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    Close to Maliki .. Hashemi oppressed and Maliki masterminded everything
    Date: 04/11/2012: Sunday

    Revealed close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi oppressed and
    all the issues that were raised around and charged with terrorism are fabricated has been managed entirely by Nuri al-Maliki personally, and government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh has supervised the implementation. Acknowledged Seif Alaa Anwar Subhi officer in intelligence-Maliki and the official supervisor of prisons and detention centers that Maliki is from plans for rhythm Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi through evidence and false accusations and is already present did not exercise Hashemi none of them in order to remove him from the political forefront and deepening its uniqueness in power and administration of Iraq. He said Maliki commissioned by government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh and cooperation with one investigators in the High Criminal Court to supervise the implementation of the plan and the initiative to arrest all individuals protect Hashemi and force them to make confessions and fake, where it was the practice of torture against them to the extent of killing some of them after they refused to get carried away with demands Skinner and investigator. He spoke Seif Alaa Anwar Subhi secret prisons belonging to the owners and said that close to al-Maliki ran secret prisons located behind the building Cabinet in the Green Zone prison where more than ((300)) political figure and military had been working with the former regime were arrested earlier this year. This was the Maliki government has offered confessions of a number of individuals to protect Maliki claiming that Hashemi had cost them do kill a number of officers and stand behind a number of armed operations where issued an arrest warrant for al-Hashemi had on the track to travel to Kurdistan and then to Turkey where he was granted Turkish citizenship. The confirmed Hashemi several times his innocence of the charges against him and considered way to Tsagath politically in order to exclusivity in the provision and allow for the Vice President Khudair Khuzaie, an Islamic Dawa Party to ratify the death sentences against opponents under refusal of President Jalal Talabani signed the verdicts that sparked rejected regionally and internationally .

    On the other hand expressed Tareq al-Hashemi, Vice President of the Republic of Iraq, not bothered by the decision of being sentenced to death for the second time which was released recently, and said: "We will not remain the importance of these decisions," noting that "one provision death enough against any defendant, and this is the third conviction Baaadama and not the second, and this confirms the world level lean Link, unfortunately, the Iraqi judiciary and staying away from fairness and justice. "

    A spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq, had said: "The Iraqi court Thursday sentenced Second execution Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi Iraqi fugitive accused of involvement in a plot to assassinate an Interior Ministry official."

    In his first comments to the media means that decision,
    Hashemi said that "this decision will not change the fact, I announced team to protect me and my staff innocence since the beginning, and did not commit any violation of the law, though the issue completely politicized."

    He saluted Vice Hashemi position of U.S. ambassador to Iraq, said: "I was surprised at a frequency in the U.S. administration announced its frank and clear of the issues, and considered a statement the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, an official position by the U.S. administration."

    Al Hashimi that "the U.S. administration knows very well the movements of al-Hashemi, and I had asked in the first session of the court to hear the testimony security officials at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and see Erhifam voice and photographer in relation to Bthrkata, because the U.S. Embassy was responsible for the protection of the Green Zone Since 2003 until 2009 and then less importance until 2011, "explaining that" U.S. forces are which was responsible for protecting the movements of both the President and his deputies and the Prime Minister and his deputies and the head of the House of Representatives, and was two wheels Hummer Omirkatan armored, one progressing موكبي, and the second in the back procession in addition to a car to protect U.S. in the middle of the procession, and were escorting all my movements whatever near or far and any place, and when I come back to my office or home interdependence American protection around the house, and we know that they had audio recordings and image for each of our actions and our contacts, if you're involved in Any violation or process that he is talking about al-Maliki to the Americans were the first to know. "

    He said al-Hashemi "statements of the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad as a certificate of public Berata, and this demanded the testimony of the security of the embassy and voice Erhifam and photographer, but Ahramtna Court of this right."

    He also added,
    "The main objective behind this issue is projective politically, has received letters from al-Maliki and through intermediaries asked me to leave the political work and leave the country or that Sasagtunai politically or fabricate the case against me and this is what is happening, but I'll stay in the political advocate for Iraq and Iraqis and human rights files and tens of thousands of innocent detainees who were executed many of them without international organizations practical measures to save them. "

    Hashimi revealed:
    "I am I'm going to claim the international community, led by the United Nations, to intervene in the cases to provide optimum spend just in front of him, whether in Baghdad or in Erbil or Kirkuk to prove my innocence," he said, adding: "To save the innocent detainees."


