" The Dinar Daily " ..... Monday, 7 January 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily " ..... Monday, 7 January 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily " ..... Monday, 7 January 2013

    Kurdish MP: Political problems cannot be solved by dissolving the House of Representatives and the Cabinet.
    07/01/2013 08:50:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Kurdistan coalition forces, Baker Siddiq said that the existing political problems could not be solved by dissolving the House of Representatives and the council of Ministers.

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The political crisis needs a mechanism and a decision to be solved," noting that "the solution is accessible to the government and the House of Representatives; therefore the both parties are capable to resolve the crisis."

    He pointed out that: "The Kurdistan coalition forces refuse dissolving the parliament and holding early elections, because the situation that the country is going through do not allow to go to so dangerous option on the political process and the general situation in the country."

    The head of the Iraqiya coalition, Iyad Allawi and the head of the National Dialogue Front, Saleh al-Mutlaq had called to dissolve the government and parliament and hold early parliamentary elections.


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    White bloc: Continuity of political disputes not to change current situation
    Monday, 07 January 2013 08:51 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) The White bloc assured that the continuity of the current political disputes will not change the current situation.

    The spokesperson of the White bloc, Kadhim l-Shimari, stated in a press statement received by AIN "The continuity of the political disputes among the political sides will not change the current situation and creating the crisis will hinder the legislative role of the parliament."

    "The increase of the political tensions will disable the executive role of the government," he added, pointing out "The dialogue among the political sides will ensure an internal settlement to the crises and stops the foreign interferences."


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    KA MP: We have no disputes with Federal Army
    Monday, 07 January 2013 08:22 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Shwan Mohammed Taha, of the Kurdistani Alliance, stated "We do not have disputes with the Federal Army, but with the mentality of its command."

    Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), he calls the Federal Government" Not to involve the Iraqi Army with the political issues," noting that "The FA is still our army and we are proud of it."

    "The Iraqi defense system at the current time is politicized and we hope it to be not in the near future in order to be the protective for the sovereignty of Iraq."


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    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2287)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 7-Jan-2013. The results were as follows:



    Number of banks


    Auction price selling dinar / US$


    Auction price buying dinar / US$
    Amount sold at auction price (US$)


    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)
    Total offers for buying (US$)

    Total offers for selling (US$)

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    Schuller: Russian arms deal report did not reap the signatures of members of the Integrity Commission, not a few

    BAGHDAD / older / spokesman for the Special Commission of Inquiry Russian arms deal Adnan lipoidica "that most of the members of the Integrity Commission did not sign the final report arms deal." Schuller said in a news conference that "some members of the Integrity Commission, etc. in the Special Investigative Committee did not follow due process so special and have to report to the Presidency of the parliament without due process of law." Schuller added, "We are members of the investigative committee in the security and defense, and some members of the Integrity Committee for Russian arms deal object to this report, and we have to lift a letter to the Presidency in order to stop it and returned to us and follow legal avenues." He continued, "There are a series of steps that must be followed before bringing the report to the Presidency after the agreement on steps the broad results of the investigation and is preparing a draft report read in a closing session the committee in charge after the change, replacement or credit and are signed by all members of the committee individually.


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    Legal Expert: may fire the head of the House of Representatives to provide a reasoned request from a third of the members of Parliament
    Date: 07/01/2013 22:19:12 Monday

    Baghdad (news) .. said legal expert Tareq Harb, that law to replace members of the House of Representatives passed a fire the head of the House of Representatives to provide a reasoned request from a third of the members of Parliament.
    The war, said in a statement received by the Agency (news) on Monday: Commenting on the collection of 110 signed signatures from members of parliament to sack the speaker say: -
    1 - The second article / II of the Code of replacing members of the House No. 49 for the year 2007 approved fire the head of the Council of his absolute majority of members of parliament and request a reasoned one third of the members of parliament and that's where the signatories were 110 Deputy Van required number has been achieved to be considered more than the number one third of the members of parliament.

    2 - The sacking of the speaker from office consequent loss as president and remains Mahtfdha as a member of Parliament, because the previous law select cases of impeachment of membership limited to a resignation, death and the issuance of a felony and disease and absence of more than a third of Council meetings.

    3 - a successor is elected speaker of parliament article absolute majority of deputies present after quorum is achieved if we assume that the number of deputies present 200 members, the president is elected with the consent of 101 members only pursuant to the provisions of Article 12 / III of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives.

