The purpose of this post is to give a layman’s view of this currency revaluation. I have no hidden agenda, financial motive or the like. I am an Illinois attorney, and basically a hard working stiff who fights for people in foreclosure. I was introduced to the IQD by a friend. I deal with lenders and their attorneys every day, and needless to say I have learned more than I want to know about the Fed, the banks, fractional reserve system, fiat money, debt creation and the Powers That Be; The PTB and our governments are corrupt and intertwined. I consider myself an expert at research, and have a background in computers, finance, math and statistics. I just want to have a revaluation like the rest of you, and I want to believe all the different Guru reports.

I am not completely stupid however, and logic and research makes me want to delve as deep as I can. I have enough dinar, but I could have bought a lot more over the past two years. Something holds me back from taking that big plunge. I have been booted from the Okie Oil man site for being too logical I guess and for simply questioning the mods and Bulldog, ScottyG and Bear and Okie, and I joined PTR after lurking for a year.

I respect the guys who give their real last names, like Dan Atkinson, Tony Renfro, Gary Osborn and Randy Koonce. I do not completely discount that they all have some financial motive, but they sound very sincere and honest. Heck, Adam Montana and Tony Breitling even say some pretty good things, but have a profit motive.

I am equally amused and impressed by SWFG, Wang Dang, Footforward, Kaparoni, BGG and Phoenix, and I laugh at Hammerman, Blaino, TerryK, Jonnywg, and the rest of the pumper crew.

I don’t understand guys like Bluwolf or Freeway, as they use God in their posts so much that I cannot believe that they are actually full of it. But there is no real substance to what they say.

There are more bright people here at PTR than anywhere. Nuff Said.


Okay, here is the main point of my post. I have done a lot of currency research.

I believe the following: IRAQ will redenominate first, removing the three zeros from all in- country three zero notes. Thus initially, 25K, 10K, 5K and 1K note will be equal to 25, 10, 5 and 1 notes, respectively. Yes, that means after redenomination (and prior to a revaluation), a 25K note will be equal to about $22 bucks. Thus that also means a $0.86 to 1 dinar RV! The lower denoms, 50, 250 and 500 may or may not remain at face value. In country, Iraqis will have 2 years to turn in the three zero (25K, 10K 5K, 1K) notes. Warka accounts held by Iraqis will be lopped/divided by 1,000.

The Good News is that the perceived reduction in the M2/float will lead to the following: I believe after 6 months or so, the currency will revalue at least $3.00 USD per dinar or it will RI at $3.40 and float up. And I believe it can support a double digit RV after redenomination, though that could take a few more years. Thus, for in country, at revaluation time, essentially all three zero notes will have been turned in by Iraqis, and new notes of lower denominations will have been distributed. Thus it will appear that the 32 trillion printed dinar will now be down to no more than 35 billion dinar notes. That will consist of all lower denoms, adding the new lower denoms.

By the way, this the expected result of a redenomination: removing three zeros and issuing lower denoms, ultimately adds value because of the ease of use and the perception, and most of the in country three zero notes are sucked in. I believe the news reports will claim the same. “Success Greatly Iraq’s Central Bank dinar currency redenomination, and tantamount result control of inflation. The valuation new of the dinar Iraqi will be $0.86 USD to 1 dinar, Friday beginning.” (translated and of course on a Friday!)

My belief: out-of-country it will be handled differently. Consider that the actual M2 of Iraq (currency plus deposits, electronic and out-of-country accounts, et al.) presently is 74 Trillion dinar, and it is said Shabbibi sucked in at least 20 trillion dinar in country by U.S. dollarizing and purchasing. So there is probably 60 trillion of paper dinar/electronic dinar held out-of-country. Most of that is with countries who forgave Iraq’s debt (U.S., China, Japan, Russia, Canada, England, Paris Treaty countries, etc.) and they will get either a Petro Dollar credit or a different rate and electronic credit. It matters not how it is done for them, as the central banks of each country will handle this electronically somehow and then report whatever they need to report. Please do not forget that over 150 central banks including the Fed and the CBI are majority controlled by the PTB. There is so much messing around with Petro Dollars, debt and accounting and electronic credits/debits, we just don’t need to know. The FED does not even report M3 anymore, so we have no idea how much the true U.S. dollar float has become. It’s probably over 100 Trillion USD.

