Kurdish lawmaker: Parliament should hold the oil sector officials in Baghdad because they have failed miserably in the management of this file and Ahdro money

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance, Hamid Buffy "that those responsible for the energy sector in general and oil, especially in the federal government, they failed miserably in the management of this file, and caused billions of dollars of wasting money of the people of Iraq." He said in "The Constitution stipulates that the federal government and provincial governments and the producing provinces together will draw up the necessary strategic policies to develop oil and gas wealth, so as to achieve the highest benefit to the Iraqi people, that it distributes its revenues in a fair proportion to the population distribution in all parts of the country, identifying the share for a specified period of the affected regions that were unjustly deprived of them by the former regime, which are damaged after a way that ensures balanced development in different parts of the country. " He Buffy: "The oil fields discovered, Vadartha is the jurisdiction of regional governments and governorates not organized in a region, with priority being given to the law the regions and governorates not organized in a region, in the event of disagreement between them."He believed that "the oil contracts in Kurdistan are valid contracts, and conducted in accordance with constitutional standards, legal, one of the powers of the Government of the Territory, as they make national interests of the Iraqi people the whole, because imports of oil generally goes to the Development Fund for Iraq in accordance with the Constitution, which states that oil and gas belongs to the people Iraq in all regions and provinces. " And went on: "should the House of Representatives today hold accountable those responsible and punish losers and withdraw their hands from work, especially since some of them are still desperate trying to block oil contracts in the Kurdistan region which yield good for all the Iraqi people"