    4 - The decision of the Federal Supreme Court 9 / federal / 2009 on 5/9/2009 Parliament decided to continue the performance of his duties and held its meeting under the chairmanship of one of the Vice President, if during the post of parliament speaker.

    5 - that the subject requires that vote in the House of Representatives if approved 163 member as the absolute majority of the members approval of the House of Representatives have been acquired and lose House Speaker office as exercising his duties as a member.

    6 - had previously elected House of Representatives at its previous session Iyad al-Samarrai, head of parliament instead of his former boss, Dr. Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, 2009


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    "Obelisk" published arrest warrants and the request to lift the immunity of MPs Khaled al-Alwani and appearance Janabi accused of fraud

    BAGHDAD / obelisk: I got "obelisk" copies of the arrest warrants and the request to lift the immunity of MPs in the Iraqi List, Khalid al-Alwani and appearance Janabi accused of fraud in accordance with Article 289 of the Iraqi Penal Code.

    The first document requests, from the Integrity Commission and signed by Judge Alaa Jawad to the Office of President of the House of Representatives, to lift the immunity of MPs Khaled Abdullah Muhsin and appearance Khader Janabi, at the request of the competent court investigation in view of integrity issues.

    For the request to lift the immunity Click here

    The second document is issued by the court competent investigation Given integrity issues brought to the presidency of the resumption of Baghdad and carried signing Chief Justice please Abdul-Zahra, which asks approached the Supreme Judicial Council to approach the House of Representatives for the purpose of lifting the immunity against the accused Khalid Abdullah Muheisen and appearance Khader Nasser, pursuant to the Court's decision in 11.18.2012 and the issuance of arrest warrants against them in accordance with Article 289 sanctions.

    For a memorandum competent court investigation in view of integrity issues

    The third document is an arrest warrant against MP Khalid Abdul Muheisen Alwani and issued in 8/11/2012.

    For an arrest warrant against MP Khalid al-Alwani Click here

    The fourth document is an arrest warrant for appearance Khadr MP Nasser al-Janabi and issued in 8/11/2012.

    For an arrest warrant against MP appearance Janabi

    The Inspector General at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Nasser al-Jubouri said in a press statement earlier that deputies from the Iraqi List Khalid al-Alwani and appearance Khadr rented two people to undergo exams instead of them under false identities in peace University Community College.

    MP Khalid Abdullah Muheisen Mohammed al-Alwani, a member of parliament for the coalition of the center, a decision of the Integrity Committee in the parliamentary and descended from Falluja in Anbar province, who was born 03.12.1964.

    Read more:

    And appearance MP Khader Nasser Hussain al-Janabi, a member of parliament, an independent and a member of the security and defense committee and parliamentary according to lists published on the site of the House of Representatives that he was born in 1959 Baghdad, but he said on his personal page on Facebook that percentage is higher than 1962.

    Read more:

    And Sheikh Mohammed College Alexanzan University was founded in 2003 and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2005 and later renamed to civil peace University College.

    Read more:

    Article 289 sanctions

    Article 289 is located in the third chapter of the Penal Code and that concerning the falsification of the editors (bonds, documents ...) and Chapter III, which is titled (forgery), on:

    Section I: Definition of fraud and methods

    Article 286

    Fraud is to change the truth with intent to defraud in support, document or any other editor in one road and moral manner prescribed by law, a change would cause damage to the public interest or of the person.

    Article 287

    1 - The financial fraud in one of the following methods:

    - Develop signature or thumbprint or forged seal, change the signature or thumbprint or seal properly.

    - Get a way of surprise or fraud on signature, fingerprint or seal for someone who does not know the content editor for what it is.

    C - fill paper Mamadah or embossed or stamped on the egg without the owner's decision to Signature or fingerprint or seal. As well as the misuse of Signature or fingerprint or seal.

    D - any change in addition, deletion or amendment or otherwise in writing editor, numbers or images, signs or anything else installed on it.

    E - Editor synthesis of or emulate.

    2 - It is a moral fraud in one of the following methods:

    - Change the initial approval of the matter which was the purpose of editing editor included in it.

    B - make false reality in the form of reality with health science rigged.

    C - make and reality is not recognized in the form of a reality recognized.

    D - impersonate others or replaced or or doing as unhealthy and generally distorting the truth in the editor or omission of a statement in which case edit promising to be proved.

