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    A member of the parliamentary economic: Parliament will have to pass the budget 2013 without final accounts if they do not reach the government

    Sunday, October 04, 2 / November 2012 19:05

    [Baghdad - where]

    Stressed member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Ibrahim Rikabi the need to provide the final accounts for the year 2012 and previous years to parliament by the government, pointing out that " Parliament will have to pass the budget 2013 without final accounts if it does not arrive from the government. "

    Rikabi, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "approval of the federal budget for 2013, must be coupled with submission of final accounts for the year 2012 financial by the government to find out where and how it was disbursement in state institutions all, and on its impact is determined and divided the federal budget for next year. "

    He added that "the final accounts will be pending in the neck of the government and must Tkadimhaagela or later", "noting that" the House of Representatives will discuss the federal budget law for the year 2013 and raised to the specialists and will be voted on later even though there is no final accounts. "

    Between Rikabi that "Parliament will have to pass the budget without final accounts if they do not reach the government because the delay budget will hinder the economic and investment process in the country as well as the living conditions of disabled citizens through stop the distribution of salaries to employees and others." Referring to "the need to speed up the passage of the federal budget law before the end of this year."

    And was a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy Magda Tamimi had demanded in October 20 the current Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, reveal what reached by the problem of earlier, on ending the obstacles that stand in front of completing the final accounts, indicating that he "may not give the government budget next year what No guest final accounts for the previous budget. "

    The head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji, has confirmed that the final accounts for the year 2012 will come to Parliament with a proposed federal budget for 2013.

    Some blame the economists reluctance government in the provision of the final accounts for the House of Representatives, to the existence of files you do not want some quarters in the open, on the corruption of financial and advances not quenched yet, stating that "the law budgets spend in one of its articles not to ratify the budget, but the completion of final accounts. Ended .


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    Kubler: Kuwait has agreed to invest a large part of the Taweidadtha in Iraq

    Date: 11/05/2012 13:54:49 Monday

    Baghdad (news) .. The head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler approval Kuwait invest Taweidadtha in Iraq.

    Kuebler said in a statement received by the Agency (for news) copy of it on Monday: Kuwait has agreed to convert a large part of the compensation to the investment in Basra and a number of provinces. / End / d. Q /


    Suhad Obeidi: can not form a majority government by the Iraqi and Kurdistan and parts of the national

    Date: 11/05/2012 13:12:10 Monday

    Baghdad (news) .. Ruled solution bloc MP / coalition in Iraq / Suhad Fadhil al-Obeidi, the formation of a political majority government with Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan and parts of the National Alliance, for many reasons, including failure to get a split in the National Alliance.

    Obeidi said (of the Agency news) on Monday: The government of national partnership proved unsuccessful, because of political differences, and there is a difficulty in forming a majority government, consisting of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance and parts of the National Alliance bloc Liberal, the difficulty of getting a split in the coalition, in addition to the views different perspective between the Iraqi and Kurdistan.

    The Iraqi MP: We hope to end the age of the government according to the National Partnership, although this is not possible, the blocks will go to form a majority government and include technocrats and figures responsible for the provision of services and security for our citizens.

    The looming horizon of many political solutions posed by the leaders of the blocks in the event of the failure of the national meeting or attempts some out of the situation immediately, including going to the majority government, but so far not implemented anything from solutions or mechanisms. / End / 7. D. Q /


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    New York Times: The next president must be held accountable Maliki for misuse of power

    2012-11-05 12:04:56

    NEW YORK (Iba) ... The New York Times reported widespread that under the American presidents so far, the regime of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is moving in a climate of impunity, while the U.S. administration focused on calming Iraq and building their way to leave. In the context of fear and Washington how that is reflected by the criticism of Iraq on U.S. policy and its opposition to the critical date for any return of involvement in Iraqi affairs, the curriculum followed may represent in الإشاحة her face away, while moving Iraq, contrary to the strategic interests of the U.S. in the region.

    And spins clash current interests on Syria, and it is right, and in line with U.S. interests, to reach the rule of President Bashar al-Assad to end in Syria, and the United States should at least be able to prevent its allies from helping in the transfer of weapons to the Assad regime.

    Have reported a Reuters report, finally, that Iraq allows sending individuals and dozens of tons of weapons to Syria through its airspace almost daily, and press reports that the buses carrying as well as individuals of weapons and supplies to the Assad regime has flowed from Iraq to Syria.

    The called the Obama administration in Iraq to stop this practice, but there were not responsive, and had to be there condemnation comprehensive behavior of Iraq, and demanding Iraqis to stop such practices immediately or face the loss of friendship between their country in Washington, including the loss of $ 1.7 billion of support U.S. due to Iraq, and an end to U.S. arms deals.

