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    " the dinar daily" 1/14/2013 ************************

    Initiative Kobler drop charges against al-Issawi and left to spend a file, it's over!!

    Author: the future of Iraq

    01/14/2013 12:00 am

    The future of Iraq / special
    at the time revealed the United Nations representative in Iraq Martin Kobler initiative launched by the religious authority, Ali al-Sistani to resolve all the current crises, especially the demonstrations that provoke sectarianism, confirmed a senior political source that Kobler urged politicians to keep the issue of the protection of the Minister of Finance, however, judiciary.
    said Kuebler, told a news conference after meeting reference Ali al-Sistani, on Sunday, said, "This initiative is consistent with the visits by a number of parties of Kurdistan and the Iraqi List, as well as the rule of law in order to end the crisis that hit the country," adding, "it was reached with Sistani launch carrying a lot of items that must be implemented in accordance with peaceful dialogue and democratic form committees to study the legitimate demands carried by protesters during demonstrations in the western regions. "and called on Prime UNAMI in Iraq," the Iraqi government to show restraint and show flexibility and to maintain peace and to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the demonstrations. "
    , said a senior political source said that "Kubler sees looking for point of convergence to quell the crisis that erupted since the time of the country against the backdrop of the charges, which affected the protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi," explaining that Kubler put an initiative "includes drop file Charges against the Issawi and leave the judiciary works regarding the charges to protect, "adding that this initiative keeps the" Implementation of the possible demands of demonstrators western region and not compromising the constitution and achievements constitutional as well as stop the demonstrations, fearing exit the crisis to no dire consequences, " he says.
    The source said that the tour "Kobler will include some of the politicians all conflicting currents," he said, adding that they "will come out by the close of the current Iraqi crisis."

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    Deputy: budget 2013 should be placed on Parliament's agenda

    Author: the future of Iraq

    01/14/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD / With
    MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Mahdi al-Khafaji to re government send the budget in 2013 to parliament, calling for Presidency of the Council of Representatives inclusion agenda for discussion and approval as soon as possible.
    Khafaji said in a statement, received news agency future copy of it, yesterday Sunday that "delay in the adoption of the budget have much impact on the work of the ministries and state institutions that complain of delays in the adoption of the federal budget, in addition to the delay in the release of grades, although the government sent a draft law beginning last October." Khafaji called "House of Representatives to be the subject of the first budget concerns and voting on it as soon as possible and not to be included in the political conflicts that lead to disruption of the work of the state and affect the lives of citizens, because of political differences supposedly not immerse the budget this conflict.


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    House of Representatives vote on the Federal Court and the legal amnesty

    House of Representatives vote on the Federal Court and the legal amnesty
    14 January, 2013 03:45:00

    Scheduled to vote the House of Representatives in its sixth of the second legislative term on legal Federal Supreme Court and the general amnesty, in addition to questioning of the Minister of Youth and Sports Jassim Mohammed.
    reporter said Fayhaa that the Presidency of Parliament postponed the hearing for an hour at the request of the Legal Committee to discuss the addition of a number of materials on the agenda of the meeting, which is scheduled to vote on the draft legal Federal Court, and a general amnesty, and the second reading of the proposed law to determine the mandate of the President of the Republic and President of the House of Representatives and Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

    Luay al-Rubaie


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    Parliament session startsMonday, 14 January 2013 13:55 | | |

    Baghdad(AIN) –The parliament regular session of Monday started with the attendance of 235 MPs to vote on a number of important law drafts.
    Parliamentary source stated to AIN "The session, which was headed by the Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, involves investigating the Minister of Sport and Youth, Jasim Mohamed Jaafar, over corruption charges and voting on the Federal Court law and the General Amnesty law."
    "The session will include conducting the second reading of the law of limiting the terms of the three Presidencies," the source concluded. /End/


