ecubucs: I received a call from someone who I've know for 20 years who've been invested in the IQD for over 5 years... His contact who first told him about this 5 years ago... Just called him today to say she had been hired last week to work with WF in NC! Where do you ask?
In the new foreign exchange dept for eastern NC...

NOW !!!! They hired 130 NEW FEX Money exchangers for Eastern NC and started them immediately on last Thursday for Training in the Raleigh NC offices.... !!!!!!
They plan on training all this week and begin getting associated with most branches around NC starting Next Week !!!! Now, I don't know about you... But I've lived in Eastern NC all my life and here at Christmas Time... I've never known anywhere bank who NEEDED Foreign Currency Exchangers for Eastern NC Banking!!!! How Bout Them Apples !!!!

I called Brokeone about this just as soon as I received this info... He also has tremendous contacts... TREMENDOUS and he was happy to hear.... Folks ,, I truely believe we are HERE !!!! Now, These folks don't know why they are being hired right now and for what currencies... They're just HAPPY to be getting a job... WF Trainers are just telling them that in the very near future they expect that Foreign Currency was going to be a Major Money Maker for the bank.
WOW... If they are hiring that many so fast in this area....
They MUST be hiring just as fast where YOU Live !!!!