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    *****the dinar daily****12/31/2012

    Statistical provinces Exchange for the year 2012 .. Anbar disposal rate of 100 percent of its budget and Basra acted only 1 percent!!!
    Haider Ali Jawad - 31/12/2012 - 2:12 pm

    Showed statistically on all of Iraq's provinces except Dohuk, which declined to make any statement, violate the rules of Information and transparency in the delivery of information, despite repeated attempts, showed that the budget Basra was the largest among the provinces, the amount of one trillion and 600 billion dinars, but it recorded financial completion ratio is the lowest among all the provinces, where up to one percent, while تذيلت Samawa bottom in size budgets of $ 176 billion dinars, and that only two provinces were able to exchange 100 percent of its budget and two-Anbar, Wasit.
    Firstfruits reports started from the province of Maysan, which revealed exchange more than 91 billion dinars of the total current year's budget allocated from the development of regions, amounting to 272 billion dinars, a sign that the percentage of completion of the actual project amounted to 25 percent, and the number of projects referred to maintain this year amounted to 400 projects, including large projects such as the creation of a suspension bridge is the second after the suspension bridge in Baghdad.
    The Salah ad Din province, has completed 96 percent of this year's budget of 360 billion and 702 million dinars, while confirmed death it has spent 68 percent of current year's budget of $ 320 billion dinars on the projects last year, but they acknowledged not to refer any project for the year ongoing, calling on the federal government to return 50 percent of the retained funds amounting to 466 billion dinars, also acknowledged that the project completion rates are low, attributed the reason to the security conditions and political intersections.
    The province of Baghdad, stating that it had successfully cashing in 88 percent of its budget for the year 2012, and $ 1.4 trillion dinars, of which 800 billion to the province of Baghdad and 600 billion for the secretariat of Baghdad, and declined to give any number determines the budget year 2013.
    In the same context, acknowledged the province of Karbala, low ratio of spending to 35 percent, which is equivalent to 100 billion dinars, of the budget amounting to more than 338 billion, of which 38 billion of revenue religious tourism in the province.
    Emphasizing Anbar province, to spend up to 100 percent of the current year's budget, amounting to 320 billion dinars, including 144 billion in revenues from its border outlets, expected to reach its budget nearly 340 billion dinars next year.
    And where Babil province revealed spending accounted for 70 percent of the current year's budget, amounting to 334 billion dinars, expected to reach the next budget almost 390 billion dinars.
    As reported Diwaniya province, that the rate of exchange in the budget for the year 2012 amounted to about 40 percent, and the completion of projects reached about 50 percent, indicated that the current year's budget amounted to 206 billion dinars, unexpected reached about 257 billion dinars for the next year.
    On a related matter, noted the Department of Planning in the province of Sulaymaniyah, that budget year 2012 amounted to 292 billion dinars, equivalent to 43 percent of the budget of the Kurdistan region, stressing that the completion rate reached 80 percent, while forecast to reach balance by 2013 about 367 billion dinars.
    And to the west of Sulaymaniyah, where the province of Kirkuk, which announced spending 90 percent of its budget for the year 2012, amounting to 765 billion dinars, which is composed of 247 billion a counterbalance to regional development, in addition to revenues petrodollars concerning the maintenance, amounting to 517 billion dinars, pointing out that it does not can be expected in the amount of the budget year 2013, but is sure to be the largest amount of the current year.
    The Nineveh, which is one of the provinces oil, has stated that they are deprived of the proceeds of "petrodollars", the fact that the oil-producing areas where "disputed" between Arabs and Kurds.
    The level of achievement, has refrained from giving percentage completion explicit projects budget for 2012, amounting to 740 billion dinars, due to the presence of stalled great achievement pay management to the proposal of the provincial council, sufficiency implementing 200 projects instead of 825, but it is expected that the budget amounts to maintain for next year is 800 billion dinars.
    While Diyala talked about spending 68 percent of the current year's budget, amounting to 320 billion dinars on projects last year, recognizing that it has not solved any project for this year, called on the federal government to return 50 percent of the retained funds amounting to 466 billion dinars.
    The province also recognized that project completion rates low attributed the reason to the security conditions and political intersections, as well as regional conflicts and electoral officials of the province, and that caused the delay in the ratification of the current year's budget for more than 4 months.
    And to the center of Iraq again, as shown Wasit province that it has achieved the percentage of completion of up to 95 percent, and alerted to it with the end of the current fiscal year, would amount to a 100 percent rate of completion, expected to reach budget for the year 2013 more than 278 billion dinars.
    At the same topic, spent Erbil governorate 250 billion dinars of the total budget of $ 331 billion, including a special budget worth 41 billion dinars, provided by the Parliament of Kurdistan border areas, which suffered a genocide, and showed the province that its share of the budget of the Kurdistan region of 34 percent , confirmed implemented more than 737 projects in key sectors, referring to the implementation of the 80 percent of these projects.
    As indicated Najaf to that she spent 70 percent of its budget of $ 294 billion dinars, showed that there are projects in the process of completion was delayed because of administrative obstacles.
    While acknowledging that they have not benefited from the allocation of about 1.3 trillion dinars, is the sum of Balancing regional development projects and ministries, in addition to project Najaf Capital of Culture, in the implementation of projects strategy, pointed out that the projects Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture stuttering, believing that corruption exists a significant part.
    For its part, the Muthanna noted that it spent 91 percent of its budget for the year 2012, and expected to rise next year from 176 billion to 200 billion dinars in the next year.
    In turn, revealed the province of Dhi Qar achieve a spending rate of 73 percent, of its budget for 2012 estimated at 427 billion dinars, pointing out that it has completed 60 percent of the total projects in 2012, and of which there are 256 projects.
    To the south, acknowledged the Basra Governorate Council of failing to achieve a percentage of spending from the budget of the year 2012 amounting to one trillion and 600 billion dinars, where did not reach completion rate financial Basra to one percent, a reference reasons for this stumble to poor file management projects by the Governor of Basra