    The Maliki government through its contribution to the re-arming of the Assad regime, is responsible for prolonging the conflict, which claimed the lives of a large number of people, and the overthrow of the stability of Lebanon, and threatens to drag Turkey and Jordan to the brink of conflict.

    The Iraq could help more, if that Baghdad had seriously objected to such use of its airspace, it would have been hard to imagine weapons and fighters in this way the great support of the Assad regime.

    And not external influence is the only influencing factor in the behavior of the Iraqi Currently, tendency National have an effect as well, which often expresses itself, and the Maliki government may be happy to play the paper sectarian when matching it, but it eventually paid a firm commitment to ensuring the survival of his regime.

    In short, al-Maliki is dominated by the disintegration of the parliamentary political system in Iraq, and the United States do not do something about it.

    The next U.S. president, he must embark on accounting Maliki government for misuse of power, and its role in enabling the Assad regime from rearming.


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    Terminal: political majority the best solution for many of the problems of Iraq

    2012-11-05 11:34:07

    [-] Text [+]

    BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Called Habib Terminal National Alliance MP to the need to resolve the current crisis and the formation of a political majority government, which is the optimal solution to the country's emergence from the outstanding problems and to eliminate corruption in all aspects of the state.

    Terminal said told the independent press (Iba) that "the political majority government is the best option to exit the country out of its crisis and to eliminate the financial and administrative corruption, which stretched the budget in Iraq and its impact on the political process properly."

    Terminal and added that "political majority can be a solution to the issue of quotas, which were built by the government and distributed their posts on the basis of ministerial, and that made Parliament restricted to monitor and hold negligent and corrupt. (End)


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    Liberal accuses state law to block the distribution of oil revenues to the people

    05/11/2012 13:29:00
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    Accused the Liberal bloc in Parliament, a coalition of state law, accusing him disrupt the distribution of surplus oil revenues to the people.

    The MP said the bloc Jawad al-Hasnawi in a press statement, said that the lack of conviction coalition of state law issue of the distribution of surplus oil revenues to the people, led to the blocking of the subject and thus prevented citizens received this benefit.

    Hasnawi between that state law, deputies were from the beginning opposed to this idea and this proposal, explaining that those deputies describe the idea as a waste of public money, and that this overburden the shoulders of the budget that is in deficit basis.

    The Finance Committee in Parliament has revealed to force the prime minister to distribute twenty-five percent of the surplus of state revenue, commissioning and finance and planning ministries determine a mechanism for the distribution of amounts covered.

    As economists support the idea, Adin issue as enhance people's sense of belonging, and compensates for the feeling of deprivation due to the deterioration of services and the prevalence of financial and administrative corruption.


    Deputies agree to the continuation of the political deadlock, and the current alliances subjected to dissolution

    05/11/2012 13:21:00
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    Parliamentary sources agreed that the current alliances will disintegrate, indicating those alliances failed to fulfill its mission as the satisfaction of the people, and it failed adoption of important laws and the implementation of high-impact projects in the daily lives of Iraqis.

    The MP said the coalition of state law Saad logistical old alliances began to disintegrate, attributing this to lack of real usefulness in the implementation of projects and pass laws. He added that there are logistical New Visions for various alliances will consist, believing that the political lists drop off individually in the next election, so knows all its real size.

    For his part, MP for the Iraqi List, a full-Dulaimi, the emergence of a new map of alliances, because of the political performance that did not satisfy the Iraqi public, and because of the political leaders out of the political predicament. Dulaimi added that there are features and a picture of new alliances to the Iraqi list. He expressed his belief that the National Alliance will enter into provincial elections in the form of a national coalition, but it will be in the form of individual blocks, or small alliances.


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    Sharifi: Iraqi citizens fed up with the length of the duration of the crisis, which reflected negatively on the security reality directly

    {Ambassador: News}

    The MP said the Liberal bloc Hussein Sharifi said in a statement Sunday that "the political crisis are two added to many of the concerns placed on the Iraqi citizen who is fed up of prolonged crisis, which impacted negatively on the security reality directly."

    And noted that "calls fired by politicians for dialogue and resolve the crisis are no more than a media only, because of the all the parties views and the lack of interest of the country to its own interests, which led to worsening of the crisis and not find effective solutions in the correct format avoids the Iraqi people the ravages of this crisis.

    "and called Sharifi all parties to" rely on the dialogue table and work hard to find real solutions to the crisis in line and the higher interest of the country away from partisan interests. "and suffer the political process in Iraq from a deepening crisis due to lack of political consensus and not finding solutions to many of the outstanding issues between the political parties, which led to disruption of government work The Iraqi Council of Representatives and disable approve some important laws.

