06/12/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - where announced at the Ministry of Culture, said the ministry will announce on Wednesday a date for the distribution of grant journalists and other categories covered, in a press conference convened at the Ministry at noon. A source in the ministry that "the conference will determine the date of disbursement of the grant and details of, and names covered by them and the dates of receipt, and the reasons of delay disbursement." and had previously revealed the Director-General of the Department of Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Culture of Iraq Aqeel Mandalawi for the delivery of the grant provided to the journalists and of one million dinars annually retroactively since Date of last grant, and the amounts due will include a full year. " announced the captain journalists pro-Lami, "it was determining the amount of the grant to reporters a million dinars annually, in order to secure the necessary funds to cover the largest number of beneficiaries with limited financial allocations." The grant last year, million and 200 thousand dinars.

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