Deputy of the Economic Commission accuses neighboring countries to disrupt law of customs tariff in Iraq
Date: Mon 12/12/2011 8:40

Baghdad (news) .. Accused of Member of the economy, investment and MP / coalition in Iraq / Nahida Daini neighboring countries of Iraq by pressuring the federal government in order not to apply the law of the customs tariff.
The Daini told the reporter Agency (news) on Monday: that which is behind the failure to apply the law of the customs tariff in Iraq are the neighboring countries through their pressure on the Federal Government not to activate this law in order not to promote the economic sectors in Iraq, as well as for the passage of their wares bad of others to meet international standards to Iraq.
The Daini: that the application of the law of customs tariff in Iraq will lead to significant damage to neighboring countries due to the marketing of their wares that Iraq today has become a prospering market for goods and shoddy goods, and others subject to standardization and quality control that comes from neighboring countries. and called: ground-breaking trade with the countries of advanced global Kalurbih Arab and the other to get rid of the control of the neighboring countries of Iraq economically and commercially, emphasizing: the necessity of enacting laws that limit the entry of goods the poor to Iraq as one customs tariff.
had protested dozens of Iraqi Industrialists in Tahrir Square, last Friday, in Baghdad to demand the activation and development of the industrial sector and re-work the law of customs tariff under the name of "Fri protect local product."

The head of the assembly of industrial Abdul Hassan Shammari during his participation in the demonstrations in an earlier statement (of the Agency news) that: The purpose of the demonstration is to stimulate local industry and operation of laboratories and factories of Iraq for the elimination of unemployment and activation of the industrial sector, pointing out: that the industrial sector had a role large in the financial budget of the state but now is not (1%).
The student-Shammari re-work the law of the customs tariff which has been postponed, "four times" by the House of Representatives because it supports local industry and product levels