06/12/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Sumerian News / Baghdad said the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi on Monday, the readiness for reconciliation with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the case of renunciation for his positions against him, believing that this is a golden time for genuine reconciliation , warned against the strains have no end other than reconciliation. Allawi said in an interview with the channel "Sumerian" will be presented within the program "controversial Iraqi" tomorrow evening, Tuesday, that "I do not have any objection to shake hands with al-Maliki if a waiver of his positions taken against us and others, I do not feel embarrassed in any case to serve the people of Iraq and the region, "noting that" the moment is golden for genuine reconciliation and realistic sound and honest. " Allawi added that "al-Maliki if adopted the principle of reconciliation and openness real Vsajdna support his real Otherwise, Iraq is heading to the tensions that have a beginning and has no the end, "calling him to be" moving really toward genuine reconciliation. " Relations between the coalition of former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki tension is exacerbated over time at these points of difference between them stuck without a solution, especially against the background of the selection of candidates for office security in the government, and the formation of the strategic policies of the Supreme blocs agreed on the establishment in a meeting Erbil has been approved its law so far, as well as statements from the Prime Minister and members of the mass of skeptical of the importance of the role and unconstitutional, so it came to the point that Maliki said he no place for the Council in Iraq. The political arena in Iraq, experiencing a new crisis is the claims of some provinces, the establishment of regions including the Declaration of Salahuddin province, territory economically and administratively separate protest against the marginalization and arrest procedures, ablation, which affected dozens of children, also announced that the Iraqi List, in the province of Diyala, to submit a working paper of the central government includes nine demands to resolve all problems within the province, stressing that the province will announce the territories in the event of non-response, and the threat of the governorates of Anbar, Nineveh and Basra to demand the establishment of provinces in the event of failure to meet the demands and provision of services.

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