still blocked and I get the links so not sure that will help

4:07 PM [RogerDan] if I uncheck my pop up window wouldn't that open the door for a lot of unwanted popups?

4:08 PM [mona lisa] that's why mine is still checked* *I wish I could help you but I'm stumped! can you get this link: www.dinarupdates.com/blog

4:14 PM [RogerDan] OK I solved it. I took [the link in the chatroom] address bar https://www.dinarupdates.com/addonchat.php?do=popup& and placed it in the Exceptions without unchecking Popup blocker. This is after going through the process you suggested. Firefox,tools, options etc