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    The Dinar Daily****Thursday, 1/17/2013

    State law: We are with the adoption of the amnesty law provided an exception thieves of public money and the terrorists

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    Invitations to stand in the face of all external interventions the
    Baghdad morning - Alaa al-Tai
    said the coalition of state law that he does not stand deduced from the passage of the amnesty law provided that are excluded thieves of public money and the terrorists, while Chancellor summarized Legal name of demonstrators in Anbar province demands by issuing a decision eliminates the accountability and justice law until a new law that amends or cancels its provisions.
    , MP for the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi said in an interview for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network" : that his coalition with demonstrators demand with respect to general amnesty law as he expressed his point of view in the earlier and now renewed and continued that the coalition is not deduced from the passage of the amnesty law provided that are excluded thieves of public money and the terrorists who killed innocent people, "then we will not have objection to the law and will pass if included these issues."
    Saadi described calls to cancel the accountability and justice as a constitutional issue where you can not cancel this law for at least two constituencies and it is prohibited. And
    on the abolition of the Terrorism Act Saidi expressed his reservations regarding the repeal of article 4 terrorism and that this means the release of each of the killed and Afajkh and sheltered and financed imports and supporting terrorism and added, "we cancel this article give them the opportunity to carry out their plans and harvesting the lives of innocent people and therefore the collapse of the security situation in the country and society. "
    For his part, Wade MP for the coalition of state law Mahmoud Hassan national cohesion reflected by the exchange of visits and compatibility between the representatives of the demonstrations in Anbar and support the religious authorities in Najaf to the demands of demonstrators.
    summed Legal Counsel on behalf of demonstrators in Anbar province, Thaer Juma demands of the demonstrators and the protesters, saying the general amnesty law should cover all detainees except whose hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis have been caught misdemeanors acclaimed.
    added: The demands include "a prompt resolution of the House of Representatives to stop the anti-terrorism law until canceled and new legislation because the Iraqi Penal Code (111) for the year (69) contains the texts of average legal substitute for labor law the current fight against terrorism.
    said Friday that summarized the demands issuing the decision eliminates the accountability and justice law until a new law that amends or eliminates provisions in case of delinquency to modify it must develop an integrated database covered by its provisions.
    and continued demands also included "pass the Federal Court Act to be its president and members of independent and have nothing to do with political parties."
    between Friday that the demands of the demonstrators said a law to regulate the jurisdiction where that most judicial offices occupied currently Unlike the of the Federal Court Act so as to reach a lot of them over the legal age and supposed to be retirement, in addition to the implementation of Article (105) and (106) of the Constitution and the enactment of a law includes the formation of a public body to ensure balance in State institutions, according to the census of Iraq's provinces.
    Gomaa said that "among a resolution demands the abolition of Coalition Provisional Authority Order No. (13) for the year 2004 for formation of the Federal Central Criminal Court because she is a private special court for violating the the jurisdiction of the spatial and qualitative terms banned Article (95) of the Constitution set up special courts, and the abolition of all the leaders of the operations being unconstitutional.
    said Friday the desire to pass a law depriving the army troops to arrest any one of citizens or investigated and inventory warrant judicial members and investigators العدليين based materials (39, 40, 41, 42) of the Criminal Procedure Code. noted that the demonstrators with the approval of the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and the appointment of ministers Interior and Defense and the appointment of team leaders and all those with special grades and ambassadors in accordance with the text of Article 80/4 of the Constitution and after returning to the House of Representatives.
    demanded legal adviser to the protesters to open an independent investigation with all judges and public prosecutors and investigators who coerced defendants to confess and they write down words is incorrect for the accused and unjustly, according to the provisions of Article (37 c) of the Constitution and in terms of Article (333) of the Penal Code No. (111 for the year 69), especially murders committed in the investigative committees during the torture of the accused and proven as a result of torture.
    Meanwhile MP for the coalition called the Iraqi Free high Nassif, tribal leaders and demonstrators in a number of provinces to stand in the face of all foreign interference in the matter Iraqi.
    said in a press statement released by her office and media received "morning," a copy of yesterday, "We hope that tribal leaders and demonstrators in a number of provinces that stand in the face of any Arab or regional attempts to interfere in the internal affairs Iraqi, by declaring their outright rejection of these interventions and to condemn them during the demonstrations.
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    Efforts to increase the grades of the security ministries

