Special for my list of rich friends *12/13/12*
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Thread: Special for my list of rich friends *12/13/12*

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    Special for my list of rich friends *12/13/12*

    ok guys i haven't given a update lately. Frankly the news has been changing so fast good then bad i really wasn't sure what was fact and what is fiction.

    This report is very good. I have recieved rumors but these rumors are from good sources. Several seem to think that many of the agreements required for the rv have been made behind the sceenes that we are not privy to.

    Several saying the rv should occur after the united nations international address to be held on the 17th others saying there is a iraq meeting to take place on the 21st and that is when we will heare the rv is being released then i have a very connected group of investors and they are totally convinced the rv will occur the first week of jan 3013.

    Here is what i think as of today. I have said and so has bgg and many other that we will not see the rv till these several things happen and here they are again.
    1) erbil is passed along with 140 bill which limits maliki's powers.

    2) maliki is removed from power--- as of yesterday some leadership along with the usa deligation where considering a temp replacement for maliki to run the interum goi. ( music to my ears ) guys they are getting serious.

    3) either shabibi is re-enstated or someone is placed in charge of the cbi that the united nations, imf,wto and world bank are confident in to run the cbi on a international level.... Maliki's goons will never be accepted because they owe a lot of money to many agencies and countries and all imf and friends will want to know the cbi is in good hands.

    Now as of today there have been numerous reports and articles saying the imf and interpol are assisting to clear up the situation at the cbi?? Now as to what exactly their involvement is and how much pressure they can and will apply is yet to be seen . I suspect we will see results within a week or less from their involvement and i also think the good dr will be reinstated along with his staff and the hammer will fall directly on maliki.

    Now look guys i have studdied these idiots for several years now and they are very hard to read and forget applying any common since for anything with them. I feel we are in great position and this new change in attitude to a urgency to get things done is very encouraging and the predictions at the top of this update could be very close to fact and just a little more time will tell for sure.
    Blessing to all of you poppy3
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