U.S. forces delivered the Camp Victory (Faw Palace) to Iraq
Friday, December 2, 2011

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. the U.S. forces on Friday to hand over its head office, base (Victory), which is near Baghdad to the Iraqi government
, Pursuant to the process of complete withdrawal from Iraq.
Said Lt. Col. Barry Johnson, a number of media: "I was this morning officially delivered a victory to the Iraqi government."
The Johnson "This rule is no longer under U.S. control, and became in the hands of the Iraqi government fully."
He added, "there was no celebration, just sign the papers."
The Victory Base was home to more than 100 thousand people in some periods, including about 42 thousand military personnel and about 65 thousand civilian contractors.
Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said yesterday that the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from all Iraqi territory in accordance with schedules agreed between Iraq and the United States of America
Maliki said in his speech at a ceremony on the occasion (day meeting) attended by President Jalal Talabani and Vice President Joe Biden and a number of ministers and deputies as well as the leaders of Iraqi military and the U.S.: that the withdrawal of U.S. forces will establish a new phase in the relationship between Iraq and the United States of America where the strategic framework agreement, the cornerstone of bilateral relations between the two countries, which will include aspects of political, economic, commercial, cultural, scientific and push bilateral ties to greater cooperation and understanding in the next phase, which we believe firmly that it will be balanced and equal between two sovereign, on the basis of common interests.
The prime minister: Today verify the complete withdrawal, which was just talking about it years ago, a kind of impossible, but Iraq and as his time of distress rose vigorously sons strongly and quickly exceeded expectations and confident of their capabilities, potential and will hard for his children and the love of Iraqis to their homeland, and will not be long until it turns Iraq to the country in an active process of construction, reconstruction and development and economic point of attraction and a great investment and a factor of stability and peace in its regional and international community.