"Baghdad Bobs" Daily Report Friday December 14, 2012
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    Expiration of Temporary Unlimited Coverage for Noninterest-Bearing Transaction Accounts


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    Sabah al-Saadi: I will reveal corrupted files belonging to the prime minister's office Saturday
    And the Baghdad international news agency - 12/13/2012 - 8:42 pm

    Baghdad / WAP / Independent MP Sabah al-Saadi, he would corrupted files for the Office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Saturday, blaming Maliki safety in the event of any emergency event for him. Saadi said at a news conference on Saturday, said: "Maliki lawsuit against him on charges of libel and demanded a fine of compensatory amount of three billion dinars, because he left on a satellite channel and accused him of lying and he is a liar." lOOKS LIKE WE FOUND AT LEAST ONE WITH SOME BACKBONE !
    and added that "al-Maliki him to ask such a sum Senior aides to Ahmed Ezz and Issam al-Asadi who are signed on the arms deal suspicious and not al-Saadi, and that this lawsuit will be Cassapguetaha tan raising them against me and failed them, "describing the position of the Iraqi judiciary to" politicized and double dealing for being refused an invitation House Speaker Osama Nujaifi against MP Hanan al and then invite the Commission on one of Representatives claiming immunity MPs but when the case goes to the deputy from outside the rule of law and the ruling party, the judiciary being behind the case and does not recognize immunity MP. "
    and stressed that "policy-Maliki oppressed mouths opponents using a weapon of the judiciary and President Medhat al-Mahmoud, who was formerly an arm of filter opponents of President Saddam Hussein, and today is the arm of al-Maliki to liquidate his opponents, and this policy will not succeed and will not be able Maliki can protect spoilers who gloss over corruption will not be silent on this style and fanfare and intimidation from al-Maliki and those around him. " The DONKS attempts to get rid of his oppostion won't work !( too many of em )
    and announced Saadi on it "will reveal next week corrupted files to the Prime Minister's Office," warning Maliki of "targeted or attempt to liquidate him to silence him." Don't try to shush me DONK, I am not afraid of you.http://www.alrafedain.net/index.php?show=news&action=article&id=91438

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    Saadi: President of the Supreme Judicial Council Medhat al-Mahmoud engineered Maliki's dictatorship as engineered dictatorship of Saddam
    Tahrir squares - 12/14/2012 - 12:37 pm | Readers: 17

    BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation"
    Independent MP in the Iraqi parliament Sabah al-Saadi new lawsuit was brought by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki against him as a result of previous statements about corruption in the Russian arms deal and said that "al-Maliki does not accept any criminal voice of opposition."

    Sabah al-Saadi

    He Saadi in a press conference yesterday, "We'll show next Saturday and documentation on how to steal Maliki's office for Iraq's money."
    and Ray Saadi said, "Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud engineered dictatorship Maliki as engineered dictatorship of Saddam," noting that what he described as follies politicians who lead the country now Atjolhm benefit and Atedon their predecessors in office. said Saadi told a news conference in the House of Representatives that some politicians are reading still commit follies itself in order to survive in office. was charged Saadi al-Maliki that he follow the way of new oppressed mouths opponents of his policy, accusing him of covering up a traders his party are holding suspicious transactions.http://www.alrafedain.net/index.php?...ticle&id=91478

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