Iraq announces its support for Sadr's call for the Charter of the national honor
Baghdad / babysit - said the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi's call for support for the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to approve the Charter of the national honor and based on dialogue and consensus between the blocks to run Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal.

The adviser said the existing Hani Ashour Ashour in a press statement that the invitation comes from the depth reading of the minutes and keep on the path to democracy and to prevent the dictatorship in Iraq, and finding a national perspective to the joint between the blocks after the U.S. withdrawal.

He added that the invitation cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and the previous invitations to round table and invite President Jalal Talabani of the dialogue between the political blocs, begins to anticipate the intellectual and accurate reading of the reality of Iraq after the withdrawal and must be the situation in Iraq to face the challenges of the future after the U.S. withdrawal and face regional developments to run Iraq in a spirit of partnership and prevent a dictatorship.

He said: The Iraqi List, had previously called the National Partnership for the fair application of the political consensus and approved by the agreements of Arbil as called for political blocs to it.

He pointed out: that the majority of the blocks were part of the framework of the National Alliance, such as the Sadrists and the Islamic Supreme Council as well as the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, grouped on dialogue and political consensus, including a focus nationally adopt the democratic project and refuses to monopolize power and protect itself against all odds to save the political process from collapse and to maintain the unity of Iraq, particularly the challenges surrounding it.

Ashour and student government: Given these calls into attention because it represents the grassroots and parliamentary biggest in Iraq and is keen on the future of the country and not to be drawn behind the reactions and listen to the voice of the people instead of exclusivity in decision making.

He stressed: that Sadr's call came at a time and a high sense of national treatment failures before they escalate and to maintain the political process and the partnership of national and democratic approach.

He expressed his willingness to discuss the mechanism list approved the Charter and the items that must be included to ensure the stability of Iraq.

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