Contradictory reports on the reasons for Maliki's visit to Washington
On: Tue 12/06/2011 16:41

Baghdad _ Fares Sharifi between a member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary MP Abbas al-Bayati said that the delegation which accompanied Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a visit to Washington, DC, on 12 this month to ensure a number of security officials and ministers of services, education and comes within the framework of joint cooperation between the two countries. Bayati said in told (the citizen) that "" The visit comes for the purpose of search of U.S. support for a number of sectors in Iraq, not for the purpose of new agreements with the United States belonging to the security side, as rumored, " and added that "There are talks also will be conducted by Maliki on decades arming the Iraqi army and the status of aircraft (F16) " adding that "there is no intention to Iraq, never to hold a new security arrangement and also spread some of that there are signs for a contract hire U.S. aircraft for the protection of Iraqi airspace, all of that speech naked for Health," The Iraqi government has announced the first payment to the United States value of the deal aircraft (F16). For his part, said a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary deputy (governor Zamili) "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will discuss during his visit to Washington decades arming and training with the American side, "expressing his belief that" The U.S. administration will put pressure on Maliki to give trainers in Iraq, judicial immunity. " He Zamili in a press statement that "this topic has been discussed in Baghdad by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden with the leaders of political blocs during his recent visit has exerted pressure on the leaders of blocs to agree to grant immunity to trained Americans. He Zamili that "most of the political blocs empowered Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to discuss the coaches but the issue of immunity still be declined a number of blocks, including the Sadrist movement and if the agreed-Maliki to give immunity to trained, it will enter into the great embarrassment with those blocks, and especially in front of the Sadrist movement." He Zamili to the political blocs that seek to cooperate with NATO in the case of training the Iraqi security forces to get rid of the dominance of U.S. forces and to the alliance of the potential and experience qualify him to train and prepare the Iraqi forces. The issue of granting immunity to Mdjrbin Americans in Iraq of the most important points of difference between the two sides of Iraq and the U.S. to reject many of the political blocs granting immunity to state coaches