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    Parliamentary economy: the return of the central market early next year

    Ali Salman - 11/05/2012 - 7:54 am | Readers: 24

    Economic / Buratha News

    Committee revealed the economy and investment parliamentary, that next year will bring life to the central markets, indicating it is in the process of putting the final touches on the new markets.

    Said committee member Rep. Nahida Daini said in a press statement yesterday that "the Ministry of Commerce has completed a series of contracts for which materials will be provided by supermarkets and westward from the origins of the global solid and affordable compared to commercial markets fully funded by the Ministry of Commerce."

    Daini added that "the Ministry of Commerce notified the staff supermarkets to return to their districts to conduct their business, indicating that the markets should be back as in the past as a pilot experiment in Iraq." She noted that "the economic and investment commission consider BASF severe to the reluctance of many of the owners of capital for large commercial complexes sector (malls), which has become a prominent commercial phenomenon in most of the neighboring countries and the developed countries."


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    Protect the corrupt and embezzlement of state funds fraud .. Highlighted the concerns of today's papers
    Ali Abdullah - 11/05/2012 - 9:42 am | Hits: 70

    Focused most prominent newspapers this morning, inter alia, education and other economic, as well as mutual accusations between the blocs and parties to protect spoilers, as well as accusing the Dawa Party, led by Prime Minister Maliki of trying to seize on the central bank and the nomination of those close to him for his administration.

    morning newspaper official issued by Iraqi Media Network, focused on the results of the central acceptance that sparked a wave of protests among students exposed them, because they do not fit your grades, and she wrote: Education decided to amend the nominations and extend the acceptance of and objections ..

    Study to accommodate successful in the third round of studies evening. decided Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to allow students the sixth preparatory graduates rates 80 percent or above, to amend their nominations in the acceptance Central, has also decided to extend the deadline for acceptance in universities and institutes as well as the date of the objections to acceptance for a week additional. in the meantime, revealed the education committee parliamentary study to accept students sixth preparatory successful in the third round at colleges evening.

    came a day after the announcement by the Ministry of Education received more than 16 thousand request objection to the results of acceptance Central. said Director General of the Department of Studies and Planning the Ministry of Education, Dr. Suhail Najim Abdullah: The school year being witnessed a number of variables including the creation of the role of a third student sixth preparatory, and the abolition of deducting five degrees of students successful in the second round, which led to the increase in the number of students admitted to universities and institutes by up to 60 % compared to last year, which in turn led to problems in the process of Admission.

    Regarding the issue of corruption that seems to divergent and complex in Iraq, given the magnitude of the money that is swallowed and the inability to detect and prosecute those involved in the majority of cases, reported Azzaman newspaper Almstlqh news prominent on the front page view: Parliament: parties protect mischief and defend مختلسين and officials visiting the documents to acquire Real Estate State. exploited senior officials office and the chaos after the events of April 2003 to acquire real estate and state funds illegally did not disturb the forgery and fraud. has revealed Committees integrity and financial Alniabaten for acquisition officials in Real State and properties belonging to the leaders and the families of the former regime through falsifying documents and relations suspicious.and confirmed member of the Integrity Commission high Nassif presence destinations trying to block passage of a law Real Estate state in order to capture and transfer of ownership.

    said Nassif (time): A bill regulating Real Estate State and property of the former regime, but there are hidden hands working hard to prevent the adoption of this law in order to benefit from these properties and the transfer of ownership to some people.

    pointed out that in the absence of enactment of this Act and solve the problem of real estate of the former regime will open the door for weak people to encroachment on these properties, pointing out that some influential people in power have falsified documents in order to seize the property or bring books martyrdom forged that they do not have a role housing in order to stay in that role and this is against the law.

    and on the issue of corruption as well, but this time the structure of Armed Forces and devices Security, highlighted newspaper world independent light on the phenomenon has become something routine in the army and police, namely the phenomenon of "space" as Amsmon by their peers, and she wrote: source affairs: commander of the First annexation 82 policemen faction protection for 16 million dinars per month ..

    Elements boarding reveal the world for the prevalence of space and confirm involvement of senior officers laid off associates to meet payments. revealed a number of employees of the Ministry of Interior for the prevalence of what is termed in their midst to "aliens" who waived half of their salaries or more for the benefit of their leader Direct to meet the exemption of always accusing their officers adult involvement in it.

    while official source in the Department of Affairs oversight of the security services of the Ministry of Interior about the involvement of the commander of the first band / federal police, demobilize 82 "space", receives from each and every one of them 200 thousand dinars (16.4 million), compared to annex it to the ranks of protection in order to stay in office and relieved of duties and stand Balsetarat. While ruled out a senior official in the ministry's health is handed down soldiers, called for not discredit the forces that stand in the first row to confront the forces of terrorism.