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    Moussawi: fear the continuing influence of differences to pass laws within the parliament
    Date: 04/11/2012 07:53:17 Sunday

    Baghdad (news) .. she a member of a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Samira al-Moussawi, for fear the continuing influence of differences to pass laws within the parliament.
    Musawi said in a statement (of the Agency news): We fear that differences affect the functioning of law in the House of Representatives, especially the amnesty law and infrastructure.

    She added: it is to resolve differences must pass stages there were pillars of the political process and there is no sudden breakthrough to resolve differences.

    She MP for the coalition of state law: that the national sponsor meeting to resolve differences by reference to the Constitution and apply the results of the national meeting on the ground.

    Said: in case of failure of the national meeting to resolve differences, the solution would be to form a majority government because a government of national partnership and consensus will not lead to positive results.

    The political scene in differences between the blocs, especially between Baghdad and Erbil, which has become the forefront differences, at the same time seeking the President to bring the views between the political blocs and holding national meeting, which will hopefully be held next week. / End / 2.'s. M /


    ♥ RED LILY ♥

    The Ministry of Electricity announces achieve the highest processing electric power in the history of the whole of Iraq
    Sunday, October 04, 2 / November 2012 07:38

    Baghdad Wayne

    Electricity Ministry announced it had achieved on Saturday highest processing electric power in the history of the ministry to all provinces in the country

    Said the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher that the efforts of workers in the Ministry of Electricity during the twenty-four hours have paid off for achieving the highest rate processing electric power heralds the demise of the crisis in the near future.

    He explained that the provinces (Dhi Qar and Kirkuk) got 24 hours, while I got provinces (Anbar, Najaf, Karbala and Maysan) on 23 hours, and got governorates (Salah al-Din and Diwaniya) on 22 hours, and got governorates (Baghdad, Basra, Diyala, Wasit and Muthanna) on 21 an hour and then followed by the province of Babylon, which got 20 hours processing electric power, while the province of Nineveh got 18 hours processing electric power, and work continues at the Ministry of Electricity to achieve 24-hour equipped with electric power for all the country's provinces.

    The teacher that field follow-up to the Minister of Electricity Karim Aftan Jumaili, yielded achieve that rate despite the loss of 750 MW due to the scarcity of fuel and low gas pressure, as well as out a number of units generating steam due to periodic maintenance, which will reach its capacity to 900 MW. / End


    ♥ RED LILY ♥

    Deputy for Iraq: National Alliance refuses to include the terms of the Erbil agreement under the terms of the national meeting
    Date: 04/11/2012 08:23:24 Sunday

    Baghdad (news) .. predicted MP / coalition in Iraq / Nora Salem, the national meeting, but without enabling the leaders of the political blocs to reach a solution to all disputes.
    And called Salem in a statement (of the Agency news): leaders of political blocs to be the national meeting only hope to get out of the crisis worshipers by sitting at the table of dialogue and dialogue to resolve the problems faced by politicians and citizens bear the burden.

    She said: The national meeting will be held, but will not solve the problems once and for all because the root problems will leave to the next parliamentary session.

    The MP for the coalition in Iraq: that the National Alliance will not accept to be the terms of the Erbil agreement under the terms of the meeting with his national paper reforms that have not yet see its terms, stressing the need to be the terms of the Erbil of the main axes of the national meeting.

    The MP for / coalition in Iraq / Mohammad al-Karbouli, put forward several options to resolve the crisis, including the national meeting, stressing that the crisis needs to extraordinary efforts by real political blocs.
    Karbouli said in an earlier statement (the news): There are several options from which to resolve the crisis, including the national meeting and to meet with frankness and reconciliation between President Wazzroua Nuri al-Maliki and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi auspices of the President of the Republic, or through meeting of the Quartet combines (Talabani, Maliki, Allawi, Barzani), the most important addition to the solution implementation of the Convention on Arbil. / end / 2. n. p /

    ♥ RED LILY ♥
    Sources: the three presidencies will determine when to hold national meeting04/11/2012 08:03

    Sources parliamentary that the meeting of the three presidencies anticipated due to set a date for the convening of the national meeting likely to witness the coming period to hold intensive dialogue between the heads of blocs and political parties to review the attitudes and the results of the political movement and talks to reform committee, while sources confirmed the same for agreement almost first among the parliamentary blocs to vote on infrastructure bill in session next Tuesday and move passage of a number of draft laws broken, where parliament will convene for the heads of political blocs and committees before the start of the meeting to discuss the mechanism to pass laws broken and the work of the House of Representatives for the next period.

