Rehabilitation system, public telephones

07/12/2011 13:39:00

The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Baghdad / g. PVC / initiated technical and engineering staff specialized system of public telephones to the rehabilitation of that system after the arrival of the main computer (Server 1) and its accessories to the stores of the company's communications and mail.

Said the spokesman of the Ministry of Communications Samir Ali Hassoun's (and the Iraqi News Agency Independent): "It was the completion of the testing laboratory of the hardware and accessories in the country of origin, as well as the reform of the mainframe before, adding near the direct embezzlement and experimental operation of the system, and that the system is working smart cards prepaid with a capacity of 1000 thousand public telephone was installed 372 public telephone in Baghdad and other provinces, 130 are public telephone in the provinces (Karbala, Najaf) and 125 phone in Baghdad, as well as installation and operation of large numbers of devices in Ninewa, Wasit, and other provinces.

He pointed. That the work of the system instantaneous approvingly citizens Due to lower communication costs which in general, and international dialing to most countries of the world, in particular, drawing attention Ghali, the public telephone project of the Department of switches set to expand in the rest of the other devices in all the provinces.

For his part, said director switches Talal luxury that citizens can use smart cards and all prepaid categories in the communications through the public telephone which was used before the system stops being still unfit for work and retain Bersdtha and effectiveness.