    Furthermore, carrying member of the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary, Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces responsible for rampant corruption in the security services, criticizing the distribution of mattresses random who shares this subject, as well as building a state military that transformed these mattresses to the rulers of all departments other civil.

    and by reference to the crisis, the central bank, which subside even floating to the surface again, I wrote long Independent newspaper says: Kanani: Dawa party has a monopoly on the candidates the new central bank governor.

    accused the parliamentary legal committee, a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, by trying to control the administration Central Bank, and pointed out that Maliki violating the constitution for his dismissal Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, inasmuch as it is a valid House of Representatives, as he emphasized Kurdish lawmaker that the issue of impeachment Shabibi will be put for discussion in the parliament session on Tuesday.

    In an interview with "long", said Prince Kanani Committee member legal parliamentary that the issue of nomination of a new governor of the Central Bank on behalf not discussed within the National Alliance, pointing out that this issue "is limited, however, Prime Minister and the Dawa Party."

    and added that Maliki put two names on the political blocs to agree on one and two Ahmed ČŃĺ deputy governor Central Bank and Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi and former finance minister, and between the State of Law coalition wants to convince the Iraqi List, creating a balance with the Ministry of Finance, and the Kurdistan Alliance, who is the Ministry of Commerce, stressing that it has become an issue "Mhassat partisan and Ktheloah".


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    MPraft law to limit the tenure of prime minister has reached to the legal committee.
    05/11/2012 11:32:00
    Baghdad / NINA / MP, of the Iraqiya coalition, Raad al-Dahlaki said that the draft law of limit the tenure of Prime Minister has arrived to the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, expecting to be discussed in the committee soon.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "The bill has arrived to the Parliamentary Legal Committee."

    He added: "The bill was put on the agenda of the next meeting of the committee, but it was lifted because of other projects," expressing his belief that the discussion will be finished during future meetings.

    The Ahrar bloc had made this project, which makes the term of the Prime Minister for only two terms. / End


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    Allawi: Maliki to undergo interrogation or go to Parliament House
    02:57:05 / 11/2012
    Ayad Allawi

    Khandan - the leader of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, that the current government has fallen in the first test in the implementation of their obligations signed by its president and now is out.

    Allawi said in an interview with "Culture", "The problem in Iraq is not a problem minority government or a majority there serious crisis led dilemma confidence between the political parties as well as governments took shaped by the will of foreign especially when confiscated right of the Iraqi force in the formation of government pressure from Iran. "

    Allawi stressed "insistence on questioning in parliament and said that it was his duty as head of the government that is to be questioned without any objection or make a noise in the media is an employee in the state and the right of the House of Representatives elected by the people that يحاسبه on both large and small, and that he did not like this work it Go to his home and leave the work to others and they are many. "

    On ăćŢĺ of inviting a coalition of state law to form a majority government, "I've hit people shit from these calls empty no real substance have only belief Mtalekayaa they intimidate others, and here confirm that we are not of those, and we know for sure banality these invitations that reflect psychological based and they believe that this alarming to others. "

    Allawi added, "The problem is not a minority government or a majority, there is a serious crisis in Iraq led by the problem of confidence between the political parties, as well as the governments unfortunately took shaped by the will of the party, especially when the right was confiscated Iraqi force in the formation of the government."

    He Allawi said that "the Prime Minister present does not have any desire or real will to respect the agreement on national partnership, so the governance crisis began deepening and rooted in confidence lacking among all, and this is dangerous will be, without a doubt, at the expense of Iraq and the unity of Iraq and the bear the brunt of this situation of trying to distract things political forces is real and call a day to develop a new or procedure such as the formation of a majority government and if this thing is a lifeline for Iraq, which is suffering what is suffering as a result of the actions of the current government and its president. "

    He said: "Laughter on the chins Pat one slogans of this government, everyone knows that the formation of a new government (the majority or the majority) requires taking legal steps the least provide the current government resign, and here we wonder: Is that Mr. Maliki ready for it?, And why was undermining national reconciliation and the Government of true partnership Is this the solution? ".

    In response to a question about if it included Iraqi demands within a paper reform prepared by the National Alliance, Allawi said "there is no paper reform need not originally a paper reform, but there is a need for the implementation of the Convention on Arbil and implementation of constitutional articles within is not reform but a commitment and duty."

    "The clear Mtalibna and Erbil agreement contained a twofold first national partnership and its mechanisms, and the second is the political reform of the political process and building the state and its institutions through the adoption of the constitution and agree on the necessary laws."

    Regarding the meeting with Maliki, Allawi said, "We do not seek him which is not out of the question for us now and we have nothing to say to him. Things clear and liabilities legitimate known to everyone and it only implementation of popular demands to live in freedom and well-being, security and prosperity. Iraq is not a testing ground for the Maliki appointed whom in dangerous locations because the tendency toward dictatorship which we stand against it completely. "


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