    The MP said the coalition of state law on Alfalh in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network« that most bills reached the final stages is scheduled to pass in parliament sessions next while will see Tuesday's session to vote on the law of infrastructure after reaching parliamentary blocs to deal semi- Ole need adoption of important laws and broken and the arrival of the budget to the parliament, which would push cancel legislative term vacation until the approval and in accordance with the Constitution ».

    He Alfalh that «extend the work of the parliament for the next period will give an opportunity for political forces to rectify the options and resolving resolutions and bills stalled and resumption of dialogues between the leaders of the political process to push for ending the crisis and return to the political process towards stability, indicating that the alliance had received positive signals from the parties involved in the political process and the exchanges between the speaker and the prime minister and the Kurdish delegation's visit to Baghdad that send positive messages to succeed in the initiative of the President of the Republic and a national meeting.

    In the meantime, parliamentary sources predicted that addresses a meeting of the three presidencies expected to set a date to hold a national meeting in a maximum of two weeks is scheduled to be preceded by a meeting of leaders of political blocs to discuss the details of which are being discussed and included in the reform paper «.

    The sources confirmed «that the National Alliance will be held this week, an important meeting to discuss and assess the stage and the results of dialogues held with the ingredients and political forces and Alantlav towards a round of talks to negotiate and find common points.


    And announced Member State of Law coalition MP for the National Alliance Batoul Farouk, a tentative agreement between the political blocs to hold a national meeting, saying that some of the blocks shown flexibility in order to resolve differences.

    Said Farooq in a press statement «There is agreement among all the political blocs to respond to the initiative of the President of the Republic and a national meeting, but not in the near future. Said« there is some flexibility made the political blocs to resolve differences and pass laws broken within the parliament ».

    In a related context, MP for the National Alliance on an inch »that the coalition seeks to success initiative of the President of the Republic Talabani, a meaning to reach a positive outcome in his conversations with other parties calling blocks to deal seriously with the initiative of the President and the negotiations that combine political parties to end the crisis suffocating, which is now pose a real threat to the country '. He went inch «that the political scene is moving towards detente and work to resolve problems between the political blocs, adding that meetings conducted by the Iraqi political forces recently clearly indicated a great desire and the will and national resolve problems in accordance with the rule of the Constitution.

    He said «that a new path to solve the problems emerged from dialogues that took place recently, a collective action to find a way out of the crisis, where powers agreed political commitment to calm the media and talk openly away from the courtesies that are put problems in the framework of a national not governed by alliances or partisan interests narrow because Iraq Municipality in necks of politicians', he said.

    For his part, MP for the Iraqi white Kazem Al-Shammari, a meeting of political leaders «a waste and a waste of time, stressing that the leaders of the blocks will not fail to reach solutions and problems will remain stuck until the next parliamentary elections.

    Al-Shammari said in a press statement that the Iraqi experience since 2003 and so far has proved that meetings of political leaders is just a waste and a waste of time so you will not hold a national meeting and things will remain as they are now until the next parliamentary elections.

    He added that the heads of political blocs, even (if) held a national meeting will not reach to resolve differences to the lack of genuine political will towards resolving the crisis and push the political process forward and turn the page differences and start a new page of relations between the political blocs.

    The MP said the Iraqi white to be the best solution to get out of the current crisis is to restore confidence between the blocks and dealing with each other away from foreign interventions and dictation.

