Defense: NATO will continue its support for the Iraqi security forces
Posted 14/12/2011 05:01 PM

Defense Ministry said that the decision of NATO (NATO) to end their presence in Iraq does not mean to stop cooperation in training between the two sides, indicating that the alliance has camps in many countries of the world. An advisor to the Ministry of Defence, Major General Mohammed al-Askari's (people), "The NATO request for immunity for his coaches and there is a government decision not to grant immunity and therefore a resolution withdrawing from Iraq UN resolution, and the withdrawal does not mean stop training cooperation between the two sides."
The military said that "NATO has many bases and training camps in many countries of the world, instead of the training of security forces within the country will be trained in foreign camps," pointing out that "Iraq has experts in the field of security training."
And began to NATO, which was not involved in the Iraq war because of opposition from France and Germany, took office in 2004 to train security forces at the request of the government, and has undergone about 9 thousand officers in the Federal Police for training the gendarmerie Italian participant in the NATO forces since October 2007, as Atlantic held last year 2010, new courses for the training of police forces to protect oil installations.