First GIANT mall in the capital, Baghdad
On: Tue 12/13/2011 1:24

Baghdad: Naseer Ahmed
said the Municipality of Baghdad for achieving completion rates are good at carrying out the project Mall (Baghdad) in the Harthiya
cost (42) million dollars, which is implemented through investment. The circle of relations and the media that the mall is one of the malls and large mission in Baghdad as covering a total of (15,500) thousand square meters and consists of (8) layers of parking for up to (950) car and medical complex consisting of (6) layers and includes (50 ) clinic, and (4) Pharmacies large and two laboratories for analysis of disease and Mola commercial component of (4) layers has been referred and commercial centers, marketing and theater, restaurants, entertainment center and gardens, "noting that" the implementing agency for the project is Dar Al-Sabah for contracting. "She said," We hope Generation Tower design oval distinctive is the first of its kind in Iraq consists of (22) layer height (88.5) eighty-eight meter and a half a meter with a hotel consisting of (182) room. "She explained that" such projects are of great importance in the field of investment and stimulate investors the implementation of similar projects in the capital Baghdad, as well as activating the economic movement and contribute to the construction and reconstruction. "The" secretariat of Baghdad announced in earlier times for three packages of investment projects include the establishment of residential and moles of commercial, recreational places, hotels, five stars and Buildings for parking cars and other of projects that need capital, Baghdad.