Solving the outstanding problems and the remaining half waiting for the arrival of the delegation

Political delegation from the Kurdistan region up next week ahead of the government delegation ...

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

Omar Abdel-Latif said the Kurdistan coalition forces in the House of Representatives that a delegation of Kurdistan political will visit Baghdad next week, said Bahaa al-Araji, head of the Liberal parliamentary "shenanigans" that half with the Kurds solved almost at the arrival of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad will be resolved other problems.

Denied the MP a pro good spokesman for the Kurdish coalition forces said in a statement singled out by the (morning) reports that talked about the visit to a government delegation from the Kurdistan region to Baghdad, which was scheduled to be yesterday, noting that the visit was postponed, but there were not correct for this visit.

He added that the meeting of leaders of political parties of Kurdistan in the region, which was held last weekend, it was decided that the visiting delegation of the political forces of Kurdish Baghdad before the government delegation from the province to Baghdad.

He said that the delegation of political who will visit Baghdad next week will be a high level and includes leaders of the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in addition to the rest of the parties to a coalition of Kurdish blocs and the MDC opposition.

He said good that is scheduled to meet with the delegation leaders of blocs and political parties participating in the government not participating in Baghdad, carrying Messages written and oral, to be discussed on the problems facing the political process and ways to solve them on the basis of the constitution and the agreements signed between the Iraqi political forces, in order to reach the vision of a common national resolve all the problems facing the political process and the work of the federal government.

And the keenness of the delegation to meet with religious leaders in the country, pointing to the contacts to achieve the opportunity to listen to visualize the reference about the situation in the country and the guidance of sound, stressing that in the light of the results of discussions to be undertaken by the delegation in Baghdad, will head a delegation from the provincial government to meet the federal government.

It quoted the political body of the Sadrist movement for Bahaa al the head of the Liberal Parliamentary call in a press statement to politicians to move away from politicization of disputes and outstanding issues and not to escalate the media discourse because there is a constitution solve the subjects in dispute between the federal and provincial government.

The head of the political office of the Martyr Sadr Karar al-Khafaji: that the political conflicts between the blocks was born a state of frustration with the Iraqi citizens that made ​​him raise his voice high general political.

Khafaji said in a statement carried by the political body of the Sadrist movement yesterday: that speed up the naming ministers security will contribute to the security and political stability of the country.

He said: To maintain the unity of Iraq to the ground and people from the national constants of the Sadrist movement, calling on all political parties to stick to the unity of the nation. And MP on the mass of 'Abdul-Hussein Abtan said his bloc would support the government in every step of progress in the matter of upgrading the economic, security and service to the citizens.