Iraq discusses the issue of a new exit from Chapter VII
04/12/2011 16:30:00

The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Private / in the light of the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to Washington is clear that the visit mentioned will not focus on any of the topics circle in the orbit of political analysts, as well as the people of withdrawal and the implications beyond the readiness of our military and security to the surprises after the departure of the Americans where will these things be discussed between the parties of Iraq and the U.S..

The rest will be on what is being revealed from leaked news that the Prime Minister will hold up his sleeve other issues will be over the discussion The results will remain under Baldharov According to the subscriptions may make this or that party and governed originally Pfjoy agreements intended between Iraq and Washington, which regulates the relations of two countries, which was It's going to take such economic talks in general.
Upcoming visit may have something else, will discuss the fate of Iraqi funds abroad, and the foundations of protection, especially as Iraq is still under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and the words, You are disclosed under the tutelage .. From here the Prime Minister also discussed the importance and the need to get out of Iraq this item for a full-fledged hit him in the decision-making from national terrestrial and independence. Economic Aspects, therefore, is the axis that will take place by the central as well as the visit of Mr. al-Maliki on the subject of the development of the Iraqi banking transactions, which we believe will give the prestige of the Iraqi dinar as well as other foreign currencies after the level of the Iraqi currency has seen a sharp decline in global stock exchange.
And the importance of these aspects that are related to existential situation of the Iraqi market and to find factors that promote national and supportive ... Which makes it easier for investors to contribute to trends in development and rehabilitation of infrastructure.