06/12/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Baghdad / Kazem commissioned Royal
set up a House of Cultural Affairs in the Ministry of Culture is the first of its kind at the level of media institutions and under the banner of (Iraq's sovereignty and independence of the goal of the Iraqis and their only option and in coordination with the Iraq Center for Studies seminar is open to read the Iraqi scene after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the presence of a large number of journalists and writers, journalists, and the presence of the poet Nofal Abu loaf Director-General of the House Cultural Affairs General Dr. Mohammed Sadiq al-Hashemi president of the Center of Iraq's studies that the Iraqi forces are ready hundred percent, but has evolved significantly, and this development will increase when he finds himself alone in the square in the face of the responsibilities will be Mejra to develop faster the U.S. troops should withdraw Blcaml and Iraqi troops will be forced to evolve faster and responsibility will lie with the Iraqi forces will be ready and during the passage of time will gain experience and more capabilities and control security and stability may occur Dr. Poet Nofal Abu loaf, saying: On the occasion out U.S. troops by the end of December of next year, Iraq will be free and will not see any appearance of Mazahralaanlal and scenes of U.S. forces, leave our holy land across the southern border of either is a sign of true liberation has been an achievement and a large national has been made ​​that the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, what was for him to be not for the hardness and determination of Iraqis who said the whole world they the people will not disqualify the head of the occupation whatever the might of the occupied Iraqis celebrated the Day of the withdrawal and the U.S. forces the dream of every Iraqi control of security and stability of the country and was a ceremony in the presence of a large number of managers public and employees of the Ministry of Culture, as well as a number of media organizations.

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