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
    seeking security and defense committee parliamentary cooperation with the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives to increase the grades allocated to the security ministries from 20 to 30 thousand degrees to complete the quorum security institutions and support competencies, as revealed the formation of a committee to contract with the British side to import cars Sonar sophisticated to detect explosives. said committee member Abbas al-Bayati's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," "take his committee proceedings to amend the law Internal Security Forces and the inclusion of civil servants in the Ministry of the Interior appropriations and salaries, similar Bmnzbe police." said al-Bayati said that "there are 10 to 20 الف the degree of functional distributed between the ministries of interior, defense and national security and intelligence, "explaining that what has been allocated grades not commensurate with the need of these ministries and security institutions to complete the record straight and to attract talent. between Bayati said the Commission will work with the Finance Committee to increase the grades to 30 thousand degrees. and continued: "current year budget 2013 included financial allocations for the security services of about 17 percent, which is low," noting that "for the first time in the history of Iraq is developing a fund called" Fund armament "monitor has 3 to 4 percent of the funds, will be filing so the amount annually to arm the Iraqi army., he noted, "Earlier the armament within the budget interior, defense and development fund armament there will be a special budget for arming and a special fund which Listed in this year's budget." With regard to the role of the committee overseeing the security institutions and strategic counter-terrorism , Bayati said: that "there a special committee to follow up the weapons explosives detection visited Britain by the supplier of new equipment, which is a car Sonar highly efficient and features accuracy and superior to the work of sonar devices manual currently used in checkpoints, and are now being contracted and on arrival will be published in the streets of Baghdad and a number of provinces. "He added by saying:" The committee has completed the completion of the laws and paid to read the first and second, including legislation relating to the security services and the ministries of interior and defense and the establishment of courts in the security ministries and criminal laws as well as amending the Internal Security Forces. "and noted that "There are laws other important private carry and possession of weapons silenced and the law of trading arms, and other private residence of aliens in the country, where it was read some of them, although there is disagreement on some." He also said al-Bayati, the existence of "laws for the fight against terrorism and National Security and the Law Ministry of the Interior , and is currently being reviewed for inclusion on the agenda of the meetings of the House of Representatives, as well as the bills are law banning the Baath Party based on Article 7 of the Constitution, and a new law to combat terrorism. "
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    A national meeting of a joint committee to coordinate with the government on detainees

