Public employees' wages stagnate in 2012
BAGHDAD, Dec. 12 (AKnews)

The salaries of public employees and the retirement pensions will not be increased in 2012.
Iraqi Finance Minister Rafi al-Issawi explained that the Iraqi Central Bank opposed an increase.
AKnews was unable to find out if the central Bank has the authority to make such a decision. In other countries, these decisions are made by governments.
Although the government will not increase salaries of current employees, it will hire a massive amount of additional workers. Issaw claimed that the government will hire 59,000 people in 2012. Most of them -- 18,000 -- will be working in the Health Ministry, 15,000 will work in the Ministry of Education.
These numbers are extraordinary. As a comparison, Germany with more than twice as many citizens has only 700 employees at its health ministry.