1-9-13 Tlar: Nothing said yesterday in Iraq can be counted on happening today. Plans change before the concrete dries. Shabibi's plan - Shabibi's gone. Shabibi also said do it first of the year. Did not happen. Earlier Shabibi said $1.00. Did not happen. We will just have to wait to see. Nassar said .25 per buck. Studies said $1.13 and recently they said they were going to 1000 to 1. Did not happen.

We still have no facts and why should we? If you were in charge and going to raise the value of your currency would you ever reveal when or by how much? Oh, it's coming alright, but the two questions that we have all asked from the very first time we invested, how much and when, are yet to be answered. That's why I don't get too excited either way.

It is only a fool who thinks he has solved this puzzle. RV, float or whatever. We have corrupt individuals running the show so there is absolutely no way to make any sense out of what's going on at this point. Look at this as a good book you are unable/unwilling to put down.

We all understand the plot and probably the outcome but the story is yet to unfold as to how or when we will get there. Relax if you can. Be amused by the story. Watch the players for they are all just bit players in a B movie. Enjoy the entertainment. You've already bought the ticket. It will come when it comes and when it does it will usher in a reward for your having been a part of it.