Dinar Update

Dinar Update – Reports are coming in from Dinar buyers that some large currency brokers are out of dinar stock.  I made a pass through several dealer sites – some are showing they have dinar for sale, some are showing they’re out.  Buyer Beware – It appears some dealers are completing sales without actually having the currency on hand (betting on their ability to buy some currency in the future, with your money).  Wait times for orders have been as long as four weeks.  Some of the delays are Corona related.  If you want your dinar right away be sure to confirm ship times with the dealer.

BGG ~ This current scenario, IMHO, has purely to do with basic supply and demand principles. There has never been any reliable “pipeline supply” of Dinar from the Middle East to the U.S. This was always a silly thought. The Buy / Sell market here in the U.S. has always had some level of parity between buyers and sellers. Currently there is no such parity.

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