Dec 27.... Now what?
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Thread: Dec 27.... Now what?

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    Dec 27.... Now what?

    BGG & Poppy,

    I am a consistent listener to your conference calls andI appreciate
    both of your insights to this extremely wacky investment!

    In the past 3 or 4 days all I have read is the 27th was the day ! Well
    it appears that again, everyone who said it is again wrong. Now, I know this
    is an investment that may take some time to come to fruitation, but it is extremely
    frustrating to read all on the "always wrong" nonsense.

    Do you believe that Maliki needs to be replaced before we will see an RV ?
    Is this even worth watching any more, or should we put this away and forget about it
    for the time being ?

    Now everyone is saying the the Iraqi budget will be revealed by Jan 1, so we will
    be able to see what the rate will be....what would make people think that Iraq will
    go be the rules and play "nice" now?

    Yeah I know, I am venting. I simply feel that Almost all the gurus have a hidden
    agenda. It seems they are all pumpers. NEVER have they been right. Maybe you two
    can help us peons out here, understand WTH is going on.

    And about Maliki, you have said that he may need to be gone before there
    can be an RV. Wouldn't you thing that someone would feed him a "lead lunch"?
    It couldn't do any worse then what we see now. Thinking about it, I has occurred
    n my thinking that maybe it is smoke and Maliki isn't doing any of this.

    I'll be listening to your next call, help me understand it. I will NEVER give
    up my dinar and will siton it til it either RVs or I die but damn these folks are

    thanks for listening,

    Castle Rock, CO

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    Hey there CaptSpiffy!

    We all know how it feels. Up one day down the next. I can say two things with certainty: 1) no one really knows when this will RV for sure, and 2) when it does RV the news will spread incredibly fast!

    Meanwhile, it sounds as if you settled in the right spot to catch the latest news and detangling of same. lol

    Be sure to browse the
    Forum, it's full of news and more
    You can access our Chat Room via the tab at top of page
    Link to BGG's Blog
    Link to the Observer -- where those pesky rumors are examined!

    I would give you a date and rate if I could, but I'd end up on the Observer with a big fat X next to my prediction.

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