    Encyclopedia of Mesopotamia © 2011


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    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2247)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 4-NOV-2012. The results were as follows:



    Number of banks


    Auction price selling dinar / US$


    Auction price buying dinar / US$


    Amount sold at auction price (US$)


    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)


    Total offers for buying (US$)


    Total offers for selling (US$)

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    Kuwaiti Prime Minister to visit Baghdad next month; Source says it paves way for Iraq’s removal from CH VII
    Posted: November 4, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    04/11/2012 07:51

    Science “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” said Prime Minister of Kuwait Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah will visit to Baghdad next month. Scheduled According to the source Kuwaiti early to be holding talks “significant” between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and blessed.

    source expected that the yield of talks between the two sides the closure of pending issues for years, paving to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

    PM’s visit holy importance, especially after the decision to the Amir of Kuwait stop lawsuits against Iraqi Airways after a financial settlement between the two countries. and State Department announced last week the closure of the case file Kuwait Airways finally leading to the lifting of all restrictions and obstacles International to build Iraqi Airways, as a statement from the ministry received “morning,” a copy of it, that “Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received a call from Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister stressed the consent of the State Kuwait to resolve the issue of Kuwait Airways, said after the Amir of Kuwait Amiri Decree to a decree law to approve the financial settlement reached between the two sides. “

    and sees watchers that the year 2013 will see the start of cooperation Iraqi – Kuwaiti in several areas, as it seeks Kuwaiti companies to invest in Iraq giving Baghdad guarantees and commitments to facilitate the work of these companies. said the Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah recently, the need to strengthen the common interests between the two countries and promote the form in which the benefit of the two countries, noting that Kuwait is interested in Iraq’s stability and security, stressing his country’s keenness to solve all outstanding issues in the interest of the two brotherly countries, because of the two countries historical relations and strong.

    as source revealed that the ongoing contacts between the two countries to arrange reciprocal visits between officials of the two countries and meetings of committees upper or committees working together.

    was Ministerial Committee Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint had met in Baghdad on 29 last April and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari timely signing of a protocol with Kuwait to regulate navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah, stressing that Iraq will sign several protocols with Kuwait during the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to Iraq, as pointed out that the third session of the Joint Ministerial Commission will be held in Kuwait in March of 2013.

    formed ministerial committee Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint in the 12 of January 2011, to resolve the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait according to international resolutions, having held its first meeting in the 27 March 2011, and took her talks in Kuwait to resolve outstanding issues between the parties.

    Meanwhile, a delegation of media and academic high-level Iraqi headed the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate supporter Lami and includes a number of heads of media organizations and academic and cultural invitation of the Kuwaiti government to activate cultural relations and media between the two countries over the meeting at the Emiri Diwan and the Prime Minister and a number of ministers and heads of associations and institutions Media cultural and civil society organizations in Kuwait.

    statement of the Association for Lami said on Saturday, “The delegation will convey appreciation and thanked the Government and people of Iraq to the Emir of Kuwait for his decision fraternal dropping lawsuits on the Kuwaiti Iraqi Airways what will give new impetus to fly the Iraqi civil starting freely Full of all the countries in the world after this decision. “

    and added that
    “the delegation will ask major institutions Kuwaiti official from the Emiri Diwan through approaching that Altekayaa of Kuwaiti Prime Minister and a number of ministers seek to remove Iraq from Chapter VII in order to start developing and activating the relations between the two countries brotherly countries and at various levels, especially given that the new relationships that develop founded Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and Kuwaiti Prime Minister began witnessing to achieve the aspirations of the countries and peoples brothers. “

    He also said al-Lami said a number of proposals and recommendations will be addressed during meetings will be conducted by the delegation to begin the actual application stage for the development of cultural and media relations between Iraq and Kuwait.


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    Newspaper: Prime Minister Maliki shows signs of retreating from the idea of ​​forming a majority government
    Posted: November 4, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

    Azad Mohammed – Radio Free Iraq newspaper هوال weekly wrote that the Iraqi government has promised to build the locality housing for Volunteers band 12 for the Iraqi army in Kirkuk claiming housed near the band and enable them to move their families to the camp from the rest of Iraq’s provinces South and Central America, the newspaper said that the government seeks through it to increase the number who wish to volunteer among this band to 3000 people two thousand of them from outside Kirkuk.

