"THE DINAR DAILY" Thursday 12/27/2012
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Thread: "THE DINAR DAILY" Thursday 12/27/2012

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    "THE DINAR DAILY" Thursday 12/27/2012

    Parliamentary financial budget and discussion: completed will be voted on next month

    Wednesday, December 26, 2012 16: 38

    Baghdad/Al baghdadia news ... Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee said attorney Magda El-Tamimi, Wednesday, on the federal budget debate is completed and next month will vote on them.

    Tamimi said in a statement to Al baghdadia news, that "the Commission has taken the decision void holiday enjoyment for the legislative vote on the federal budget bill, passed in the House."

    "The Finance Committee is now studying the articles and the budget proposals, saying that" the end of next month the House will vote on them. "
    And you continue, that "the Commission has a lot of reviews about the federal budget, House and will examine all proposals and vote on the right ones."
    Tamimi said, "we are working to speed up voting on the budget for 2013 to complete all projects". Finished/21 u

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    Academy: Iraq needs (15) years old to be eligible to join the World Trade Organization
    Date: 2012/12/27 12: 56: 06 Thursday

    Baghdad (newsletter) ... Al-Mustansiriya University academic suggested Hamed al-Musawi, an economic Conference on the possibility of Iraq's entry into the World Trade Organization and identify mechanisms to join.

    He added: the enlarged group of economic experts and specialists in the economic field to discuss how Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization and international gains through the development of mechanisms and plans for the advancement of economic sectors and create sustainable development in the country.

    He noted that global trade competition and recognizes the Iraq today lacks domestic goods that can compete with foreign goods, due to the suspension of the treatment of industrial and deteriorating infrastructure.


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    The Finance Committee discussed the response of the Ministry of Finance on proposals of Deputies on the draft law budget 2013
    Date: 2012/12/27 13: 15: 52 Thursday

    Baghdad (newsletter) ...Financial Committee headed by Deputy Chairman Haidar Abadi, to consider and discuss the responses of the Ministry of Finance on the first part of proposals sent to the members of the House of some paragraphs contained in the budget bill 2013.
    The Committee said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Thursday that during the meeting, ask the student grant code customizations and agreed with the Government to add customizations to the law student grant (the legislature), and also add customizations to the retired Act (if enacted).

    He continued: as stressed by the Commission on books sent by them to the Ministry of Finance (cash balances, detailed budgets at the level of each community).


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    Al-Assadi: former Mayor of Baghdad Saber Al-Issawi Karam assigned an adviser to Al-Maliki after being questioned and he was accused of corruption
    Date: 2012/12/27 14: 03: 22 Thursday

    Baghdad (newsletter) ... Download integrity Commission Deputy member//National Alliance Hussein al-Asadi, Secretary of the former Baghdad Saber Al-Issawi was responsible for the sinking of Baghdad because of the rains, noting that his appointment as an adviser to the Prime Minister was regrettable.
    Al-Asadi said at a press conference attended by (News News Agency): former Mayor of Baghdad was honored Saber Al-Issawi after being interrogated and accused of administrative and financial corruption and resign his appointment as an adviser to the Prime Minister, and this is over the rights of citizens in Baghdad.

    He continued: what happened in Baghdad that sank the streets and entire neighborhoods due to rainfall for a few hours, caused by the previous Saber Al-Issawi Baghdad because of failed projects and administrative and financial corruption./finished/completed/d. o


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    Much "Tigris" until no flour: agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to withdraw troops and establish joint security stations
    [SIZE=2>تاريخ][SIZE=2>تاريخ]Date posted [SIZE=1>27/12/2012]27/12/2012 07:06 AM[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Erbil-"editorial boards"

    And science reporter "editorial boards""Two joint security centres and army associate with the categorical imperative and travelled with the joint coordination centre" with "officials said this is the perfect solution to the dilemma.

    The Kurdish delegation who arrived in Baghdad on Friday morning, the two Ministers of the Interior in the Government of the territory "upon his arrival, the delegation met with Defense Minister saadun Al-dulaimi and agency land forces commander Lt. General Ali ghidan and military leaders at the Defense Ministry.
    The meeting, which lasted for more than three hours, the withdrawal of military forces of the Federal Government and two of the common areas.


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    Hussein al-Asadi: former Baghdad Secretary accused of corruption, an adviser to Al-Maliki is disregard for the suffering of the citizens
    [SIZE=2>تاريخ][SIZE=2>تاريخ]Date posted [/SIZE][SIZE=1>27/12/2012]27/12/2012 10:28 AM[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Baghdad-"editorial boards"
    Detection of parliamentary integrity Commission member Hussein al-Asadi, the appointment of former Secretary Baghdad, Sabir Al-Issawi as an adviser to the Prime Minister.

