Government in Baghdad: 22 U.S. company decides to enter the Iraqi market
12/12/2011 12:24

Baghdad, 12 December / December (Rn) - The Iraqi government said on Monday that 22 companies will enter the U.S. to work in Iraq to carry out infrastructure projects.

The Economic Adviser peace Quraishi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announced today that "the Iraqi government received pledges from the U.S. embassy in Baghdad into 22 companies American International to work in Iraq in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the governorates of Iraq."
"The six companies in building residential complexes and six companies in the implementation of infrastructure projects and installation of power stations and four companies in the field of medicine and two in the field of education and three companies in the industry and the development of enterprises and companies in the area of ​​university service."

He Quraishi said "booming strategic projects will be awarded to U.S. companies because of their experience and scientific implementation through direct calls after the adoption of legal and administrative measures necessary to ensure that there is no corruption in the selection process for foreign companies."
"The large size of the staff at the American Embassy, ​​which reached to 15 thousand employees, aims to expand trade between Baghdad and Washington, and expanding the role of U.S. companies in the reconstruction of Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the full end of the month."

And visit, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at the head of a ministerial delegation, and the Washington Post for details of the protection of Iraqi funds and enhance their role in the development of banks and the expansion of trade between Baghdad and Washington.

Iraq has signed and the United States in 2008, the strategic framework agreement to support the Iraqi ministries and agencies in the transition from the strategic partnership with the Republic of Iraq to the areas of economic, diplomatic, cultural and security. The agreement states that it should withdraw all U.S. forces from all territory and waters and airspace of Iraq no later than December 31 / December.

And decided to U.S. President Barack Obama in the May / May this year to extend the protection of Iraqi funds in the United States for another year.

According to government sources, the Maliki's visit will focus on the protection of Iraqi funds in and out of Chapter VII and the development of Iraq's banking transactions.