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    Urgent….Iraqi Parliament postpones vote on Federal Court law draft Monday, 14 January 2013 14:58 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -The Iraqi Parliament postponed once more the vote on the Federal Court law draft till next week.
    Parliamentary source told All Iraq News Agency "The Parliament decided to postpone the vote on the FC law draft till next week after adding some points by the State of Law Coalition including keeping half of the current judges."
    The parliament has postponed on last Saturday its regular session till today Monday to give the political blocs time to discuss a number of important laws including the Federal Court and General Amnesty law drafts. /End/


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    Zuhairi Shahristani carrying recommendations of reference: the dissolution of parliam

    Zuhairi Shahristani carrying recommendations of reference: the dissolution of parliament rejected
    Version 68 has been read once

    Author: the future of Iraq

    01/14/2013 12:00 am

    The future of Iraq / special
    A member of the National Alliance for the rejection of religious authority in Najaf receive two of the coalition of state law, after they went to Najaf to meet with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who refused to met by, also rejected the religious authority, Sheikh Ishaq Fayad, but It was agreed at the end of the meeting Sistani's son and son-Fayad them in the latter office, told the sons references, representatives of state law that the Parliament is a red line may not be resolved, as well as a number of recommendations and observations concerning the current crisis. And rejects the religious authorities in Najaf since the receiver Iraqi officials, «discontent with the behavior of the preoccupation of many of them to their interests without the people's interests, according to mention a source close to Sistani. A source in the National Alliance on condition of anonymity for the future of Iraq is that the two people who went to Najaf are the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party and an adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Abdul Halim al-Zuhairi and Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani. The source said that Mr. al-Sistani refused to receive these two officials and refused to hold a meeting with them in his office, but Sheikh Fayad allowed to hold the meeting in his office without his presence, where he attended his son on his behalf. The source pointed out that he has been informed Zuhairi and Shahristani by two sons references that Parliament red line may not be resolved, and that the interpretation of Article 64 of the Constitution does not entitle the Prime Minister and President of the Republic - or his deputy - the dissolution of parliament, the fact that the political structure existing in the country is the structure of the parliamentary system. As Iblgihama intercepted reference to the nature of the Ministerial Committee formed to take over the demands of the demonstrators, criticized the formation of this committee reference of the Shiite ministers and the Minister is one Sunni Defense Minister Saadoun Dulaimi agency, a claim include Sunni figures. The source said that the two sons of references eternally for Zuhairi and Shahristani objection reference big a description demonstrations Benaot inappropriate, because the demonstrators is an important part of the Iraqi people, as Iblgihama that the reference «great concern because of irresponsible behavior by the government that followed the demonstrations in Anbar». According to the source, the reference is of the view that it is not in the interest of the country escalation, so called for calm. She also believes the occurrence of «great injustices slaves must be lifted, and demanded the application optimized for Justice and Accountability Law. The source added that the delegation recommended that reference be managed the crisis in the country by the National Alliance and not by the Prime Minister, because the National Alliance is one of the Prime Minister came. The reference also warned of the collision demonstrators, demanding the protection of demonstrations by local police in areas where demonstrations, not by the military or federal police. The source pointed out that the reference Zuhairi informed Shahristani existence «breaches in the application of justice, stressing the need to avoid these violations through the optimum application of the trials and the justice process.


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    National Coalition calls wise to adopt a group meeting with the leaders of blocs to resolve the crisis

    Published in: 3:02 pm, January 14, 2013 by jamal Views: 4

    BAGHDAD (Iba) ... called the National Coalition leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim to adopt a group meeting with leaders of political blocs to resolve the current crisis in the country.
    The leader of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ahmad Chalabi told a news conference attended by the independent press (Iba) ... Monday "call Mr. Hakim to adopt a meeting of leaders of political blocs in order to sit at the table of national dialogue based on a proposal submitted by Chalabi and praised Sadrists him and Virtue and the rest Coalition parties. "
    "The meeting of the National Coalition held yesterday discussed the political developments taking place in Iraq and the challenges that passes by Almhhadalssayas in the country."
    Chalabi said that the "coalition discussed ways to resolve the contract and crises and public demands that have emerged in recent demonstrations, also gave attendees a thorough reading of the details, which was formed in the light of what has emerged from the statements and developments."
    He added that "the conferees agreed to support the steps of the religious authority recent Supreme contributed to the development of guidelines to resolve the intractable crises and legitimate popular demands."
    Chalabi said he "called the National Coalition of the House of Representatives to speed up ratification of the Laws mission in the forefront of the Federal Court and other important laws."
    Chalabi said "The coalition also called the Iraqi government to implement laws passed by the House of Representatives, first and foremost law grant students and the implementation of the National Service Act, and economic capital of Basra, where previously that the House passed such laws since many months." (End


