Bondlady talking about Iraq being ready ................
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Thread: Bondlady talking about Iraq being ready ................

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    Bondlady talking about Iraq being ready ................

    11-22-2012 Newshound Guru Bondlady my sincere respect, admiration and gratitude goes to our timmy for all her diligence and her work she put in reading the new banking and investment laws she discovered passed on 11/18/12, i believe that was the date, and it was gazetted into 1 has even realized or even has even a small clue on just how big and important these laws were to us and Iraq's banking and investments...these laws are truly opening the door to go international with their currency and their country, they're preparing to come out of chapter 7 and become a major player in the world of huge big finance.

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    11-22-12 Blanche: Bondlady and her team just announced the banking and investment laws have been passed and are official. This is beyond HUGE news!

    We're waiting for other gurus to confirm this and chime in. If this is official it opens the door to Ch7 release, WTO membership, and large international investment! Bondlady says these laws are listed in the official Gazette!!

    These laws outline investment responsibility for banking, business and investment including penalties (one compliance penalty is 1000 dinars a day. 70 cents doesn't sound too discouraging to me--hmmm unless there is a rate change! Stay tuned as the other gurus chime in on this all important subject! This is super Thanksgiving Day news! _ POSTED IN DINARDETECTIVES

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