"Baghdad Bobs" Daily Report Sunday December 16, 2012
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    Sources: Barzani unwilling alliance with Allawi and rely on the Sadrists
    Orr News Agency - 12/15/2012 - 9:14 pm

    Arbil / Orr News
    Informed political sources close to the Iraqi List to list leader Ayad Allawi made several proposals for an alliance with the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, stressing that the latter has not received so far.
    Also revealed that Barzani relies heavily on an alliance with the Sadrists. The sources, who declined to be identified for "Future of Iraq" that "close to Barzani responded that the latter does not care to ally with one hand can not stand in the Maliki and determined", noting that "Allawi had failed to collect votes 40 MPs to withdraw confidence for Maliki, "adding that" members of the list are playing on several ropes, Sometimes advocate Barzani, but brought together by horsefly Arabism with Maliki secret ". The sources confirmed that "Barzani relies heavily on an alliance with the Sadrists in the fight against al-Maliki and expose corruption among those close to him, adding that the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr supports Kurdish trends openly, on the contrary Allawi." In other words, Allawi switches boats in the middle of the stream, refused to collect the 40 votes to withdraw confidence, and Sadr isn't scared of Malaki !
    The sources said that "Barzani interested to ally with the Liberal bloc to oust Maliki," pointing out that "the negotiations currently underway with the Liberal bloc to arrange papers attack next to Maliki," as she put it. The sources quoted "senior members" in Parliament criticizing the trend biased to block Liberals about Barzani.

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    United Nations recognizes Iraq's commitment to international resolutions

    12/16/2012 12:00 am

    Moon: for Iraq and Kuwait opportunity to announce a new collaboration
    BAGHDAD - A follow-up morning
    Confirmed the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon's commitment to Iraq its international obligations, but he is no longer directing the country quickly from Chapter VII. Comes at a time announced a UN that the year 2015 will see the closure of the file of compensation after commitment Baghdad all its obligations. Confirmed moon said in front of Iraq and Kuwait historic opportunity to renounce the past and move forward towards a new ad of cooperation, stressing United Nations full support normalization and coordinate their relations. considered moon in a report to the Security Council on Tuesday evening (Friday) that the next few months is a "period of confidence-building" for Iraq and Kuwait to settle outstanding issues between them, adding that he could "during the next six months that depends both sides to support the United Nations full for normalization and coordinate relations between them." and revealed the Kuwaiti Prime Minister's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," the week before last, went Iraq and Kuwait to sign agreements bilateral task between the two countries this month, saying: "I am honored to visit Iraq this month, and will send the visit an important message that that Kuwait did not have any problems with the Iraqi people, but was with the former regime has gone," he "should forget the past and embark on a wide space, and our duty to forget the past and look to the future, and there is no other way but to join forces between the two countries and the two peoples brothers. "is due to be holding talks" significant "between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and blessed. Regarding efforts by Baghdad in this regard, said Secretary General of the United Nations: "I believe that Iraq has shown intentions good in relation to the issue of missing persons." Regarding compensation, said Secretary General of the United Nations: "The Board of Directors of the Compensation Committee of the UN noted Iraq's commitment to fulfilling its obligations." and expressed that appreciation continued to the Government of Iraq and the Committee of Financial Experts Iraqi for
    their continued cooperation with the Compensation Committee.


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