    He said at a press conference today "with great regret was honored former Secretary Baghdad, Sabir Al-Issawi after being interrogated and accused of administrative and financial corruption and resign his appointment as an adviser to the Prime Minister," he said, adding that "this is an abuse of the rights of citizens in Baghdad."
    "What happened in Baghdad that sank the streets and entire neighborhoods due to rainfall for a few hours, caused by the former Baghdad Saber Al-Issawi of failed projects and administrative and financial corruption," blaming him full responsibility for the legacy of Baghdad after rampant corruption "


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    Iraqi-sponsored initiative to bring Al-Maliki walaisaoi

    Twilight news/political sources revealed early Thursday, the speaker of the House of Osama 's, seeks to bring the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi across the meeting between the two sides. And the country's political situation marked by tension because of the arrest of the protection of the Minister of finance Al-Issawi, and the recent release of claim and exit events in Anbar condemn the detention.The source, who asked not to be named, in an interview for "twilight news" that "House speaker and leader of the Iraqi list Osama Najafi takes the initiative to bring Al-Maliki walaisaoi", adding that Iraq "hoped to arrange a meeting between officials in the coming days."The Iraqi list was announced earlier, the arrest of "all" members of Iraq by military force in Baghdad, with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for what happened.With the Iraqi Justice Minister, last Friday, "confession" is protecting the financial Minister Rafe Al-Issawi to implement assassinations and attacks in the country.The Office of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday evening that Al-Maliki is that members of the force executing the arrest warrants of protection financial Minister Rafe Al-Issawi to not act professionally in their implementation of judicial orders


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    Iraq receives a loan of 90 million dollars from international funding and a French company

    Twilight news/International Finance Corporation announced (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, Thursday, on granting a loan of 70 million u.s. dollars to help renovate the Karbala Cement plant, with the loan is part of its efforts to support local construction sector and help in reconstruction. The Karbala Cement plant is a joint venture between the French company Lafarge building materials, Inc. Merchant bridge, London-based private equity company.The Director of industry, business and agricultural services, in Eastern and southern Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) gay us, stated to "twilight news," this funding will help overcome the lack of cement facing Iraq now and will help the State to supply gaps in their infrastructure ", stating that" will play a catalyst to attract other foreign investors to Iraq. "The US, the "Karbala Cement plant, will be able, thanks to the financing of the rehabilitation of the State-owned factory near the city of Karbala, and will work under the par excellence with the Iraqi Government", adding that "the funding is expected to contribute to the strengthening of the construction sector in Iraq, and is a major source of jobs, supports reconstruction efforts in the State that are in most need of infrastructure after years of conflict.""It will also provide an additional loan worth 20 million US dollars from Proparco, a development financial institution funded by the French Development Agency and private sector contributors", stressing that "both IFC webrobarko will work with the Karbala Cement plant to apply environmental and social strategy to help the company to work in line with international standards for sustainability".And between us, that "this initiative is part of the efforts of the International Finance Corporation to support private sector development in Iraq," he said, adding that "in the past two years, IFC has committed to invest 500 million dollars in the State include $ 245 million to cover the work of packing required for construction.And the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in the developing world, to help developing countries achieve sustainable development through the financing of investment and operating capital in international financial markets and providing consulting services to companies and Governments.http://www.shafaaq.com/sh2/index.php...90-------.html

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    Al-dulaimi announced the achievement of a comprehensive solution to the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil

    Thu, 27 Dec 2012 at: 8: 19

    Defense Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi, Wednesday, to reach a comprehensive solution to the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, said Joint Ministerial Commission between the Central Government and Kurdistan in Arbil on Sunday will meet to sign the final agreement.

    Dulaimi said during a press conference today in Baghdad and was attended by the Sumerian "news", on the sidelines of the meeting with Minister Al-Sheikh Jaafar Mustafa 2, Interior Minister in the province, "Sangare cream meeting today reached a comprehensive solution to the crisis after the Central Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government a positive vision", stating that "the parties forward working papers cure and are closer to the final declaration."
    Dulaimi said that "papers have been converted to joint higher Committee to be approved at a meeting, Sunday, in the city of Arbil, Arbil meeting will sign the Joint Committee".
    Dulaimi said that "the outcome of the ministerial meetings of the Committee demonstrated the efficacy of the path of dialogue and understanding," he said, adding "there are no differences between the parties".
    And efforts to resolve the crisis after the failure of previous military meeting between the two delegation and officials of the Ministry of defence, Iraq, Kurdistan, said in (29 November), the decline in Baghdad on its promises, the Kurdistan parties all agreed to stop "dictatorship militarism" in Baghdad, and not to allow any campaign chauvinism towards Kirkuk and disputed areas.
    He warned Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, in (December 3, 2012), the risk of "ominous" by moving the two forces and attempts to displace some families from Kirkuk, saying that such actions do not demonstrate a genuine desire to find solutions, with territorial officials accused "a tone of irresponsible escalation" which brings great harm to all, especially Kurds.
    The crisis between Kurdistan and Baghdad, after tawz district in the Salah al-Din governorate, (November 16, 2012), marked by the clash of elements of Tigris operations and protect the parade "Kurdish" named Curran core, killing and injuring 11 people, mostly of Tigris operations, which deeply rooted crisis mainly between the parties.
    Source: Sumerian news


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    Companies operating in the region suspended oil exports because the Central Government does not pay their dues"
    12: 02: 27/12/2012

    Khandan -Kurdistan Regional Government announced that the territory's exports of crude oil dropped sharply recently because of continuing financial dispute with the Central Government in Baghdad.

    Spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government Sven dzii told AFP that "the operating companies in the region are export stopped because the Government does not pay its dues amounting to 350 billion dinars".

    "We have a Government and try to urge them to pay, and the Government does not pay."

    And a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government that "export did not stop completely until now with rates less than 5,000 barrels a day," he said, adding that "companies will not resume oil exports by the Government".

    The KRG suspended its oil exports in the past due to non-payment of government benefits foreign companies operating in the territory, amounting to some 1.5 billion dollars, before announcing in August its intention to reopen export.

    The two sides reached agreement in September stipulates that the territory of 140,000 barrels a day until the end of the month and to rise to 200,000 barrels for the remainder of the current year, in exchange for the Central Government to pay billion Iraqi dinars (about 833 million u.s. dollars).


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