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    Khuzai: everyone transcend partisan differences and factional consideration to the interests of the country and the citizens of
    Baghdad, Sabah
    Deputy President of the Republic Dr. Khudair Khuzaie need to work all the political blocs to transcend partisan differences and factional consideration to the interests of the homeland and the citizen and support the political process and the government in order to accomplish the main duties of the most important service of the Iraqi citizen, left the national meeting convened by the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari agreement on the adoption of dialogue and the formation of a joint committee to coordinate with the government on detainees treatment in prisons and the rest of the demands of the demonstrators that this committee submits its report within a period not exceeding three days.
    Khuzaie said during a meeting in his office yesterday with Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis: that the differences that exist now on the political arena can not be resolved through the media and fiery statements that fuel the Iraqi street, but the language of dialogue Pacific construction and added, according to a statement issued by his office yesterday morning received a copy of it: that national reconciliation have the greatest impact in the stability situation and everyone adopt positive in order to reach agreements that lead to the stabilization of the situation in the country.
    Shaways spoke highly of in accordance with the statement of the role played by the Presidency of the Republic in the convergence of views and heal securities in order to reach full agreement in the political process.
    Output to the national meeting convened by the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari agreement on the adoption of dialogue and the formation of a joint committee to coordinate with the government on detainees in prisons and address the rest of the demands of the demonstrators that this committee submits its report in a period not exceeding three days.
    said the leader of the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Attiyah told a news conference late yesterday evening followed by the final statement of the meeting, "it was agreed to form a joint committee to follow up processing the file of the detainees and all the other demands of the demonstrators with the concerned authorities in the government, the judiciary and the House of Representatives that the committee submits its report to the meeting at its next meeting in a period not exceeding three days. "
    he said, adding: that the committee formed headed by the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari includes all of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, and Khalid al-Attiyah, and Hadi al-Ameri (Minister of Transport) and Muhsin al-Sadoun the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance.
    Attiyah called on all political blocs to harmony and cooperation in order to reach real solutions to the problems existing in the country and address the imbalance in the proceedings suffered by the security services and the
    judiciary. press conference was attended by many of those who participated in the national meeting notably Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Mutlaq, the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, and Kurdistan leader Muhsin al-Sadoun and MP for the Kurdish block change Sardar Abdullah and a number of other MPs from different blocks.
    turn, the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari meeting as "historic" promise "a political turning point," adding that "the meeting pillow atmosphere of mutual trust and listen to all the
    notes." between al-Jaafari that the participants of the Iraqi List, delivered the demands of the demonstrators in Anbar while others took as well as the interaction with these demands, and they in turn also favored these demands and also transferred the voice of protesters in other areas, stressing that the audience believed that the public who Isdh voice demands is the kind of strengthening government towards the implementation of the Constitution and law abiding.
    Jaafari was called last Monday the various political forces to an expanded meeting to discuss the situation in the country through dialogue.
    consultative meeting lasted four hours before the Jaafari announced the commencement of formal discussions. should be
    noted that the National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi He announced that the Iraqi National Alliance agreed to adopt as recommended by the religious authority to resolve the crisis in the country, and stressed the mandated leader of the Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim to hold meetings with the political blocs to reach a solution that satisfies everyone, calling on the Council Deputies to the adoption of important laws, particularly the law of the Federal Court.
    For her part, member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Preezad Shaaban, said that the initiative of the President of the National Alliance launched an initiative to convene meetings of the political blocs to resolve the political crisis came their time, because of the crises which became worse.
    Shaaban said in a press statement, "We do not want bloodshed than any of the components of Iraq and to solve the problems between the political blocs, stressing that there will be a response from the government to the demands of the demonstrators, and Kurdistan with these demands in the legal and constitutional cover. "
    Elsewhere A group of Iraqi scientists, on Wednesday, it began to move towards Sunni scholars in and outside Iraq, with the exception of scientists advocates of killing and destruction of the political process, in order to transfer the facts about the reality in Iraq after mislead many inaccurate statements
    and said head of a group of Iraqi scientists Sheikh Khalid Al-Mulla's "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," "The Jamiat Ulema Iraq plan to move to the first two reasons that the information about the reality of Iraq got them confused and not in conformity with the reality and should be
    corrected. " and explained that "The second reason is the serious repercussions experienced by the region and especially Iraq, demonstrations and displays some of those responsible for the assassination, require some action on all components Autism and intervention in order to avoid dire
    consequences. " Mulla said that the "move a group of Iraqi scientists would as Alalmaúah away from the political side," explaining that "Iraqi Sunni scholars deployed in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan Lebanon and Turkey have left Iraq before the fall of the former regime because the latter methodology with religious scholars. "
    The Iraqi government says that the reports and the statements of some officials are far from reality and designed to distort the facts and the transfer of a bleak picture of the nature of the circumstances across the country.
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    Completion of the draft pension law

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
    said the legal committee parliamentary complete study Unified Retirement Law and send it to the Council of Ministers.
    said committee member Magda Abdel-Latif al-Tamimi in a statement the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": "The committee is waiting to restore law for the observations received it by the Council of Ministers before reading and voting on it soon. "
    and showed Tamimi "The committee addressed the government to install allocations disbursed for 2013 for retirees from abundance financial will be subject to a vote in the event of voting upon will be assignments ready."
    and added that "the size of allocations depends on abundance of existing financial and midwife flexible body has developed a retirement 20 percent increase for pension ", denying that the size of the pension increase 400 to 500 thousand minimum.
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    Assurances of the importance of the census amid criticism of the claim by mentioning religious affiliation

