Urgent Urgent .. Court of Appeals Nasiriyah issued an arrest warrant against the leadership of the coalition of state law Hassan Sinead!!
Date: Thursday, 01/17/2013 11:42 am

Baghdad _ Back Marsoumi
A source from inside the court to raise the association to defend the rights of the oppressed citation appeals court in Nasiriyah against the leadership of the coalition of state law Hassan Sinead, because not Aafah promises.

The source said that the Court of Appeal issued a warrant for the introduction of MP Hassan Sinead to comply before it.
It said Ahmed al-Rikabi spokesman Assembly in an interview with Jakoj that MP Hassan Sinead came before the elections and entered into the affected areas in the province and said to her family vote for me and I will work to improve the services your region, indicating that Sinead request by the General rights to stand for his part in the campaign against fulfill the promises.
He Rikabi that work on the election Sinead are the owners of this areas struggling today because of poor services and living situation, pointing out that Sinead did not meet any promise made to the people and not the association, taking advantage of their voices as spam electoral Assembly therefore decided to raise a lawsuit against him having worked on fraud sons Iraqi people and laughed on their minds.
It is noted that the region, in the streets or in terms of Nasiriyah since These areas included Backsa streets and textured asphalt shelves but no one knows not to direct has not been implemented for this time.
The when Sinead move came the families of these areas Bushra Ptkhalasm of suffering, but the transfer was not implemented anything and the case remains as it is and municipal managers in the province, but did not intervene.
And the transfer of one eyewitness who elected Sinead maintaining said: Nasiriyah struggling from poor services and deteriorating living conditions and the lack of sidewalks in the districts and villages and the countryside.