Calls to make the investment environment more attractive to global capital


The economy is set to a new phase next year,
Baghdad, Hussein Tgb Tamimi many references stating that the U.S. withdrawal will leave economic growth in most sectors of production and service, especially that most economists have confirmed that the U.S. side will begin a new phase is the direction towards the bridges of economic cooperation through agreements strategy serves parties, particularly that Iraq has great wealth in all its regions, which encourages the development of economic cooperation mechanisms between the two sides. economic expert sword Hilfi said in an interview (morning): that the U.S. side will invest the case of transformation of the military presence to the direction of cooperation strategic, especially the U.S. economy realizes the importance of Iraq's economic and its role in the region, and owned the stock of major oil makes it one of the most oil-exporting countries in the future, along with natural resources that can be invested in industry, agriculture and other sectors. Hilfi He said that U.S. companies have a reputation world began flocking to Iraq to activate economic relations with the public sector and private sectors of Iraq, through the National Investment Commission, and the exploitation of the presentation of investment opportunities in the economic sectors, pointing out that these companies know the importance of Iraq's geographical location, and how they can invest in the future for the development of international trade routes, indicating that the global economic recession can be moved through the extensive investments that can be implemented inside Iraq after the trend towards specialized international companies, including U.S. companies in projects railways, ports and industrial giant. He noted that the Iraq of the few countries that have kegs investment contain a large number of projects in a specific sector, which will facilitate the work of companies and makes the sights heading into the incubator, at a time when the government budget is able to implement such projects, particularly in the cans, the oil sector and the housing sector and the sector of roads and bridges, industry and other important sectors. He added that most international companies aware of the need of local oil refineries to employ in the production of oil derivatives in the local market and export products quality to neighboring countries and the world, and here must go to the specialized international companies that have the technologies evolving global. He noted that the size of the movement of international economic which is heading towards Iraq, the urgent need to review all legislation investment diseases, and the trend towards reduction of the laws that intersect with the laws governing the investment business to get to the work environment attractive to foreign investment that comes with capital large to the country, and there must be promotion sector of banking and employed to provide the best advanced services for the work will be carried out in the country. He expected Hilfi The year 2013 witnessed the execution of the significant level, where there will be a huge investment in the sectors of oil, industry and agriculture, along with the huge budget to be allocated then, as the high volume of oil production continued in the fields invested encourage international companies to enter the field of employment, not the U.S. companies only. He pointed out that banks, international ownership blocks huge cash you want to investing in the economies on the verge of the development and wide, and thus moving in all cases towards Iraq . in the context of a clearer link Hilfi that Iraq's trade with Syria will activate a large, especially after the tightening of economic sanctions on Syria, which is pushing for policy-making to serve the Iraqi economy and provide services to industrial and commercial sectors, and noted that Iraqi ports will see extensive growth in the movement work during the coming period, through the reception of the two countries trade, and here there is a need to highways and railways by which the transport of goods during the short period of time.