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    Planning reveal the lack of updates on the project
    Baghdad, Omar Abdel Latif
    stressed politicians the importance of holding the draft general census of population which demanded to initiate it demonstrators recently.
    except that most of these politicians have criticized the claim by mentioning religious affiliation or ideological. comes at a time when the head count in the Ministry of Planning Mahdi Keywords absence of any progress on the implementation of this project. Demonstrators demanded in some provinces to conduct a comprehensive census before the general election with details belonging to all Iraqis of doctrine and national and religious. said member Liberal bloc Zainab السهلاني: that "there are some demands legitimate by the protesters while there demands tinged everything from illegitimacy. "She السهلاني told the" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "that these two things overlap in all the demands by the presence of a buffer zone between legitimate and whether or not each demand them. continued: "The requirement if agreed with the law there is nothing wrong achieved if either outside the law and the rules in force in all aspects of social life in Iraq is possible to be addressed to accelerate and cancellation of characterized with the law or to be formulated according to a rule of law, where if transformed must be applied by all competent organs ". showed السهلاني that" a general census of the population requirement is necessary and very important, because there is no census thus lead to stop life fully and referral social organizations and economic development in the country to chaos, "pointing out that the census could include details determine ages and races and professions, patients and healthy controls and people with a disability to prepare a database belonging to the people that there a number for each citizen and databases. "also showed that such a thing is very important to be able to know the details of the lives and affairs of every citizen to restructure all functional affairs and social and economic development in the country., said member Iraqi List Qais Cdhir: "We before the census've come to a lot of facts about the composition of the people," and wondered: "Is that the census could determine that such community or other second-class citizens or third in the country." He Cdhir In a special statement (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that "all citizens want law enforcement on them fairly and as stipulated by the legislator to have everyone be subject to the same law without discrimination between the citizen or that."
    in turn, confirmed a member of the Iraqi List Ghaida Kmbash a problem large in the case of the census and the ration card in Diyala province, especially that Iraq at the gates of the provincial elections. called Kmbash told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," "competent authorities to find a solution and database and new information and new statistics in order to resolve this issue before elections, "pointing to" the existence of administrative problems on this subject through the existence of villages and areas have a problem with the capital, Baghdad, and is now returned to the province of Diyala, but their cards ration mounted name the province of Baghdad. "and warned that" this issue is not limited to problem elections only, but there is a problem service, because the provinces refuse to provide them with services pretext that each one received to maintain the second of these areas. "As a member bloc virtue Hussein Mura'bi has pointed out that" a general census of the population is the subject of more than is necessary, because the There are a lot of provinces may Bgent their rights because not holding this benefit. "He said a lot of provinces allocated annual amounts less than the number of the existing population where, stressing that it is necessary to know the size of each province and merits, either related issues Nationalities and Almzhabiyat are non-essential in this time.
    continued Mura'bi: "If there were demands mass and insistence by some to install these things, there is no objection to that, it is not a question very bad or where problematic large, as it is important to hold the project quickly because it will ensure that all interests of the community." In the meantime, only the head of the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Mahdi Mohsen Keywords answer our question on developments in the project general census of population, that "there is nothing new there was on the subject of the census."
    said Keywords in a statement singled out by the (Center Brief Iraqi Media Network): "We are still awaiting the political agreement on this National Merit".
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    Keywords: next government meeting will discuss the file of oil between Baghdad and Erbil

