Italian companies begin the first phase of the project port of Faw

Experts and researchers: Mubarak's project aimed at stealing gas field Sebe

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah -

Batool al-Hassani announced the Ministry of Transport for the conduct of Italian companies supervising the preparation of designs for the port of Faw, the work of investigation and the marine survey in order to implement the early stages of the project, while the whole number of researchers and experts said the establishment of Port Mubarak aimed at stealing gas field Sebe said an official source at the General Company for the implementation of transport projects »Sabah» that technical and engineering staff in the company provided facilities for the lists of marine survey of the port of Faw in coordination with the cadres of the State Company for Iraqi ports on the back of the latest developments taking place by the construction of port Mubarak Kuwait since embarked on a group of Italian companies «the consultant for the project« to study alternatives to a number for the port of FAO, presented the final proposal prepared by the best of all the alternatives from the technical aspects and engineering.

The source added that a group of Italian companies will start on Wednesday, the work of investigation and marine survey at the site of the port of During the installation of devices measure specific to this purpose in order to begin the engineering and the development of implementation mechanisms for the early stages of the project and the subsequent concrete steps in order to speed up the processing of the port according to the schedule prepared by the ministry, according to the latest designs and construction methods.

The source noted that the expanded meeting was held with representatives of Company «Daewoo» Korean and offered possibilities to the Korean company in the field of public works which fall within the Industry for implementing transport projects, as has been discussed for the purpose of concluding a memorandum of understanding to the involvement of the Korean side in the implementation of the company's business, particularly in the field of railways, airports and ports.

In the meantime agreed to a number of experts and Iraqi researchers that the real purpose of the establishment of Port Mubarak is to capture and theft of stocks field Saybah gas as demanded high MP Nassif for the Iraqi bloc white Presidency of the parliament to take necessary action on the request made ​​by the hundred, deputy to appeal the decision of the UN Security Council 833 According to experts, and researchers from the field Saybah gas is one of the largest gas fields in the region, which lies its extensions under the geographical area on which the Port Mubarak.

And confirmed at a symposium held in the Jordanian capital Amman on Monday that the economic feasibility of building the port of Mubarak in this region does not serve in favor of Kuwait in terms of the idea of running as a port to transport goods, but they emphasized the fact that this particular place is an extension of the largest gas field in the region, but a field of Saybah Iraq, which would explain the real reasons for the insistence of Kuwait to set up this port while Kuwait has five ports was better for Kuwait rehabilitated and placed at the disposal of the Iraqi trade and take advantage of the volume of exchanges of Iraq, estimated at more than 35 million tons annually. and revealed one of the experts that the Iraqi government had previously referred the investment contract field Saybah gas, which is one of the largest fields in the region where up the pressure to 850 psi to a company - Kuwait energy-kec Kuwait, which was founded in 2005, the same year that the Kuwaiti government began to develop plans and start working port of Mubarak, which would explain the fact beyond doubt the intentions behind the construction of Kuwait, Mubarak at this critical point.

He said the expert, told Iba that the term of the Kuwaiti company invested in the field of Saybah gas end 2031 paving the way once again to exploit Kuwait fields of Iraq bordering with it without that Iraq will take any position.

And student participants the Iraqi government and all interested parties in the Iraqi issue of media and research institutions and centers of studies to need to focus and search for the truth of intent and not just Kuwait, insofar as the Kuwaiti side.

The high Nassif told him the Information Office of the block yesterday: Presidency of the parliament to deal seriously with the requests made ​​by deputies to reconsider many of the serious issues related to the crisis with Kuwait, and most important request to appeal the decision / 833 / private demarcation between the two countries.

She added: that the documents reinforced trial field indicate that Kuwait acquired under this decision of the Security Council in 1993 on the vast tracts of territory and penetrated to a depth of more than / 60 / km, in the light of Scott's former regime for these abuses .

It continued: The Presidency of the parliament claim in the least to clarify the reasons for not activating the applications enhanced with the signatures of the representatives of the Iraqi people in the event of failure to take necessary action.

Under the UN Security Council Resolution 833 issued on 27 March 1993, to approve the findings of the demarcation team Kuwaiti-Iraqi promised its own final demarcation of the border, including border navigation.