MP Yasser Yasiri: Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII of 2012
08/12/2011 19:07:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad / p. Attorney-G ... by Yasser Ghazi Yasiri for a coalition of state law, predicted that the Iraq out of Chapter VII in 2012 after the completion of its sovereignty the end of the exit of U.S. forces this year.

Yasiri said in an exclusive interview with the reporter ( and independent Iraqi news agency ) that most countries were wary of removing Iraq from Chapter VII. Sovereignty being compromised because of the presence of U.S. troops in it. Indicating that after the departure of the troops there would be no excuse not to get Iraq out of this item.
He added that today Yasiri the most suitable time for serious action from the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Council of Representatives. To remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the country in order to deal independently with the treaties and international conventions without the intervention of the United Nations. He explained that Iraq is in dire need to get out of this item unjust to his people, sovereignty, and sovereignty is incomplete to complete the construction and development of his abilities.

Special thanks to: rileyjones