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    Official confirmed that the source of transactions is disappearing dinars from the general budget and accused the «new capital whales violations
    Haider Ali Jawad - 31/12/2012 - 2:09 pm | Readers: 24

    A member of a coalition of state law, grave breaches ERA selling currency at the central bank, by dealing the names of "dead", blaming the staff of the conversion, and commercial attachés were given improper documentation, and private banks, is responsible for those violations.
    And defended not the responsibility of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the detainee because of those transfers, confirmed that 80 percent of hard currency out of the country is the real import, and what's left of it goes to money laundering.
    While, student financial officer senior to open file blocks massive Iraqi currency, falling central bank auction instead of detention appearance of Mohammed Saleh, confirmed that the sources of these dinars are funds that disappear from the state budget each year, accusing "whales new capitalism" powerful exercise of those activities that are prohibited.
    And Amin said Hadi, a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, said that "some personal remittances of foreign currency, are the names of the dead in the cemetery of Karkh, offering gripping and pictures of people dead, in addition to repeating the names of people several times per day," asserting that " 80 percent of the currency out of the country is the real import, while the remainder goes to money laundering. "
    And Hadi continued that "the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who has been in prison now, not auditors to Mstmaxat provided for currency auction at the Central Bank, and I do not expect downloading a big responsibility for this reason, in addition to the fact that more conservative powers but that did not prevent his powers."
    He added that "bears the responsibility for violations witnessed by the central bank auction for the sale of hard currency, are the staff of the conversion, because they have defaulted in the audit, along Attaches commercial, which was awarded the documentation is sound, and that the private banks as well as responsible, because they were manipulated by money transfer."
    He a member of the Knesset Finance Committee, that "leaves customers currency appears to import large quantities of iron, which, if brush it will exceed the land area of ​​Iraq, or importing toys valued at $ 80 million."
    He pointed leadership in the state law, "asked the central bank governor and his deputy, to open the currency auction for all banks, by 3 months of the eruption of the case, and I told them the timeout سنعطيكم to do about it, but they did not do it."
    He Hadi said that "there are 5 banks in particular Acquires currency auction in particular, and these banks do not sell to people, but reserves the currency, and progress papers is sound, where they sell a figurehead, and the dollar up to the citizen after going through several channels, and add to the value of a lot , and this for banks that earn about 30 to 40 million dollars a day. "
    In turn, student financial officer senior, who preferred anonymity because of the sensitivity issue, the parliamentary committee which monitors the issue of the central bank, to "reveal sources enormous mass of the Iraqi dinar, before entering central bank auction," adding that "those who are buying the dollar currency auction are whales new Iraqi capital, mostly strongman in power. "
    The official confirmed that "the source of the dinar inside the central bank, is the money disappear from the state budget each year, and that the investigation should be in the loss and waste of these funds, rather than to crush those who were victims Sariqaha".
    He stated that "of dubious continued detention of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh deputy central bank governor, without guilt deliberate, nor charge and clear, after the release of all the detainees issue, and if the benefit is the central bank," pointing out that the latter "not subject to investigation only once, what means that there are those who want him to die in prison, because they know his health, which is in the 64-year-old. "
    For his part, warned Abdul Aziz Hassoun, President of the Association of private banks, "a severe negative impact on the work of private sector banks, in the event of increased pressure and inaccurate accusations in cases of serious issue currency auction."
    He Goldfinch, that "statements about currency auction the central bank left a significant impact on the banking system, and if not stopped, it will appear repercussions additional, as we now fear that offers customers to withdraw their deposits from private banks, where up private sector deposits where to 9 trillion dinars ".
    Goldfinch played down "the importance of what approved by the Commission of Inquiry in the case of the central bank, banks and acquisition of specific companies on the central bank auction of the coin."
    "The auction market enters a bank, and when there is a large bank, and has clients trust him, can not the central bank to say it does not work too much, or do not respond to those they send from customers asking him to mediate to buy the currency after bringing them to documents fundamentalism."
    This was confirmed, Farouk Ramadan, a consultant at the Bank of the Middle East, which stands in the first place, according to those documents, while only, that "it is natural to be top of the currency auction, banks are old and deep-rooted and with huge capital, and have the largest proportion of Auction ", refusing to make any statement or clarification, the sensitivity of the issue.
    The independent press has been published yesterday, and documents she related the minutes meeting of the Parliamentary Committee problem to follow central bank policy and the dollar exchange rate and auction, to discuss the report Diwan and information contained therein, and reached a clear imbalance in the Central Bank on auction of foreign currency, as well as to dominate and acquire a limited number of private banks from those instructions, in addition to the inventory of the dealings of the banks above a range of businesses and individuals selected and not others.


