Parliamentary Finance Committee: read tomorrow's budget (2012) and Tuesday will be in the parliamentary session

Khandan - Ali Naji Announced that the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, it will read the draft budget law for federal financial (2012), tomorrow during the regular session, as the budget will be on the agenda of the meeting of Parliament next Tuesday. A member of the National Alliance MP Haitham Jubouri in a statement to the site (Khandan): The Committee will read on Monday during its regular budget, with more extensive, and will be on the agenda for the meeting of parliament on Tuesday to read the first reading, noting that the budget approval takes more than two weeks , in the absence of political outbidding it deputies or objections to the provinces. Earlier, A member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the National Alliance MP Faleh applicable, the existence of two Khalavian within the financial budget for the year (2012) first: the allocation (17) trillion Iraqi dinars for defense projects on credit. Second, determine the price per barrel of oil at $ ability (85) dollars, as well as the fiscal deficit of up to (14%