I believe us little people are about 3 million dinarians strong averaging 2 million dinar. That is 6 trillion dinar to be cashed in. Here is how I see it for us:

We will have to cash in at select Federal Reserve Banks only (Wells Fargo, B of A, Citibank, etc.). We will have to sign a non-disclosure as to the rate we get. Here is the timing I see for our out-of-country cash in. After the in country redenomination, we out-of-country will have our own cash in rules. I believe they will honor our 25K as 25K dinar and each 1 million dinar then gets us $863 thosand USD (86,300,000% profit).

The bad news is, based on past revaluations, there is a small chance that they make our 25K a 25 dinar note, and our 1 million dinar gets us $863 USD. (no profit). Not likely as there would be so many lawsuits if it ever came to light that tier 1 dudes like congressmen, senators and the countries were not LOPPED and got a high rate.

I believe out-of-country can have a different cash in and rate because the currency is not internationally tradable yet. It is a speculative investment for us out-of- country as we cannot buy goods with it and therefore, we can have a different cash-in scenario than for Iraqis who use the currency as a currency. Again, they need to make it look like a real currency redenomination and revalue, but we all know that this is a crazy RV, a completely different animal.

My research finds that Iraq can support after redenomination at least 24 trillion USD (6 Trillion dinar times $4 bucks) revalue because we will be given electronic credits in Federal Reserve Banks, and however the accounting works between central banks, Iraq will simply owe more to their CBI, and the currency will be destroyed or held as a reserve by the U.S. Look it up, all countries are heavily indebted to their central bank. Therefore, I believe the IQD will RI to $3.40 within six months of the redenomination, and we will make more millions if we hold on and don’t cash it all in.

The end result, Iraq looks like it redenominated and took a 74 trillion dinar M2 to a 74 billion dinar M2 and then revalued to reflect the new rising economy, infrastructure, and everything of Iraq. Everyone profits, as in country, Iraqis will have HCL and a stronger dinar ready to RI. Iraq can use its 62 Billion reserves to cover the in country RI when it happens. Electronic credits/debits, smoke and mirrors and who knows what between Central Banks is used to cover the out-of-country $0.86 to 1 redenomination. We are finally in the money and rich. But like I said, cash in some and wait for the rise soon thereafter.

Don’t forget to help others who bought the “scam” chatter or who never even knew about it.


There usually a little truth to be found in many articles and posts, especially when they keep repeating. The discussion of different rates for in country and out-of-country RV or RI has often been discussed. Tiers is often discussed (thus the countries getting a rate, we get a rate and Iraqis get a rate). Also, a LOP is always mentioned, but just glossed over and discounted. But it is a real issue especially in light of how other currencies have redenominated to lower the M2/float; a very real example is how the Central Bank of Venezuela handled this matter. (see articles link) There is always a huge discussion of how this Iraq revaluation is different than others, and I firmly believe that. It never really sits well with the logical thinkers, and that it is simply too good to be true. The very reason I have not loaded up over the last years. It seems no real currency traders or financial experts are following this closely, and it appears like a pipe dream given that no big news media seems to have jumped on it, and no congressman has leaked it and no Iraqi seems to have any real idea what is going on. It’s just us in our own little world talking about it.

But articles are talking about the “dropping of three zeros” and “redenomination” and statistics show that a revaluation has to happen in some amount, given Iraq’s underlying wealth, its booming growth expected in the next 4 years (oil, gas, gold, agriculture, etc), and then the relative poorness of its citizenry. At the very least, it supports a 100 dinar to 1 dollar revaluation right now with a 74 trillion M2 (a penny rate, yields $10,000 per million dinar which is still a nice 1,000% return). Lower the M2 to 74 billion, and it supports a $3 USD RV no problem


Venezuela redenominated and devalued under Hugo Chavez. This may sound familiar. Today, Venezuela is the fifth largest oil exporting country in the world and has the largest reserves of heavy crude oil (As of 2012, Iraq would disagree!!). They pump out 3 Mil BPD. Venezuela has significant potential for capacity expansion; 65% of its oil goes to the US. and China is the next target. According to the World Bank data charts, and articles, three zeros were removed from Venezuela’s Bolivar currency on January 1, 2008, and the exchange rate went from 2,150 to 2.15 per USD. At that time they introduced 200 million Strong Bolivar into the market, and allowed for 6 months to turn in the old Boliver currency. Since that time, it has devalued to 4.3 per USD. Their M2 went from 195 Trillion to 496 Billion. They have $30,000,0000,000 in reserves and 362.5 tonnes of gold ($19 Bil USD) .

