Sadrists: Maliki can not bring 10 people in the street in his support
08:47:12 / 12/2012

Khandan - confirmed the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, the inability of the federal Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, directed by (10) the Iraqi people in the street in favor of him and his programs and his that Atakzha.

The MP said the Liberal bloc Jawad al-Hasnawi told the "Khandan": that the demonstrations that came out yesterday were not at the invitation of the office of Mr. Martyr Sadr, but were demonstrations spontaneous directory on love and loyalty and obedience to Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, as well as being indicative of the size follow political arena, saying that al-Maliki is not able to bring out (10) people as supporters for him and his positions, and this evidence of political weakness and mass.

Hasnawi said: that the crises that Maliki افتعلها, made the Iraqi people know very well that the cause of these crises and the many problems.