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    Finance committee ends Kurdistan Region’s budget report and declares discussing it in the parliament next week

    Thursday, 17 January 2013 14:35

    Shafaq News / The Finance and Economic Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan Region revealed on Thursday, the completion of preparing the final report of the provincial budget for the current year and announced delivering the report to the presidency of the parliament and also confirmed that it will be discussed next week.
    The Vice Chairman of the Committee, Khurshid Ahmed told "Shafaq News", that "The Finance Committee of Kurdistan Parliament ended today preparing the final report of 2013 budget of Kurdistan Region”.
    He added that "the discussing the law by members of the parliament will start next week," without reference to the outlines of the Committee’s report contents.
    The budget of Kurdistan Region is being recognized annually to be after approving the general budget of the federal government in Baghdad, as the region's share of the budget according to a political agreement between Erbil and Baghdad since 2005 is a share of 17%.

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    85% of Kurdistan's population is "ready" to defend Iraq and 69% of them do not trust the Iraqi army

    Thursday, 17 January 2013 15:00

    Shafaq News/A poll conducted by Kurdistan institute for political issues regarding KRG performance, the relation between the region and Baghdad, the disputes between the two sides and the most recent military crisis showed that 85% of the region's population is ready to defend Iraq in case of any external offensive.
    In a press conference held by the institute's head, Nasrat Sofi and attended by "Shafaq news", the outcome of the poll was announced.
    "The poll was conducted in the period from Nov. 25 to Dec. 25 last year and included 2500 persons from different ages, contents and Kurdistan's three provinces of Erbil, Sulaimaniya and Dehok", Sofi said. "The samples were chosen randomly".
    Sofi explained that the poll aimed at making Kurdish people's voices been heard by officials and decision-makers.
    The poll included questions regarding the performance of Kurdistan regional government, Kurdistan parliament as well as the relation with Baghdad.
    In according to the survey, 45% of the region's populations believe that the government made a success in solving the problem of electricity, while 46% of them think that it was not bad at dealing with such issues.
    Regarding the housing, 45% of the populations believe that the government did not make a success in solving the problem of shortage in housing units.
    On the other hand, 70% of the population said that the government did not solve the problem of high-expenses.
    Regarding corruption, 88% of people believe that KRG could not perform its counter-corruption role, while 54% think that government sets made a success in solving issues related to the health sector, regarding fuel problem 45% of people think that the authorities was able to solve relevant problems.
    Regarding the stance with Syria's Kurds, 45% of the people in the region believe that Masoud Barazani successfully supported them,55% of people said that disputes between Barazani and Maliki are not of personal nature, 52% of them referred that Maliki does not impose any threat to the region.
    Regarding the issue of the region's readiness to defend Iraq in case of any external offensive, 85% of the people express their readiness to defend the country while 69% said they do not trust the Iraqi army, 61% of the region's locals believe that Dijla operation Command impose a threat to Kurdistan region and 45% said there no war will be erupted between Baghdad and Erbil.
    85% of those took part in the poll show they are proud with their Kurdish identity and 68% of them said they do not trust the Iraqi government in Baghdad.
    Regarding 2013 plans, 30% of those participated in the poll expressed their opinion thet the government should pay high level of attention to the issue of corruption, other's top interests focused on solving unemployment those were 13%, around 12% said that the government should deal with the problem of high priced items in markets.

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    Their Recent Hot on the Kurds,, Jakoj unique disclose details of the meeting of the political coalition of state law!!
    Date: Thursday, 01/17/2013 09:17 am

    Baghdad _ Mohammed al-Hiti
    A meeting of the political body of the State of Law coalition on Wednesday abruptly in Sinead Baghdad house the absence of the Minister of Education and the second person in the Dawa Party, Ali al-Adeeb.

    The source revealed from within the meeting for some of the leaders who attended the meeting, namely, (Nuri al-Maliki, and Hassan Sinead, and Haider al-Abadi, Haider al-Mulla, and military and al-Asadi) and other names in the coalition leaders.
    The source said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told them about the representation of Kurds in the last meeting, which was held at the home of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, is a high-level and does not represent all Kurds, indicating that the Kurds crucial ordered them on the issue of secession from Iraq and face the center in some articles in its constitution.
    He added that al-Maliki during his speech to some leaders "we stress more on the melodic Arbil their will and كسرهم in front of the other company, pointing out that Barzani wants to lead the Sunni Arabs in the new scheme for stand Bugena in the next phase.
    Maliki stressed that the Iraqi army control on some of the key points in the disputed areas, and work to intimidate Kurds beat them in the event over the validity of the central government.
    He explained that he must not vote on the sectarian national in order to deter the Kurds what they want from the bounties of Iraq and Tzkrém what happened to them previously unknown, as the Iraqi government wants.
    It said Hassan Sinead, said some demands made by the Kurdistan region and their support for the demonstrations Anbar mob against the government is in order to give them more concessions regarding the approval of Article 140 and raise the region's share of oil production and make way for takeover of Kirkuk and other other things.
    Sinead added the Anbar demonstrations weakened its power and become not pose a threat to the government because of knowledge of some of the demonstrators that their demonstrations politicized by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia .
    Khalid al-Asadi said that there is information received that strong disagreements inside the tent to negotiate with the government after the death of MP Aifan al-Issawi and make the most of the demonstrators doubt that the Minister of Finance is standing behind it.


