Allawi & Talabani discussed with the requirements the next phase
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Thread: Allawi & Talabani discussed with the requirements the next phase

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    Allawi & Talabani discussed with the requirements the next phase

    Talal Zobaie: Iraq will be an important meeting coming days and Allawi, Talabani discussed with the requirements the next phase
    03/12/2011 07:12:28

    BAGHDAD (Iba) .. He said the Iraqi List MP Talal Zobaie that the coming days will witness a meeting of all members of the elected head of the list saying it was its project of national led by Iyad Allawi. He told the independent press (Iba) said members of Iraq seeking to unite her in all directions the adoption of the national project in addition to developing rules of procedure would be adopted in the management process in preparation for the next stage. On the other hand said Zobaie, who accompanied the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi in his meeting with President Jalal Talabani said the two sides in search of items the next phase in Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal and the importance of joining the leaders of political blocs and leave the differences behind their backs in order to stabilize Iraq. and Tabekma Both sides stressed the importance of implementation of agreements on Erbil and activation of important laws, Fimatnol President Talabani, the importance of holding a meeting of leaders of the blocks in order to Tsafa hearts and Hsmalkhalavat between Allawi and Maliki. He pointed out that Allawi expressed his agreement to attend the meeting, one of the Egyptians to resolve all differences At this meeting, which was important to outline for the post-American withdrawal. A statement by the Presidency of the Republic has pointed out that President Jalal Talabani met with Prime cluster of Iraq, Iyad Allawi and his accompanying delegation, Talks during the meeting dealt with the political situation in the country and the relations between the parties the political. and an added statement was emphasized the importance of promoting positive and constructive dialogue between different actors and what would devote the values ​​of understanding, cooperation and trust required to clear the air, as was emphasized on the importance of the coming period, necessitated by the completion of legislation and institution-building and developing the level of performance at various levels.
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