Maliki & The Dawa Party nominates two names for Governor of The CBI
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Thread: Maliki & The Dawa Party nominates two names for Governor of The CBI

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    Maliki & The Dawa Party nominates two names for Governor of The CBI

    "Maliki put two names on the political blocs to agree on one and two Ahmed ČŃĺ deputy central bank governor, Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, former finance minister, and between" The State of Law coalition wants to convince the Iraqi List, creating a balance with The Ministry of Finance, and the Kurdistan Alliance, who is the Ministry of Commerce, adding that it became a partisan issue Mhassat and Ktheloah.


    Ahmed ČŃĺ AKA Dr. Ahmed Chalabi:
    Chalabi is the son of a prominent Shi'a family,one of the wealthy power elite of Baghdad, where he was born. Chalabi left Iraq with his family in 1956 and spent most of his life in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the mid-1960s, he studied with cryptographer Whitfield Diffie at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from which he received a bachelor of science degree in mathematics. In 1969, he earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Chicago under the direction of George Glauberman, after which he took a position in the mathematics department at the American University of Beirut. He published three mathematics papers between 1973 and 1980, in the field of abstract algebra.

    In 1977,
    he founded the Petra Bank in Jordan. In the late 1980s, the government of Jordan issued a decree ordering all banks in the country to deposit one fifth of their reserves with the Central Bank. Petra Bank was the only bank that was unable to meet this requirement and Chalabi fled the country before the authorities could react. Chalabi was convicted and sentenced in absentia for bank fraud by a Jordanian military tribunal. He faces 22 years in prison, should he again enter Jordan. Chalabi maintains that his prosecution was a politically motivated effort to discredit him. In May 2005, it was reported that King Abdullah II of Jordan had promised to pardon Chalabi, in part to ease the relations between Jordan and the new Iraqi government of which Chalabi was a member.
    According to one report, Chalabi proposed a $32 million compensation fund for depositers affected by Petra Bank's failure. The website for Petra Bank contains a press release stating that Chalabi would refuse the pardon. Although he has always maintained the case was a plot to frame him by Baghdad, the issue was revisited later when the U.S. State Department raised questions about the INC's accounting practices. According to The New York Times, "Chalabi insisted on a public apology, which the Jordanians refused to give." THIS GUY SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE THAT WOULD BE ON MALIKI's TEAM...

    Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi:
    was Minister of Trade and Minister of Defense in the cabinet appointed by the Interim Iraq Governing Council from September 2003 until 2004, and subsequently Minister of Finance in the Iraqi Transitional Government between 2005 and 2006.
    A Shia Muslim, Allawi was part of the Iraqi exile community in London during the rule of Saddam Hussein. He was one of the organizers of 'The Declaration of Iraqi Shia', a statement released in 2002. Before being appointed by the governing council in 2003, Allawi was a professor at Oxford University. Ali is son of Ahmad Chalabi's sister, making him Chalabi's nephew.Having worked as a merchant banker in London, he was elected as a Senior Visiting Fellow at Princeton University for 2008-2009.
    In January 2007 the Independent newspaper published an article by Allawi outlining a blueprint for peace in Iraq. Allawi recommendeddevolution within Iraq, economic and political regional integration in the Middle East, and the setting up of independent boards to oversee reconstruction and security issues. The article was praised by Independent commentator Patrick Cockburn, who argued that it was "by far the most perceptive analysis of the extent of the disaster in his country, and how it might best be resolved. It is in sharp contrast to the ill-thought-out maunderings of experts and officials devising fresh policies in the White House and Downing Street". Allawi has since written The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peaceand 'The Crisis of Islamic Civilization'. Both books were well received by critics and the reading public. The New York Times Book Review called The Occupation of Iraq "...the most comprehensive historical account of the disastrous aftermath of the American Invasion." In October 2009 the Washington Institute for Near East Policy announced that the " Crisis of Islamic Civilization" was awarded the Silver Prize of its annual book prize. In December 2009, The Economist named The Crisis of Islamic Civilization one of the Best Books of 2009. In a recent interview with The Diplomat he discussed his views on modern Islamic civilisation. He considers that, as a result of the expansion of Western colonial powers and modernisation over the last 200 years, Islamic civilisation is fast losing its lan and has been reduced to two aspects, political and religious while economic and cultural aspects no longer have an impact on the Muslim world.
    He earned an S.B. in Civil Engineering from MIT in 1968, and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1971

    "Truth is everlasting, but our ideas about truth are changeable. Only a little of the first fruits of wisdom, only a few fragments of the boundless heights and depths of truth, have I been able to gather"

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    unverified content / commentary from dinarland : Ali Allawi competition enters the office of Governor of the Central Bank Issue no: 2606 Issue Date: 11/06/2012: Tuesday Last Update: 06/11/2012 BAGHDAD - A follow-up Academic and economic income and Visiting Professor at the University of Hard United States Ali Allawi competition take over as central bank governor to succeed Shabibi issued an arrest warrant. The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on the nomination of two characters one of whom would the position of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and two Ahmad ČŃĺ and Ali Allawi. And said a member of the Committee MP for the rule of law, Haitham al-Jubouri said "the most actively traded names in Parliament and a strong candidate for the post of Governor of the Central Bank First," Ahmed ČŃĺ "It is a well-known economist, and" Ali Allawi, "the former finance minister.

    [michigander0131] Ali is Iyad's cousin, and he's also Achmed Chalabi's nephew. Hence, he's acceptable to both INA and IS.
    [michigander0131] this is the best choice for new cbi head IMO
    [heaven1] michigander0131 is that the A we know
    [heaven1] maybe not
    [michigander0131] its his cousin and he gets along with everyone he is the former finance minister
    [heaven1] it is not the same one
    [heaven1] good
    [michigander0131] heaven1 yes im hoping they can get moving again in the right direction

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