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    Deputy for the rule of law: a step to withdraw confidence from the Maliki will fail again in the event of recurrence
    Date: 12/31/2012 15:13:04 Monday

    Baghdad (news) .. Likely member of a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Ali Jabr Hassoun, failed idea to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki if asked again, the lack of a parliamentary majority to achieve them.
    said Hassoun (of the Agency news): sought some political blocs Alemtemthelo list of Iraq, Kurdistan Alliance, and the Sadrist movement to withdraw confidence from the Maliki did not materialize endeavors, if
    broached the idea again will be doomed to failure as well, for lack of a parliamentary majority to vote on the move. explained: that the components of the Kurdistan Alliance, but not all with this idea, and the majority of the components of the list Iraqi no-confidence vote and even the Sadrist movement, and therefore put no confidence does not lead to any result. / end / 7. d. Q /


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    Najafi of Mosul: parliamentary blocs impede the general amnesty law .. The demonstrations will continue until the implementation of all the demands of the demonstrators
    Date: 12/31/2012 14:31:13 Monday

    Mosul (news) .. Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, there parliamentary blocs hinder approving amnesty despite accomplished.
    added Najafi press conference held today in the province of Nineveh with deputies from the Iraqi List attended reporter Agency (news): The political bloc large still bent on obstructing law general amnesty, without naming the block. this and refuse to State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki approving amnesty law despite approval Sadrists and the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan Coalition on the text of the law. stressed Nujaifi: the demonstrations and sit-ins will continue, until the implementation of all the demands of the demonstrators by the federal government, adding that the demonstrations in Mosul will also continue until the federal troops out of the province and replace them with local forces. / end / 10. n. p /


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    IIP urges to earnestly execute partnership principle instead of just calling for it

    IIP urges to earnestly execute partnership principle instead of just calling for it
    Monday, 31 December 2012 10:15 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -The Secretary General of the Iraqi Islamic Party, Ayad al-Samarrai, stressed that whoever wants to adopt the alternative of forming political majority government has to execute it.
    Samarrai stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "All sides have gathered within the framework of the national partnership which does not mean only distributing ministries but the management of all the general policies in the country must be shared among all sides where no one has the right to monopolize the decision-making whether a minister or a prime minister."
    "The political crises started to appear just after the government deviated from the partnership principle therefore it must be re-adopted," he added.
    Earlier, the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, has reiterated his call, on last Saturday, to form political majority government due to continuity of the political crisis in the country. /End/


