NATO in the footsteps of the Americans: Do not stay without immunity
On: Tue 12/13/2011 10:45

pieces of the Secretary General of NATO, which raised doubts about the survival of its training mission in Iraq or not, it continues to the end of this year. The national security adviser, Faleh Al-Fayad confirmed yesterday that NATO would withdraw from the country before the days of the end of the mandate, citing the government, unfortunately for this procedure. However, the Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen said in a press statement, the alliance decided to "end its training mission in Iraq in the atheist and the thirtieth of this month,"
Attributing the cause to "the Iraqi government's refusal to grant immunity to components of the alliance." Rasmussen added that "to find agreement on the extension of this program, which started in 2004, at the request of Iraqi authorities, who tirelessly success not in spite of painstaking negotiations between NATO and the Iraqi authorities," stressing that "can our trainers can be proud of what they have accomplished during the past seven years . "
The government has expressed, the day before yesterday on the tongue of the national security adviser Faleh Al-Fayad, expressed regret over the decision to withdraw the NATO training mission in Iraq.