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    He stressed the need for a political solution away from the anti
    Baghdad solutions Tariq al-Araji,
    said the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that the next meeting of the Council of Ministers will witness relationship with the central government in Kurdistan province in regards to the area of the oil extracted. The secretary general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords in a statement singled out the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": "The Ministry of Oil has conducted follow-ups special agreement happening with Kurdistan earlier in relation to production processes and export contracts with corporations and other issues related to this subject" .
    added Keywords that "the government was expecting that things are going according to what was agreed upon, but it was communicated to the Secretariat by the Ministry of Oil to stop the province implement this agreement, the ministry said data and figures relating to the issue of export and production in the province that stray too far from what is planned and expected What leaves a negative impact in terms of financial resources at the level of the state treasury and others put on the basis of plans and allocations were referred the matter to the Committee on Energy to review the report by the Ministry of Oil. "and continued the secretary-general:" The Energy Commission, headed by Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani asked refer the issue for submission to the Council of Ministers and will be done during the next meeting to discuss and identify mechanisms to work with the province on the basis of what will be issued by the Council of Ministers of the decisions, "stressing that" Energy Commission wanted to see the Council of Ministers on the reality of the relationship on the oil with the region, including in the report of the Ministry of Oil, the decision to deal with the province is up to the Council of Ministers, and that the possibility of deductions oil produced from the budget of the province of the options that should be considered by the Council of Ministers. "He stressed the need to address the outstanding problems with the province from its roots and not solutions anti must reach a conclusion that satisfies everyone it was an issue important and essential and must stand on the matter and must be the explanation and clarification by the province, as will listen to the views of the province of economic committee chairman Dr. Rose Nuri Shaways, and we will find answer him if he has clarified in relation to this matter. pointed Keywords that "The solution with the region lies in a political solution, and since there are strained and problems in the general framework, these Vocabulary fall within this reality in the sense worsening more and hold more and use these details as part of it, hence the issue depends on the problem of origin."
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    Went to put the final touches on the infrastructure law

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    Economic Commission: there is no problematic technical hinder approval
    BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
    Committee announced economic, investment and reconstruction parliamentary for its drive to put the finishing touches on a bill of infrastructure and service sectors., but it ruled out pass the bill during the current legislative because of political differences and the existence of other laws are more important on Parliament Square, as she put it.
    said the Commission's decision MP Mahma Khalil told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," "The priority today is not the Law of the infrastructure, and there are laws more important needs political consensus."
    Khelil said: "The approval This law needs to be an atmosphere appropriate and calm and consensus within the House of Representatives and then Parliament can decide on this issue. "
    Khelil said that "as a result of the paralysis of the House of Representatives and the legislation of laws to avoid a political crisis, this law may malfunction many other laws," adding that he "There was a desire by the head of the parliament through meetings with the relevant committees and political blocs in order to pass this law before almost a month, but because of the circumstances that have passed the country, the adoption of this law may malfunction." However, he noted "there are a lot of obstacles, and law in the process of finalizing, but may not be included on the agenda because of the political blocs is interested in him, "he says.
    The House of Representatives has Guest end of last year by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and a number of ministers and officials to discuss the law infrastructure, as Maliki reiterated the importance of law in infrastructure development through payment on credit, especially as many countries resort to this issue when unable to financial resources to meet the requirements of development, noting that Iraq needs to between 400 and 600 billion dollars for reconstruction, while available for investment $ 250 billion, noting that can implement many of the projects time-appropriate, especially as the continuing global economic crisis can contribute to the execution of the reconstruction and construction due to suspension of the work of companies in several countries what might reduce unemployment and contribute to job creation. Meanwhile, ruled Committee member MP Amer Fayez through a statement to "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" to pass a bill infrastructure.
    said Fayez: "If انجلت nebula current Iraq and solved the political crisis could see law light." The political blocs failed to reach an agreement to pass Law infrastructure and event split in opinions about it, regarding condition Kurdistan Alliance vote on the bill infrastructure, compared to that allocates 17 percent of the law of the region of Kurdistan, the other blocs demands some have described as "prohibitive."
    He Fayez: "This law just like any other laws that by political differences, alas, that the political blocs often do not look at the public national interest and do not look to the future of the country as much as you look at the struggles of political among themselves to political differences for the purposes of blackmail block at the expense of the other and the demands of a particular and this law just like any other laws that are exposed to such labor political, "he said. and continued a member of the Committee:" The law read the first reading, but it is still at the mercy of political consensus and the mood of the political blocs, "adding that dilemmas based law solve simple and based on a political consensus which is not problematic art as much as you are arguments to block the law because of political differences, so it stays Iraq is suffering and the people is the victim due to political conflicts between blocs. "
    It is said that a member of the Commission services and reconstruction Ihsan al-Awadi said "there is no now motionless on the Law of the infrastructure," adding that the law has been deleted from the agenda Business House more than once because of political differences between the blocs about this law. said Alaudaa for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": he was forming a committee hexagonal solve this issue of the relevant committees parliamentary namely, two of the Economy Commission and two of the Finance Committee and two Services Committee, but this mini-committee failed to reach a unified draft will satisfy all parties and proceed with the enactment of this Act.
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    Balance of power