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    Law: It is too early to talk about Maliki's nomination for a third term

    on 12.31.2012 | Author AN | readings 2 |
    Electronic integritySaid the coalition of state law to nominate Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third term is not currently being discussed, against the backdrop of the sayings attributed to the al-Maliki that the arena is enthusiastic for the government to assume the presidency for the third time. Said member state law, Abbas al-Bayati, in a press statement that "the issue of granting a third term of the owners had not been addressed to him, either closely or from afar," stated Al-Bayati, "We are now the provincial elections and we have common lists with our allies from other blocs represented in the current Liberal and Council Supreme Islamic in a number of provinces, including Mosul, Salahuddin and Diyala. " Bayati pointed out that "it is premature to talk about renewing the mandate of a third of the owners and the blocks that will reap the majority of the votes, according to election law is win the job


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    Kurdistan Alliance showing satisfaction with the ongoing dialogues between the region and the center

    | on 12/31/2012 | Author AN | readings 49 |
    BAGHDAD / Farah Asim al-TaiKurdistan Alliance, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing dialogues between the KRG and the federal government on the outstanding issues between them, especially around the Peshmerga forces and the Tigris and processes in line with the invitation of the President of the region Massoud Barzani to soothe and initiative of President Jalal Talabani.The Alliance Kurdistan Mahma Khalil told the "integrity of electronic" What is required now is calm, dialogue and give way for interlocutors to the success of the negotiation in accordance with the Constitution which defined to deal with disputed territories.Khalil pointed out that Kurdish military delegation visited Baghdad and met with a number of officials there and federal military delegation will visit Erbil and wish success and Muwafaqiya root and find solutions to outstanding problems, not solutions prosthesis between the two parties.And Khalil We hope that this is not fabricating crises continues from the federal government and do not think our government in future crises, and that ye be the latest crisis between the province and the government is the last crisis.Khalil said that there joint working committees in the previous agreement and we insist that the Constitution is Faisal to resolve the outstanding problems and the application of Article 140 of respect for the will of the Iraqi people and let the will of these disputed areas for the residents of these areas to self-determination.Khalil noted Peshmerga forces Ontuajd in these areas is to promote stability and Peshmerga slide only free the Iraqi defense system that does not suffer from any breaches which Her dear sacrifices and the blood poured out on home soil.

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    Monday, December 31, 2012 15: 49 Saad al-Janabi: sovereignty day victory for all Iraqis

    Baghdad/Al baghdadia news ...Republican caucus Chairman Saad ASEM al-Janabi the day sovereignty represents a victory for all Iraqis who have made sacrifices in order to access it.

    Al-Janabi said in a statement quoted by a media library and received/baghdadia news "this day represents an achievement for all the sons of Iraq and national forces that have contributed to strengthening national will on Iraq."
    Janabi called "the Iraqi people with all his strength and تنوعاته factions to maintain the sovereignty of Iraq and not to be drawn behind what is being plotted outside the borders of plans piecemeal sectarian".
    He stressed "the need to stand as one large plots that want to tear Iraq, pointing to the existence of regional powers" unnamed "play a chord sectarianism to achieve its goal of dividing Iraq."
    And demanded that "the government and the parliament attention to the implementation of the demands of the people and work to build a new phase of cohesion and national cohesion and turn the page on the past everyone to contribute in building Iraq, according to the foundations and national trends. / End / 21


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    Deputy for Iraq calls for an emergency session of Parliament to approve the amnesty a

    Deputy for Iraq calls for an emergency session of Parliament to approve the amnesty and release of prisoners during/48/hour

    Baghdad/Al baghdadia news ... The Deputy Minister called on the Iraqi list etab League, Monday, deputies convened an emergency session to approve the amnesty law, the release of prisoners and innocent detainees during/48/hour to avoid a no was regrettable consequences.

    The league said "there is an absolute necessity stemming from the issue of the release of innocent detainees, and the resolution of their cases as soon as possible," adding that "the protesters refuse to release the criminals involved issues of terrorism and they always stressed the necessity that justice takes its course against them."
    And promised "the release of innocent detainees, both of them women or men, as to prove good intentions Government to the protesters of the sons of the people, which represents a first step toward reducing the escalating seriousness of the current crisis," emphasizing "the indispensability put a time limit not exceeding 48 hours to release the innocent without restriction or condition. "
    Also called periodic "Presidency of the Council of Representatives to hold an emergency meeting attended by members of all the political blocs, the order approving the general amnesty law, which represents the essential pillar in things back on track, especially since there are families received Alehit of fabrications confidential informant stray." Finished / 21

    Last modified on Monday, December 31, 2012 13:24


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    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2285)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 31-Dec-2012. The results were as follows:



    Number of banks


    Auction price selling dinar / US$


    Auction price buying dinar / US$
    Amount sold at auction price (US$)


    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)
    Total offers for buying (US$)


    Total offers for selling (US$)
    Exchange rates

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