" The Dinar Daily " ........... Saturday, 12 January 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily " ........... Saturday, 12 January 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily " ........... Saturday, 12 January 2013

    Al-Nujaifi postpones today's meeting to next Monday.
    12/01/2013 12:19:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / Iraqi House Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi announced the postponement of meeting of the Council of Representatives to Monday.

    A source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to postpone today's meeting," pointing out that "the President of the House of Representatives held a meeting for the heads of parliamentary blocs."

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    PUK, KDP hold a meeting in Sulaymaniyah in the presence of Barzani.
    12/01/2013 11:34:00

    Sulaymaniyah / NINA / The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party held a meeting in Sulaymaniyah, in the presence of the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani and Kosrat Rasool Ali, First Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)

    A press release said that the meeting dealt with the situation in Iraq, and relations between Kurdistan and Baghdad, and the situation of Kurdish areas outside the region, and the internal situation in the province, the election, and the demonstrations taking place in a number of provinces and cities.

    The statement noted that both sides agreed that the problem in Iraq is ruling problem, explaining that the road map to address these problems is to correct rule. In this regard, the two sides have found that the Iraqi National Alliance has a key and decisive role in correcting the way of the rule, where the Kurdish Parties, earlier sent a written message to the Iraqi National Alliance in this regard and waiting for its reply.

    The two sides stressed that the problem is reflected on the style of governance in Iraq, adding that they refuse this way.

    The statement noted that the two sides stressed the need to a road map to resolve these problems to correct the style of governance in the country.

    Regarding the demonstrations taking place in some Iraqi cities and regions and their demands, the two sides expressed their support for the demands of the demonstrators in Anbar, Mosul and other areas that are within the framework of the constitution.

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    Kurdish MP: The political problems increase crises.
    12/01/2013 11:15:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Qasim Mohammad Qasim said "The crisis seemed to be expanded and grow broadly and significantly between the blocs, indicating that the more political problems, the more crisis.

    He said in a press statement that "these crises have reflected negatively on the political process," adding that "the demonstrations became wide, and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has two ways to save the country from falling into the abyss and not to repeat the problems and sectarian conflicts again. These ways either to return to the previous agreements and properly and correctly implement them or to choose a replacement to prime minister to safe the country out of the repercussions of the current crisis. "

    He considered Nuri al-Maliki's intention to send military forces to quell the demonstrations and sit-ins, a serious and negative step, pointing out that "He will not do such a move, because it would be disastrous and dangerous move for the country and it will dangerously rip the country."


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    The Peshmerga delegation arrives to Baghdad tomorrow to complete negotiations.
    12/01/2013 09:38:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the parliamentary committee on Security and Defense, Kurdistan Alliance MP, Hassan Jihad confirmed that: "the delegation of the Peshmerga will arrive to Baghdad tomorrow to hold talks to complete negotiations with the military leaders in the federal government, on the military presence in the disputed areas."

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The delegation will carry a working paper of the nine points, prepared in a consultation with the political and military leaders of the region, to be negotiated with the military commanders in the Federal Ministry of Defense, to come out with a positive result, to defuse the tension in the disputed areas. "

    He explained that "the previous meetings of the two military delegations in Baghdad and Erbil brought views significantly closer between the two parties, and reduced the demands of Peshmerga to 9 points only."

    The Ministry of, of the Kurdistan Regional Government announced earlier that "Its delegation will leave next Sunday to Baghdad with a working paper of nine points, but did not explain the nature of these points.


    Jabbar Yawar, the secretary-general of the Ministry of Peshmerga said in a press conference that "the province believes in dialogue and peaceful solutions to the problems and differences between Baghdad and Erbil on / disputed areas / until the implementation of Article 140."


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    Legal Committee meets with the heads of blocs to discuss the General Amnesty.
    12/01/2013 09:02:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, from Kurdistan Alliance, MP Muhsen al-Sadoun said: "The legal committee will hold, today and tomorrow, intensive meetings with the heads of parliamentary blocs to discuss their observations on the general amnesty law.