    Author: Mohamed Abdul-Jabbar carp

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    The democratic political system rests on two pillars: the separation of powers, and the balance of powers. The authorities in question is: the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary.
    has proven permanent Iraqi constitution the principle of "separation of powers" while the text in Article 47 that the legislative, executive and judicial practice their competencies and tasks the basis of the principle of separation of
    powers. comes the idea of the separation of powers in response to the idea of integration between the authorities, and concentrated power center, however, and one as the king or president or sultan or even one-party ruling leader. An idea that always lead to the emergence of a tyrannical dictatorship regimes pose a major obstacle either the country's progress and development of society and the evolution of man.
    either the principle of "balance of powers" aims to prevent the predominance of one of the authorities and its hegemony over the other, and this constitutions provide for the terms of reference of the authorities. This identification draws all authority boundaries so as not to exceed. Under this principle, in its context, it is not valid to say, for example, that the parliament is the highest authority in the country. There is no higher authority and the authority of the lowest in the description of the hierarchy between the three authorities. This is taking the Iraqi constitution in its articles relevant terms of reference of the three authorities. For example, Article 61 of the Constitution, the terms of reference and powers of the House of Representatives by two main things, namely: Enacting federal laws, and control over the performance of the executive authority. And it is not right for the House of Representatives to exceed these powers and exercise other authorities outside. Media, of course, is not within the executive branch. It is not difficult for us to monitor cases of bypass here and there, most part caused by a lack of clarity mechanisms functioning of the democratic system of checks on his hands overtaking.
    Governing the relationship between the three authorities in democratic regimes on the basis of checks and balances base a relationship that promotes a balance between authorities on the one hand, and on the reduction of bypass some on others, on the other. And this is what we find in the United States, for example, through the relationship between the executive branch represented by the President, the congressional legislative authority represented.
    ancient democratic regimes and established there a fourth power, is the power of the media. An informal authority, but they represent the first line of defense for democracy. It is a condition of democracy, as not imagine the possibility of a democratic system without a media authority.
    and Media Authority, in these systems, are independent of the legislative branch and the executive branch and the judiciary, as well as military power. Do not have any of these authorities the power to intervene in the affairs of the media and limit his mobility and freedom, including the affairs programming, publishing and broadcasting. You can not state power in the United States to impose broadcast something, or prevent the broadcast, but the decision of the court, only in two areas, namely privacy and national security.
    this is still far from the minds of some people we have also, and why modern democratic experiment. And imagine that being in a chair within the structure of the state gives him the ability to enforcement and prevention. Hence the problem of trying to exercise this kind of power, and the media. The problem can not be solved, but the availability of a real deep understanding of the nature of the democratic system, and the nature of the separation of powers, independence of the media for these authorities.
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    Signs of a breakthrough in the crisis