    Section II: falsification of official documents

    Article 288

    Editor official who proves the employee or assigned to public service was on his hands with the matter in accordance with the conditions of the legal and within his or intervention to edit any image or intervention by giving official status.

    The otherwise ordinary editors are editors.

    Article 289

    In cases where the law provides for a special provision is punishable by imprisonment for not more than fifteen years old who commits fraud in an official editor


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    Iraqi similar statements to Congress in Maliki's coalition to "Izzat al-Duri's speech"

    Monday, December 07, 2 / January 2013 14:15

    Twilight News / description coalition, the Iraqi List, Monday, told members and deputies of the coalition of state law as "not as bad of a speech," former Vice President Izzat al-Duri, noting that the primary beneficiary of the periodic appearance of trying to thwart the demonstrations in some provinces of the country.

    The spokeswoman said the coalition the Iraqi List, Maysoon al in a statement received "Twilight News" a copy of her coalition "denounces and surprised by the statement hybrid launched by some members of the state law, which is no less worse than a statement the previous Izzat al-Duri."

    The Damluji "better for them to demand that the Prime Minister explain to the citizens how the league managed to reach the province of Babylon heavily in the security services of the Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces."

    The Damluji that "the leadership of the coalition in Iraq where personalities struggled against dictatorship abhorrent for decades, and sacrificed Balgali and precious to rid Iraq of Republic of Fear, on the contrary some who were Ervlon consent rulers yesterday, claiming the opposite today."

    She Damluji that "the Iraqi people know who is the beneficiary of the emergence of Izzat al-Duri in the media, and certainly the beneficiary is not the protesters or the coalition in Iraq, but those who seek to suppress these demonstrations and muzzle citizens," wondering about the "possibility of the existence of parties complicit with periodic order thwart demonstrations and the legitimate demands of the people. "

    Damluji stressed the "coalition of Iraq's keenness on continuing demonstrations peaceful, independent, and his refusal to climb any party on the shoulders of demonstrators and claim leadership."

    And Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, appeared in a video last Friday said that in the province of Babylon, and accused the current Iraqi government led by Nuri al-Maliki, the implementation of what he described as "Persian Safavi project to divide Iraq into statelets 7 years ago."

    The league announced its support for the protests in the country, vowed to target civilian and military supporters of what he called "Project Safavid".

    Called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Sunday, the Iraqi army that supports the existing peaceful demonstrations in the country, and that suppresses what he called the "Baathist sounds rude" Kaazh league is supported.

    He described the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the first on Saturday, the former vice president's speech Izzat al-Duri "representative", while the government has killed or arrested in the league if "did not seek it."

    Iraq has been the latest of many crises sit-ins taking place in Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, which demands a radical change in the policy of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who faces numerous criticisms by the Kurds.


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    Economist: Deletion of zeros project should be expedited; Strengthens power of IQD and national economy
    Posted: January 7, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Central bank, Currency, economy, Implementation, Iraq, iraqi, Iraqi dinar, Quraishi

    Expert: the implementation of the project to delete zeros this year supports currency

    07/01/2013 12:00 am

    called economic expert peace Quraishi, to the need to apply the project to delete three zeros from the currency because it is in the service of the citizen and the national currency by reducing the masses of cash with groups large in the local market.

    Quraishi said: The implementation of the project for restructuring the Iraqi currency after Delete the three zeroes which is necessary for it would serve the citizen and the national economy, considering that groups large will turn into a thousand small unit, which will facilitate transactions in the market and accounts for government departments.

    said the government should support the national project because it will contribute to strengthening the power of the Iraqi dinar and the national economy, stressing the importance of expediting its implementation during the current year.

    central bank is preparing for the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the national
    currency after the completion of all procedures related to the project, but so far no date has been set for its application due to calls from some officials to postpone it.



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    Urgent .. Maliki waving to the possibility of winning a third term

    Monday, December 07, 2 / January 2013 22:30

    Twilight News / waved Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Monday, to the possibility of winning a third term, pointing out that it is very popular.

    Maliki said in a television interview monitored by "Twilight News" in response to a question about his popularity "I got more than 600 thousand votes in Baghdad alone", criticizing his political opponents who "moods above the law" and he said that some of them do not have 100 thousand votes.

    He said this means that popular saying, "This indicates that the representation of the people."

    Maliki launched an attack on who asked not to be nominated for the upcoming elections, saying "someone Philosophizing and say that the government should not run for the next session," adding that this matter is ridiculous.


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