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    Liberal bloc denies involvement deputies in the case of the Central Bank

    Twilight News / denied the Liberal bloc in Parliament that represents the Sadrist movement, on Monday, the involvement of MPs in the case of a central bank auction, announced the committee in charge of the issue of auction of incomplete investigative, accused unnamed political parties of being behind such a allegations.He said the head of the Liberal parliamentary Araji in a conference with the head of the investigative committee charged in the case of the Central Bank of Ahmed al-Alwani and attended by "Twilight News" that "today accused lawmaker Kazem Sayadi some members of the Liberal bloc to participate in the issue of central bank auction and their relationship to the subject."
    Araji said that "this is intended to confuse, because we asked lawmaker Kazem Sayadi He denied it, and contacted special investigative committee ERA the central bank denied this."
    For his part, Ahmed al-Alwani said he "regarding the issue of the central bank and accusing Congress figures this is not true because the investigative began more than two months ago and is still going on so far, and is not mentioned any figure in the House of Representatives or any member."
    Alwani explained that there are those who try throwing dust in the eyes of the coverage on some political parties that deal with some of the suspicious money laundering cases. "
    Some media quoted independent MP Kazem Sayadi, Monday, the head of the parliamentary Liberal of the Sadrist movement Bahaa al-Araji, and three MPs from his bloc with two deputies from the Iraqi List of involvement in money laundering operations in the central bank auction.
    And sacked Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, on charges of corruption, which is the main challenge facing the government after busy over the past years in the security file.
    The central bank held daily sessions of currency auction except Fridays and public holidays, and the participation of a group of Iraqi banks, within which the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and the central bank process currency converter sold abroad, for some companies and citizens for a commission certain.
    The Central Bank of Iraq group of specialized committees to combat money laundering, and money, crime and the financing of terrorism, and it was the anti-money laundering law the 2004 Iraqi situation due process of regulatory institutions, especially banking.


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    PUK: if Maliki did not correct its mistakes we have other alternatives

    By khabaar khaba since 2 hours 4 minutes
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    Brother - Baghdad
    Party spokesman Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by President Jalal Talabani, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a line in several recent missteps, and warned not corrected, confirmed that they have other alternatives.
    (get in line, or we got a trick up our sleeve for ya, we wish)

    And said Jundiyani, in a statement carried by one of the sites close to the party that Nuri al-Maliki, a line a number of missteps in recent times, warning that either corrects these errors or us to think about how to deal with these errors. (now they gotta think about whether or not they have a trick)
    He Jindiyani that the Kurds and other Iraqi parties will not execute other alternatives, stressing that which is being talked about now is dialogue, negotiation and stayed in our quiver little thing from him with the National Alliance and other parties.


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    deputies in the case of the Central Bank attributes the reason for the government's decision to cancel the ration for fear of people

    By khabaar khaba 22 minutes ago
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    Brother Baghdad
    Liberal parliamentary bloc denied the accusations made ​​against it regarding the involvement of some deputies of corruption in the file of the Central Bank, ( no no, we didn't have anything to do with that ) noting that the reason for the government's decision to cancel the ration card At a special meeting of the fear of the Iraqi people.

    The head of the bloc Bahaa al-Araji during a joint news conference with Iraqi List MP Ahmed al-Alwani and MP Jawad Alshahyla, attended by the correspondent agency news news (et) that the accusations made ​​against us by the lawmaker Kazem Sayadi no truth to it has contacted Bachiada denied he personally be face charges, considering it biased media campaigns that convert shuffling papers between the political blocs

    He added that there are no parliamentary personalities involved central bank Bakbih, stressing that there is great political figures are involved with this file.
    ( why not just tell us who did have something to do with it ? ) On the other hand Araji said that the position of the mass is still based on the refusal to cancel the ration card and cancel Russian arms deal that contain files for corruption.


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    Urgent .. Moscow denies cancel arms deal with Baghdad, which it calls "rumors"

    Twilight News / A source in the Russian government, on Monday that his government did not abolish arms deal with Iraq, describing the Iraqi statements in this regard as "rumors." (imagine that, a rumor from Iraq )
    The newspaper "Kommersant" Russian source in the Russian government, seen by "Twilight News "that" Moscow will be prompted to Baghdad to provide clarification on the spread of rumors concerning the abolition of the arms deal between the two countries valued at $ 4.2 billion. "The source said, "We are conducting negotiations with the Iraqi side and clarifying his positions, primarily with respect to vague statements that I have heard in recent days, and we have not received any information on the change of plans Baghdad or its concern."( we have not received in writing that they have cancelled )The Iraq and Russia signed an agreement on military cooperation - technical during the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Moscow in October last year.( see how they try to keep us confused, October last year, meaning last October )He said an adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's "Twilight News", said the deal was canceled because of suspicions of corruption.He also denied acting Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi told a news conference, attended by "Twilight News" information about the cancellation of the deal. He stressed that he "bears responsibility to the Iraqis for any suspicion of corruption."He explained that "the Russian arms deal going, which is in the process of negotiating to reduce the value of the contract to get the best deals." He pointed out that "Iraq has received offers, and select a date 30 days for consideration." ( at least the Russians were smart enough to make him put that in writing )
    For his part, said a senior official in the Russian military-industrial complex, on Saturday, that "cancel the deal that has already been the result of U.S. pressure on the Iraqi authorities."


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    Great Work BB!!

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