    so the newspaper wrote that the commander of the Tigris Abdul Amir al-Zaidi asked the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki it cut prose monthly local police forces in Kirkuk in response to non-acceptance to obey authority, as requested by calling the leaders of the Kirkuk police and prosecuted for violating orders commander of the armed forces.

    says هوال in another news that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki seeks to distance director of Kirkuk UN High Commission for Elections Farhad Talabani from his addition to the managers of each of Tikrit, Mosul and Diyala and regions Karkh in Baghdad under the pretext that the appointment of these were partisan.

    newspaper Hawler quoted official described Balrfaa in the Iraqi National Alliance that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki retracted the idea of forming a majority government, because this idea is not suitable for the situation in Iraq now, but if nominated to the state third for prime minister and won the support of other parties in the National Alliance is likely to step such a move.


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    Parliamentary energy member: Oil and gas law will be presented to the House of Representatives soon, few months
    Posted: November 4, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    04/11/2012 11:00:20

    BAGHDAD (Iba) … Said Rehab blessing member of the oil and energy parliamentary that the exchange of visits between the Territory and the center and the committees formed for the purpose of resolving disagreement oil production and export yielded positive results agreements have been reached that satisfies both parties, and during the next few will show the oil and gas law to a vote.

    The grace told the independent press (Iba) that “the center is keen to be his relationship region is good, and that of its working hard to finish the oil and gas law and approval as soon as possible, a committee was formed comprising members of its Committee and the ministers of oil and wealth in the center and the region to resolve outstanding differences and discuss dues of the oil companies”

    She noted that “recently experienced mutual visits of the committees in the region and Baghdad have been come up with recommendations of committees submitted to the Council of Ministers and the cause Bhlhalh outstanding matters Khit been agreed that allows the province to export 20 thousand barrels per day For his part, declared the territory he will abide by this, and the central government For its part, will stick to pay dues in the form of advances. “

    She blessing that “the Government of the Territory committed a lot of irregularities concerning the export and production of oil, but formed committees and put points on the letters and ended many of these irregularities and violations.

    And that “the government tried to end the differences Center for catalysts for the political process forward without problems.

    For the adoption of oil and gas law explained Committee member that “copies many of the draft law have reached the Commission on oil and energy in the House of Representatives and this is what makes Committee unable to reach of the law to a vote but after studying and rounded of views between the Governments of the region and the center of this law will be introduced during the period coming to a vote



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    Preparations begin for holding the first conference of the independent Iraqi
    Posted: November 4, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    11/04/2012 14:23:07

    BAGHDAD (Iba) .. The Preparatory Committee of the Conference’s first independent start preparations and configuration to hold the first conference of independent Iraqis.

    The Commission said in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of the growing political conflicts in Iraq is threatening the democratic process real and affect the future social and political unity.

    He also started the national interests of major economic, political and social, tan under the weight of partisan interests and narrow factional and became ordinary citizens away from the attention of the political blocs participating in the government and the House of Representatives, and even those outside, making belonging to this party or that criterion for assessing the people whereby , whether through appointments or to provide even minimal services.

    The statement stressed that it became necessary to initiate and initiative steps seeking to re-evaluate the situation and deliver the voice of the voiceless among shouts media statements Almottagazfah even those that found the intellectuals and young people their resort to Tobeiran thoughts and attitudes, such as social networking sites and online forums.

    And announced the Preparatory Committee in its statement on the initiative to hold a conference Willem included independents who wish to participate in the political process away from partisan affiliations ideological and religious nationalism and liberalism, etc., to our belief that the independence granted individual freedom in the broader clarify positions national and popular which is what we saw in the two sessions of the House of Representatives two.

    Also announced the start of preparations for naming the Preparatory Committee, which will take over the task of creating procedures held the first conference of independent Iraqis, which will emerge in the decisions and recommendations of the group and approve the rules of procedure, which will include vision and national trends as it serves the present and future of Iraq.

    The Committee stressed that it depends on the support of the silent majority of our people philanthropists who seek to rebuild Iraq based on competencies and to achieve the actual state of institutions rely efficiency and ability instead of belonging and quotas that Iraq Aousela into what it is now.


