December 04, 2011
Ali al-Dabbagh: the Government is seeking to improve its relationship with the world except Israel will be no more U.S. troops in Iraq, the end of the month

Said the spokesman for the Iraqi government said the number of U.S. troops remaining in Iraq until now is (12) thousand soldiers on the distributors (6) military sites scattered in the provinces of Iraq.
He (Ali al-Dabbagh) in a statement to the correspondent of N. news reporting during his visit to the city of Karbala, "the pace of U.S. withdrawal from Iraq is moving according to agreed schedules, and that this withdrawal is a major achievement of the political process in Iraq.
He stressed that the remaining U.S. troops to this day is (12) thousand U.S. troops to distributors (6) military sites scattered throughout Iraq at the end of this month will total Mamtbaka sites and forces in Iraq is zero.
Dabbagh said the decision to withdraw in the interest of Iraq and the United States of America, where there is no longer any opportunity or excuse is because firing a shot, to destroy the country under the banner of resistance against the occupation.
He pointed out that the Iraqi government is currently heading towards the unification of forces to build a unified and free Iraq to have relations with all peoples and all the world except Israel.