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    Chest: You must resolve the presidency and only walked it from dictatorship prime min

    Chest: You must resolve the presidency and only walked it from dictatorship prime minister

    Published in: 2:07 pm, January 14, 2013 by jamal Views: 25

    BAGHDAD (Iba) ... called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr political blocs to resolve the issue of the presidency to prevent what he called the "validity of the dictatorship of the prime minister," describing the country without a president Jalal Talabani without affectionate father.
    Sadr said in a statement received by Agence Almsaqlh (Iba) ... Monday that he "has become imperative for the politicians seek to speed up the resolution of the issue of the President, and only walked dictatorship of the prime minister to the presidency, and things get complicated, and worse and difficult to solve."
    Sadr said that "Iraq now without a president of the Republic, and no father affectionate, and without hearing the demands," and urged "everyone to take responsibility and to listen to the voice of the reference and the people."
    It is said that the president had suffered earlier in the month of December of last year and illness and was taken to a hospital Iraqi for treatment before being transferred to hospitals Germany to pursue his case there by a medical team Germany had previously oversaw the treatment in the middle of last year. (End)


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    The Ssadoralkwyt to Iraq: our relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region consolidated

    Published in: 11:43, January 14, 2013 by jamal Views: 73

    BAGHDAD (Iba) ... said Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Ali believer that Kuwait's relations with Iraq's Kurdistan region cemented pointing out that these relations is constantly evolving.
    He insured during a dinner hosted by the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Erbil in honor of Kuwaiti media delegation currently visiting the region that the policy of the State of Kuwait was built on Arab and regional scale.
    He insured "the importance of such mutual visits between the two sides to bring the views and break the ice and prevent stirring crisis between the two countries," adding that "we feel there is openness in some preliminary decisions that have had a good effect on the hearts of the brothers Iraqis and Kuwaitis."
    The insurer pointed out that "This is a building block for the completion of all the so-called (things) stuck a quantum leap for a bright future of the relations of the two brotherly countries."
    In turn, the President of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Fouad Hussein, "It's a good chance we meet with the owners of the pen to a country that was always continuous with the Kurdistan Region."
    He Hussein that this visit is important for the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to exchange views with journalists Kuwaitis "because we need to press for the transfer of reality in Kurdistan," saying "We are following the democratic process in Kuwait and we want to take advantage of the Kuwaiti experience in many areas."
    It is said that a Kuwaiti journalist delegation of 13 journalists from media channels and agencies and Kuwaiti journalist arrived this afternoon by Erbil International Airport to see the political and cultural conditions and economic and social development in the region. (End


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    Minister of Planning: the launch of exchange projects linked to ratify the general bu

    Minister of Planning: the launch of exchange projects linked to ratify the general budget

    Published in: 8:38 pm, January 13, 2013 by jamal Views: 82

    BAGHDAD (Iba) .. The Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation Ali Yousef Shukri to launch exchange for new projects is not only to ratify the budget, as pointed out that the Council of Ministers has solutions for cashing in on the ongoing projects.
    Shukri said in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) .. Sunday that "Article IV paragraph IV of the Implementing Regulations budget stipulates stop drainage from 15 of December of each year, and thus there is big trouble suffered by the provinces and represented the issue of lack of possibility of contracting on new projects, on the grounds that the launch of exchange projects New is not only to ratify the new budget of the Iraqi state. "
    Shukri added that "the Council of Ministers has solutions for cashing in on the ongoing projects to allow the launch of exchange (1/12) of operational Moisntin and investment," noting that "this decision does not include new projects and therefore this would disrupt the development process." (End)


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