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    Iraq economic laws date back to a totalitarian socialist system; Need revamped to accomodate free market system says Economic Committee Member
    Posted: November 4, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

    Economic Committee Member: Most Iraqi economic laws dating back to a totalitarian socialist system and is rising by the Iraqi economy
    And the independent press – 01/11/2012 – 3:39 pm

    BAGHDAD (Iba) .. A member of the parliamentary economic committee Abdul Hussein Abtan, that Iraq has replaced its economic system with the fall of the regime of a socialist system to a free market system only slogans and without the application, noting: that all the laws of economics is useful and is an emerging market economy.

    He Abtan told the independent press (Iba): that all laws and logos to replace them to a free market system is not compatible with the level of implementation on the ground and does not give the role to promote the private sector to share the advancement rate of the economy of the new Iraq.

    He added: that all economic laws replaced only slogans and without performing real serves the economy of Iraq and the rise by the private sector to reduce unemployment and poverty, stressing: that the neglect of the private sector and non-encouragement and support government led to high levels of unemployment and poverty rates and declining economic development.

    Abtan continued: that a market economy needs a real strategic plan administered by the government to give the opportunity for the private sector to take its role in the advancement of the economic reality in Iraq.


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    MP: There are banks covered by the investigations currency auction
    Posted: November 4, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

    Parliamentary investigative committee revealed transactions CBI for inclusion of some banks and personalities currency auction investigations forwarded its files to the Integrity Commission.

    Said Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on satellite Fayhaa, that «the investigations auction currency at the Central Bank conducted by the Integrity Commission, included several banks and certain figures and the Commission declared the seventh of last month highlighted the recommendations, which focused base information used for the bank in the protection of Iraqi funds ».

    The Jubouri that «the second relating to tighten controls on private banks’ dealings with customers, so the central bank governor said Acting Abdel Basset Turki said the investigation is continuing in suspicious transactions to organize an auction of foreign currency and money laundering department.

    Explaining that the actions taken recently in the bank contributed to the reduction of the amounts transferred illegally through Auction currency.

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    Economic commission hints money smuggled through CBI went to militias and terrorism
    Posted: November 4, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

    BAGHDAD / JD / .. hinted Economic Commission parliamentary to hard currency that came illegally from the central bank went to militias and terrorist groups, noting that the coming days will expose all the actors involved money laundering.

    Committee Chairman MP for the Iraqi List / JD /: “The Commission’s investigation, which was formed to follow up the file money laundering at the Central Bank revealed the involvement of several points raised suspicions about some of the political figures, and the possibility that a section of the hard currency that came out of the bank went to the militias and terrorist groups operating in Iraq.”

    he added Alwani, said that an investigation into money laundering raised suspicions about political parties and banks inside and outside Iraq.

    between MP, said that the central bank deals with banks several deals in turn with companies and personalities, noting that the committee is working on an investigation objectively and professionally.

    The head of the Economic Commission parliamentary Iraqi List MP that the Commission will reveal revealed the actors involved money laundering that took place in recent times to truth and restore things to normal.

    was Inspector American public about Iraq, Stuart Bowen has revealed in his quarterly recent address to the U.S. Congress unveiled smuggling nearly 800 million U.S. dollars a week out of Iraq illegally.

    considered Bowen – as quoted by the newspaper “Wall Street Journal” American on its website – that corruption is still one of the main obstacles that prevent the reconstruction of Iraq and lay the foundations of democracy by.

    and proved Bowen on health What say eating statements Interim Chairman of the Central Bank of Iraq Abdul Basit Turki last month that: “There are approximately one billion U.S. dollars left Iraq a week, although 80 \% of it is through false documents to hide the goals of truth for conversion.”

    It is noteworthy that the judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for Sinan Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor on the background of suspicions of money.

    According to the report submitted by the committee overseeing the central bank, which included both of the heads of the two financial, economic and BSA under the supervision of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail: that investigations proved the existence of sale of foreign currency to banks and corporations up itself, which has smuggled to neighboring countries.
    cabinet decided then the prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki management position central bank governor and agency, with the issuance of the Judicial Council arrest warrant against former central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases.
    was a member of the Finance Committee MP Majida al-Tamimi had described the report issued by the Presidency of the Parliament on the central bank Palmtsra and unprofessional


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