Deputy for the State of Law: Maliki will deal with Washington to provide protection to trained
Ali Abdullah - 07/12/2011 PM - 9:25 | Hits: 47

Most likely a member of the state of law and the representative / National Alliance / Ibrahim al-Maliki hold a stirrup that agreement in Washington on the protection of American trainers, but at the same time is not immunity, stressing the urgent need for Iraq to these coaches.
Rikabi, in a press statement on Wednesday: that the political blocs, both from the standpoint of national or political outbidding refused to give immunity to U.S., but Maliki coaches may hold another agreement for the purpose of survival of the trainers for the training of Iraqi security forces including the army and police.
He added that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki when he goes to Washington there will be negotiations with the United States of America on immunity have been trained up to deal with them to provide protection to trained Americans but at the same time does not consider the immunity and the knowledge of the political blocs and the approval of Parliament.
He pointed out: that in the absence of the success of this agreement will resort to NATO and the U.S. forces and Russian, French and English to be quiet all and Athjajoa that the trainers from the U.S., stressing the need for Iraq urgent for those trained for the purpose of rehabilitation of the Iraqi security forces.
Earlier, revealed the MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Ashwaq dry that the aim of Biden's visit to Baghdad is for the parties to reach a solution on giving immunity to trained Americans, noting that the two sides will reach an agreement that the security is provided for trainers, but are not immune.
Dry said in an earlier statement: yet announced the visit of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is For Amlahalanzhab the U.S. but the main objective that was not announced was a compromise satisfactory to both parties about giving immunity for trainers.
She added that a compromise is not an easy task because of popular rejection of absolute immunity for giving and the determination of the United States to grant immunity to it is difficult to approve of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to give them immunity.
The dry-to: that there are some legal provisions that the parties and the resort has the task of legal experts who will eventually be trained to provide protection for Americans but at the same time is not immunity.