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the parliament decided to vote on the general amnesty law in the next session on Monday, so the Legal Committee will consider all comments on the law, to prepare a final version of the Act for voting on it. "

    He hoped that "these meetings result an end to the controversy over some items of the bill, noting that" these meetings will be crucial to see if this bill will pass in parliament or not. "

    The Presidency of the parliament had decided to postpone the vote on the proposed amnesty law submitted by the legal and human rights Committees to next Monday.

    The demonstrations in several provinces demand to passage the amnesty law and the release of detainees.

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    Kurdistan MP: Kurdish forces will not vote on the amnesty law as it stands.
    12/01/2013 08:54:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Kurdistan coalition, Sherif Sulaiman said that his coalition would not vote on the amnesty law in its current form.

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "Although the current situation in the country needs to approve the amnesty law as soon, but it needs modification to some gaps in it that allow to free those who killed Iraqis and looted its wealth, history and dignity."

    He added: "The Kurdish MPs would vote on the law in case of re-drafting it and with political consensus on it."

    The House of Representatives decided on Thur. to postpone vote on the amnesty law to next session on Monday for failure to get approval.

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    Jaafari meets with a delegation of leaders of the Iraqiya coalition.
    12/01/2013 10:13:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari discussed with a delegation of leaders of the Iraqiya coalition, headed by MP, Salman al-Jumaili, the Iraqi political situation, and the demonstrations taking place in some provinces.

    A statement by the Office of al-Jaafari said: "During the meeting, they emphasized the need to initiate a national initiative involving the forces and political blocs to achieve an extended meeting, to achieve maintaining the unity of Iraq, and operate on the national principles, and meet the legitimate demands of the demonstrators."


    The statement added that "the two sides agreed to activate the role of the House of Representatives to legislate large number of laws that serve the citizen, and stay away from anything that might aggravate the relationship between the House of Representatives and the government, and to work to pay legislative and executive branches; to provide services for citizens, and to respond to their legitimate demands. "/

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    MP: Demonstrators will stay in the streets to demonstrate until the implementation of their demands.
    12/01/2013 10:35:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The Secretary-General of the People's Movement, the MP, Ali Al-Sajri refused the charges that described the demonstrations in Salahuddin by some political forces as politicized or carrying electoral goals.

    He said in a statement, issued today by his press office, that "The demonstrators will continue to stay in the streets to protest until implementing their demands," noting that " The citizens came out to claim their rights and did not come out for the election or support for one of the blocs or political figures."

    He refused "The interference of regional countries in the internal affairs of Iraq and attempts to sow the seeds of discord among the Iraqi people.

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    MP: Southern provinces would halt oil exports if the region continues to export oil through Turkey
    12/01/2013 11:56:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the state of law coalition, Adel al-Maliki warned that the insistence of Kurdistan region to export oil through Turkey and seize its revenues will push the provinces of the south to stop exporting oil from the southern ports.

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today 12, Jan: "If the government and parliament do not address the issue of exporting oil from Kurdistan contrary to the constitution, the south provinces would stop exporting oil through the southern ports."

    Maliki added: "Exporting oil from the region through Turkey and seizing its revenues and sharing the southern oil revenues, cannot be tolerated."

    He explained: "Exporting oil without the knowledge of the federal government is a legal and constitutional violation.

    He asked: "the House Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi to call the Kurdistan Regional Government to stop the export of oil, which belongs to all Iraqis, as he demanded the central government to implement the demands of the demonstrators".

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    Hakim, Mutleg discuss means of addressing political crisis in Iraq
    Saturday, 12 January 2013 09:45 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, discussed with the Deputy Premier, Salih al-Mutleg, the general political situation and the ramifications of the demonstrations witnessed currently by a number of Iraqi provinces.

    A statement by Mutleg's office received by AIN cited that "While meeting Hakim, Mutleg discussed the political developments," noting "Both sides agreed on the necessity to find radical and constructive solutions to address the current crisis."

    "The Deputy Premier urged the Iraqi National Alliance to adopt clear stance towards the demonstrators' demands and not to ignore them," the statement concluded.

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