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    Leadership in state law: Iraqi army fails scheme Turkish predecessor entry of terrorists into Iraq with the help of Najafi!!
    Date: Thursday, 01/17/2013 09:25 am

    Baghdad _ Ibrahim Ahmed
    A member of the coalition of state law on the outline of Turkey and the Iraqi Islamic Party, and Osama Najafi, a crossing Front victory fighters and al Qaeda remnants and Salafi and Wahhabi jihadists from Syria to Iraq to carry out the planned decree to determine how the Shiite-led government.

    The member who declined to be named during his meeting with reporter site Jakoj his home that the Iraqi army was lookout for them is the army, which spread near the Jordanian border and Syrian amid screams and wailing of Najafi and Alwani and al-Issawi that destruction of livelihoods for the region's Sunni, indicating that the region's Sunni live on Syria, Jordan or Iraq?
    He explained that the army halt lookout dangerous to thwart their plans to exploit demonstrations innocent Turkish and scroll the map - Qatar - Muslim Brotherhood because Nujaifi dreamer state of Mosul and Sunni leaders want a special territory and move sectarian war to burn Iraq and return to square one.
    For his part, killed nine of al-Qaeda, were killed and three members of the Iraqi security forces, during violent clashes took place on Wednesday in the Iraqi-Syrian border triangle Jordanian western Anbar province.
    He said a police source in Anbar province, said "clashes afternoon between members of al-Qaeda and a joint US-Iraqi security force in wiliness Wolf region near Wadi Horan border killed nine of al-Qaeda elements and wounding two policemen and a soldier of the Iraqi force."
    He added that "the operation was carried out after receiving intelligence information accurate to al-Qaeda activity in the region," adding that "the Iraqi forces mobilized its members in the region and patrols were conducted in search of other militants."
    He pointed out that "the investigation is being to learn the identities of the gunmen," likely "to be among them Arabs."
    In detail, the source said that the clashes took place during a security operation in the areas of sheikhs and cunning Wolf and Horan valley near the Iraqi-Syrian-Jordanian border targeted three cells belonging to al-Qaeda in those areas. He said security forces imposed tight security on the region with the support of four helicopters.


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    Start of the meeting of the Committee of Five to discuss the demands of the demonstrators

    Thursday, 17 December / 2 January 2013 11:56 | : Ambassador News

    {Baghdad Ambassador: News}Said a member of the Committee of Five problem by political blocs MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Muhsin al-Sadoun, start its work this morning to meet with a number of political figures and tribal representatives demonstrators. "
    he said in a press statement that the members of the committee proceeded separately to hold meetings with political leaders and some elders tribes and representatives of the protesters to discuss the demands of the demands of the blocks and the demonstrators, to be submitted to a meeting of the political blocs next scheduled on Saturday. "
    It was a meeting of the political blocs yesterday decided to form a joint committee to follow up the file of the detainees, and demands of the demonstrators other with the concerned authorities in the government, the judiciary and the House of Representatives, on that this committee submits its report within a period not exceeding three days.
    Committee consists of Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, head of the National Alliance president, and members include Saleh al-Mutlaq, and Sheikh Khalid al-Attiyah, Hadi al-Ameri, and Muhsin al-Sadoun.

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    Musdermqrb of Prime Minister denies Maliki disease and lay in the hospital

    Thursday, December 17 2 / January 2013 14:11 | : Ambassador News

    {Baghdad Ambassador: News}Denied a source close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Maliki has any medical condition.
    said Almusdrlokalh Ambassador News "that Prime Minister fullest health and carries his work routinely and chaired the Cabinet meeting yesterday said evidence fully health".
    were media sources indicated, Prime Minister Nuri Maliki for patients necessitated Viewer Rkodh a hospital in the capital, Baghdad.

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    Secretariat of the Council of Ministers: session of the next Iraqi government will see the Badiscussion of file oil between Baghdad and Erbil

    Thursday, 17 December / 2 January 2013 10:56 | : Ambassador News

    {Baghdad Ambassador: News}The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that the next meeting of the Council of Ministers will see View relationship central government in Kurdistan in regards to the oil extracted. said Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords for the Iraqi Media Network: "The Ministry of Oil has conducted follow-ups special agreement happening with Kurdistan earlier including respect to production and export contracts with corporations and other issues related to this subject. " He Keywords that "energy commission headed by Hussein al-Shahristani asked refer the issue to be referred to the Council of Ministers and will be done during the next meeting to discuss and identify mechanisms to work with the province on the basis of what will be issued by the Council of Minister of decisions, "stressing that" Energy Commission wanted to see the Council of Ministers on the reality of the relationship on the oil with the region, including in the report of the Ministry of Oil, the decision to deal with the province is up to the Council of Ministers, and that the possibility of deductions oil produced from the budget of the province of the options that must that consideration Cabinet. " and stressed "the need to address the outstanding problems with the province from its roots and not solutions anti must reach a conclusion that satisfies everyone because it is an important issue and a fundamental and must stand on the matter and must be the explanation and clarification by the province, as will listen to and private views in the province of economic committee chairman Dr. Rose Nuri Shaways, and we will find answer him if he has clarified in relation to this matter. "He Keywords that "the solution with the region lies in a political solution, and since there are strained and problems in the general framework, these Vocabulary fall within this reality in the sense worsening more and hold more and use these details as part of it, and hence the issue depends on the solution of the problem of their origin. "

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