Population 32 million 28 million 29 million
GNP/Capita $3,864 $9,290 $11,200
GDP/Capita $5,157 $11,298 $10,775
M2/Capita $1,921 $6,986 $16,971
Reserves $62.4Bil $43Bil $49Bil
M2 74 Tril IQD 195Tril Bol 496Bil SBol Central Bank of Venezuela English guide to the Jan 2008 Redenomination (dropping three zeros) A LOP!


Statistically as of the present, you will see the following approximate values:

Population 32 million 88 million 311 million 2.8 million 128 million
GNP/Capital $3,864 $3,412 $48,112 $54,283 $34,314
GDP/Capita $5,157 $1,407 $48,620 $62,664 $45,903
M2/Capita $1,921 $1,540 $41,682 $34,656 $110,162
Reserves $62.4Bil $1.5Bil $537Bil $30Bil $1.3Tril
M2 74 Tril IQD 2,774Tril DG 13Tril USD 27 Bil KWD 1,123Tril YEN

What is interesting here is that the per capita numbers for M2, GNP, and GDP is so low for Iraq compared to Kuwait, the country we keep trying to compare to. Kuwait has 1/10th the people, but is so, so wealthy. The good news is that Iraq has a huge upside in growth potential with its supply of oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds and platinum and will surpass Kuwait big time. Plus Iraq has to continue to rebuild its country with infrastructure, housing, etc. and that creates GDP and GNP. Iraq’s potential is so great and an RV of some sort is in order right now. There is no doubt in my mind that after the M2 is reduced in the billions a rate equal to Kuwait is then reasonable. Also, note how rich Japan is, yet they have worthless paper YEN and 1,123 trillion M2/float! We need the IQD to get on the international market!

Description IRAQ KUWAIT
Oil reserves 350 Bil 131 Bil
Brls/Day 3.4 Mil 2.8 Mil
Nat Gas 3.17 Tril 1.8 Tril

But it definitely requires a redenomination. If that does not happen and every dinar out there is revalued even at a buck, that’s $50 Trillion USD that has to be created electronically and added to Iraq’s debt if it’s a real world revaluation. That is absolutely impossible if done properly and in the open like other RVs. The currency experts will be reeling if Iraq was that wealthy on paper right now. My scenario above is so much more reasonable given the strange, crazy nature of this currency RV and Iraq. There will be no other revaluation like this with so much profit potential. And with a verified 74 Trillion float (M2) it has to be true that countries are holding heavy amounts of dinar in reserves. My scenario lets the Iraqis profit, countries profit and us little people too with a lot of hidden electronic money created. If you learn anything about money, it is created by debt, and Iraq will just take on debt on the books to fund the out-of-country RV. Its overwhelming, but untapped wealth can support it.


Let’s look at how our money system is handled. There are approximately 168 countries with central banks, and only 3 (Cuba, Libya and Syria) that are not majority controlled by the Rothschild Bankers. That includes our Fed and the CBI. As many of you may or may not know, the Rothschild Bankers are part of the PTB. The way central banks work is that they take control of the money supply and charge interest for “loans” of the currency. The country becomes indebted to the central bank. This control is created by a fiat and fractional reserve system of creating debt using electronic banking and creative accounting. No matter how rich a country appears, they have a huge amount of debt owed to the central bank. This is why we keep hearing about a global reset and Basil III and gold backed currencies, but I do not believe that the PTB are giving up their systems and control of the world. I don’t think the IQD revaluation can occur without some appearance of a global reset (thus the discussion of baskets of currencies) and I believe the PTB are almost ready.


http://data.worldbank.org/ For all kinds of data for countries of the world
http://www.indexmundi.com Country profile information
http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/...81I07320120219 Reuters: Iraq to Increase its GDP to $360 Billion by 2015
https://groups.google.com/forum/?fro...an/1wg3XHTQQP4 Info on Venezuelan currency redenomination Central Bank of Venezuela English guide to the Jan 2008 Redenomination (dropping three zeros) A LOP!


Okay, let the bashing begin. Read this carefully and with comprehension and I believe you will all be hoping it goes down like this and soon. It is not the typical LOP. After research, it seems like common sense. The articles are calling for the redenomination in January 2013! Then it either RV’s, or RIs and floats way up!

BTW, not holding my breath about the DONG. Its M2 is really crazy high and it just doesn’t have the Iraq richness or crazy RV flavor….I'm sorry but I think it is a pump…

God Bless us all…and GO RV!!!!!

God Bless
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