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    Release of the 4200 property - refer 5175 to retire - release seventieth detainees
    BAGHDAD - morning
    yielded moves witnessed by the political arena during the past few days signs of a breakthrough in the crisis after the decisions and agreements that occurred yesterday. While out national meeting which was attended by various political blocs evening yesterday an agreement on the adoption of dialogue and the formation of a joint committee to coordinate with the government on detainees in prisons launched a Special Committee to consider requests seventy demonstrators released detainees, in addition to released earlier. In the same context issued the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice decisions to refer 3373 people to retire who were covered by the law as issued Thursday two others refer 1802 of officers and ranks, comes at a time announced the near release of the 4200 property. Said Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani Chairman of the Committee during a joint press conference with the Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari and Human Rights Minister Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese: I have "been ordered today (yesterday) for the release of seventy people and this conduct daily continuously for the release of other payments." The al-Shahristani announced Monday the release of 335 detainees during seven days earlier. promised Shahristani to expedite the resolution of files thousands of other detainees. spoke Shahristani about the existence of six thousand and 500 detainees, including 97 women, convicted of "terrorist crimes" as well as six thousand, including 95 women, detained the same offense. pointed to "the presence of 15 thousand and 800 detainees, including 500 women to commit crimes civilian, in addition to one thousand Join crimes civilian in Iraqi prisons. "and on the reason for the delay resolving files thousands of detainees, Deputy Prime Minister that the Commission considers that it is necessary to accelerate the issues of detainees, noting that" the judiciary and promised to decide issues Of the estimated six thousand issue. "In response to a question regarding the delay processing file of the detainees before the exit of these demonstrations, admitted Shahristani so, saying:" supposed that the state address the problems, but unfortunately, in Iraq, not only this file there frankly now several files in Iraq must be addressed ", adding that" a demonstration predicted the existence of a bug. "He also stressed Shahristani continue the work of the Committee, noting that" there are demands of the demonstrators are not the functions and powers of the Ministerial Committee and the responsibilities of the House of Representatives, "in reference to repeal or amend laws.
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    Interested underestimate the risk of closure of the Iraqi-Jordanian border economically

    01/17/2013 12:00 am

    Called to allow the introduction of certain products necessary
    BAGHDAD - Haider Flaih Rubaie
    student interested in the economic Iraqi government to allow the passage of some trucks loaded with food into the country through the border crossings with Jordan, افتين that the Iraqi market as do the rest of the markets are subject to supply and demand, in reference them to the possibility of higher prices of some agricultural products that are imported via the Jordanian border, amid warnings by a number of economists, reduced the Ministry of Agriculture of the risks of continued operation to close borders, confirming the presence and abundance of productivity for many materials that were imported through the Iraqi-Jordanian border.
    and she came back Iraqi government to close port Trebil border before nearly a week, in what (b security), pointing out that the process of closing will continue until further notice. Iraq is the most prominent regional markets for Jordanian products, industrial and agricultural, which can cause economic losses great for to the Jordanian side, than certainly what can be exposed Iraq economically, and also finds that economic expert Ali Hilfi, who pointed out that the process of closing can serve the interests of supporting the production Estates Specifically, in order to increase demand for the local product, which greatly influenced the result openness border wide front various goods and commodities, which hurt a lot of agricultural reality and led to his suspension almost completely, although Hilfi pointed to the possibility of benefiting from the decision to close the border, particularly by the agricultural side, but he warned of the possibility of running out of a number of agricultural crops produced locally , pointing out that it needs to a decision to allow the passage of some of the trucks Mahlma varieties of certain materials across the Iraqi border of Jordan, in order to avoid high prices in the Iraqi market. noted Hilfi that the border between Iraq and Jordan is witnessing the introduction of several products essential to Iraq non-farm, which is What invited him to claim to allow some of those products to enter, especially medicines and medical supplies, as well as some other imports necessary, noting that industrial installations Iraqi private and public in front of a real test to compensate for what may be needed domestic market of products used to be imported across the Iraqi border, explaining that process shutdown is a real opportunity for the private sector to show his capabilities in supplying the local markets in various materials and essential goods. turn shattered the Ministry of Agriculture fears of rising prices of agricultural products and animal in the country after the decision to close its outlets border, confirmed the presence and abundance of some important crops that are produced locally. announced that agent The Ministry of Agriculture Technical Mahdi al-Qaisi, returned "decision to close the border crossings to hold government has ضروراته," he said. said Qaisi said that "prices of agricultural products and animal will not see an increase because of the abundance of some tomatoes, potatoes and livestock products local, as well as having other outlets across the Kurdistan region and the region Central and South can be introduced such products for its way. "and explained that" when the government decided to close some border crossings, they consider the same time a mechanism to provide the products, whether agricultural or animal, and not lead to rise in the markets. "and between Qaysi that" Iraqi trader has become the capacity and expertise to provide goods and commodities and various products through alternative outlets could not be introduced after the closed ports. "
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