Most Recent Laws Passed in Iraq January 2013
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Thread: Most Recent Laws Passed in Iraq January 2013

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    Traffic Act No. 86 of 2004 amended


    Law / Document Number (ID):

    Type of Law:

    Date Issued:
    20 May 2004

    Date Published:
    20 May 2004

    In force

    This law will withdraw and cancel previous traffic laws, namely: - Traffic Law No. 48 of 1971, as amended from whatever source, including decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council and the Ministry of Interior and the General Directorate of Traffic circles.

    Based upon the powers vested in me as Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority and based on the laws and their uses during the war, according to UN resolutions, including 1483 and Resolution 1511 of 2003, workers together with the General Traffic Directorate in Baghdad to ensure that traffic law talk puts ahead traffic problems in Iraq, particularly in Baghdad.

    It should be noted the increase of traffic since the end of the war, especially in Baghdad, with the absence of the application of traffic law since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime.It should be noted the commitment of the Coalition Provisional Authority to the survival of law and order, and ensure the implementation of laws by the effective administration in Iraq.Determined to provide men passage equipped with equipment necessary to deal with traffic problems, vehicle registration with granting licenses market for these vehicles, and determined to end the corruption planted in traffic law applicable in the era of the former regime, and to protect the rights of car owners and operators, based here announced the following: -


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    Added paragraph 9 under Law No. (100) for the year 2012
    9 - The importer shall vehicle that entered the Republic of Iraq after 9/4/2003 or holder named in the installer calculator or dossier vehicle registration with competent traffic circle or on their behalf legally Bostagil vehicle in his name after the completion of the procedures and in accordance with the law and is an owner as of the date of registration.

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    Still reading.. but all of these look pretty local.. trying to find International Tariff Laws...

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    Ever notice how similar the word TRAFFIC looks like TARIFF????

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